Kinect Star Wars (Kinect Required)

    Kinect Star Wars (Kinect Required)  (for Xbox 360)

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    • Platform: Xbox 360
    • Genre: Adventure
    • Edition: Standard Edition
    • Game Modes: Co-Op, Single-Player

      Experience the power of wielding a lightsaber and fight Darth Vader to bring back peace among the galaxies by playing Kinect Star Wars. The game is targeted towards anyone who has grown watching the Star Wars films. Fans of the film franchise will love the game as it has expertly designed environments that will take you on a journey across the Universe. The Star Wars action game has many interesting elements that will keep you glued to your TV screen. Available for the Xbox 360 platform, the game has a Teen rating from ESRB.

      Synopsis and Features

      You start the game as a young padawan who is aiming to become a fully-fledged knight. The journey will take you throughout the Star Wars Universe. You have to explore many different things and try to set things right by defeating the evil hidden among the galaxies. Wielding the power or Force, you will pilot ships and vehicles and embark on an epic quest in an attempt to make the Universe a better place to live in. 

      Developed by LucasArts along with Terminal Reality and published by Microsoft Studios, Star Wars promises hours of entertaining gameplay. The special feature of the game is that you need not require any controller to play the game. The only requirement for the game is the Kinect Console. The Kinect gives you the freedom to use your arm and leg gestures to play the game, bringing in truly interactive gameplay. 

      The game’s single player campaign has a story based mode called Destiny. This mode follows the story of how you graduate from a padawan to a knight. There are different modes available like the Duels of Fate mode that allows you to enter into a series of one-on-one fights with your enemies. The game has interesting game elements as you can take on the role of the iconic Rancor monster and go on an unending rampage.

      The fun part of the game is how you can use full body movements to control the game elements. You can move you hand from left to right and cut enemy droids in half or jump and kick your enemies for a unique interactive experience. You can even dance with iconic Star Wars characters like Jabba the Hut as the game allows you to dance to popular songs.  

      The game also includes Podracing. Here you play as a novice podracer attempting to win the ultimate prize. Podracing will keep you at the edge of your seats as you will race for hours to win every race. The gaming DVD features everything from intense missions to chill-out dancing sessions, allowing you to enjoy the video game completely.

      If you want your friends to join you on an epic mission you can do it with the Kinect Star Wars as it features a co-op option. This will double your fun as playing with a friend will increase your chances at winning the game. The best part about the co-op option is that anyone can join the game anytime with the availability of the Easy jump-in and out option. Kinect Star Wars also features competitive and Duel modes, allowing much more interactive gameplay and competitiveness. You can experience the game in 3D as the game allows 3D gameplay.

      Buying Guide

      A minimum distance of 6 ft is required between the player and Kinect camera for smooth game play. More space is required if extra players join in. Try to place the gaming console in a living room or the main hall to provide freedom for your hand and leg gestures. Ensure that the room has proper and even lighting; this helps the camera to capture your every moment and give you a seamless and entertaining gaming experience.

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      • Title Name
        • Kinect Star Wars (Kinect Required)
      • Platform
        • Xbox 360
      • Edition
        • Standard Edition
      • Type
        • Full Game
      • Genre
        • Adventure
      • Game Modes
        • Co-Op, Single-Player
      • Publisher
        • Microsoft Studios
      • PEGI
        • 12
      38 Ratings
      8 Reviews
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      Kinect Star Wars game

      i like this game because this is a thrilling game with many adventures.I haven't buy but i saw some trailers and that is why i liked it.

      I recommand this game to evryone becuse it has fighting and bla bla....... It is about galaxies about the space . now iam yet to order this game. specifically this is a new released game

      priyank ch

      Certified Buyer

      17 Apr, 2012

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      Worth every penny

      It was a very realistic experience. This game is a must buy for Xbox 360 kinect

      Flipkart Customer

      Certified Buyer

      13 May, 2017


      Kinect Star Wars (Kinect Required)

      Kid enjoyed it greatly. The graphics are good, reminded of the Star Wars movie. item delivered within 3 days of placing the order. In time for the vacation as well..


      Certified Buyer

      30 Mar, 2016


      good game

      Not the best work out but its a ok game to pass time with . you might want to do some stretching before you play this game or you might sprain your hand if you keep playing .


      Certified Buyer

      24 Feb, 2015



      My son did not like the game. He played once and now he has no interest in pursuing it..Since it is opened and used we, have no choice to return the same.

      Yugant Sethi

      Certified Buyer

      2 Sep, 2014


      A Nice Kinnect game

      A nice Kinnect game which kids surely love to play. I purchased this for my son for his summer vacation. He is enjoying playing this game.

      Dharmaraju. BK

      Certified Buyer

      19 May, 2014


      Useless Game so far

      I was expecting some action like the Gladiator game for PS3, however, it does not fit in that category. Its more like "the Adventure" game which I got bundled with my XBox.

      Flipkart delivery was awesome. Thanks for your fast and hasselfree delivery.

      Rai Vivek Prakash

      Certified Buyer

      3 May, 2014


      check for PAL or NTSC version

      If you bought your XBOX from US, it will not play PAL version games. So, be aware which version of the game whether PAL or NTSC that you purchase. There is no way to tell which version is being sold on flipkart. It is not mentioned in the features. It would help if flipkart adds this information on the product features.

      I bought this game, but it was PAL version so did not play on my XBOX bought from US. I returned this product. I am partly satisfied with the return process of flipkart...


      Certified Buyer

      11 Dec, 2013

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