The Kidz Toon Films Collection

    The Kidz Toon Films Collection (DVD English)

    The Kidz Toon Films Collection  (DVD English)

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    • Genre: Drama
      Pack of 6 animation movies: 'Jungle Book' 'Prince & the Pauper' 'Three Musketeers' 'Alice in Wonderland' 'Kong' 'Robin Hood'

      JUNGLE BOOK: Baby Mowgli is rescued from the fierce Bengal tiger Sher Khan by Bagheera the panther and then raised by a family of wolves. At the age of eleven Mowgli suddenly finds himself cast-out.. too human to remain in the den, too uncivilized to fit in with the villagers.. and no matter where he goes Sher Khan is waiting to pounce. But in the end, this extraordinary young hero proves to one and all that he is different, but that is what makes him so very, very special! This version of the much-loved classic by Rudyard Kipling, is retold in stunning CGI animation and is destined to become family favourite for years to come.

      ALICE IN WONDERLAND: Lewis Carroll's quirkily imaginative tale of Alice, the little girl who falls down a rabbit hole and find herself in Wonderland, is brought to life in a brand new animated version of this much loved story... When Alice follows the white rabbit down a rabbit hole she finds herself in a strange land filled with the most unusual characters! Whether she's joining a tea party given by the mischievous Mad Hatter, getting advice from the very curious Cheshire Cat, being shrunk very small or growing bigger and bigger, Alice is set for the most exciting adventure of her life!

      THE THREE MUSKETEERS: Based on the classic by Alexandre Dumas... This timeless tale of bravery and brotherhood makes for swashbuckling adventure as three noble swordsmen Porthos, Athos and Aramais along with their friend D'Artagnan fight for honour and truth, in this new animated version of Alexandre Dumas' timeless story.. It's all for one and one for all! As the four fearless heroes work together to save the crown of France from the evil Cardinal Richelieu who has been plotting with his sinister sidekick Fopbio to seize power from King Louis. With its stunning CGI animation, all animal cast of characters and brand new original songs and music, this film is fun for audiences of all ages.

      ROBIN HOOD: In this all-animal version of the familiar story of Robin Hood, retold in stunning CGI animation, Robin Hood is up to his usual heroic antics when he learns that King Richard is finally returning home. However Prince John arranges for his brother to be captured en route! The race is on Robin Hood must reach Richard before the Sheriff of Nottingham does or King and Kingdom will be forever lost!

      THE PRINCE & THE PAUPER: Based on the classic by Mark Twain... Mistaken identities make for a remarkable adventure as Tom Canty, a poor beggar boy, swaps places with Prince Edward, the heir to the throne, in this new animated version of the much loved story. With its stunning CGI animation, all animal cast of characters and brand new original songs and music, The Prince and the Pauper: Double Trouble is doublethe fun for audiences of all ages.

      KONG: Kong's demise was legend, his rebirth a well guarded secret. Using DNA from the original Kong, a new Kong was born - gigantic and with increased strength & a new ability through an amazing cyber-link, Kong and his human "brother" Jason can merge into one. Trouble ensues when Kong is captured along with other remarkable animal inhabitants of Kong Island, and transported to a state-of-the-art zoo on the Island of Manhattan. But lest you think our Kong will suffer the same fate as his ancestor in the Big Apple, think again. This is not your father's Kong!

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      • Publisher
        • Sony DADC
      • Title
        • The Kidz Toon Films Collection
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        • DVD
      • Language
        • English
      • Genre
        • Drama
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