Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning

    Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning (Games, PS3)

    Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning  (Games, PS3)

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      If you could decide your own fate and find your destiny as you seem fit how would you live your life? Would you be a kind and noble to the people you meet or would youu like to see how true power feels and rule over everyone? With this basic premise you are welcomed into the world of Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning< strong>.< p>

      The game is suitable for anyone who loves the world of magic and fantasy. Targeted towards hard-core gamers< strong> Kingdoms of Amalur has enough elements to keep you entertained for hours. The action role-playing game< strong> is available for the PS3 platform and has a Mature rating from ESRB.< p>

      Synopsis and Features< strong>< p>

      The story of Kingdoms of Amalur begins with your character rising from the dead using the Well of Souls. You dont have a fate; you are a blank slate. There are decisions to be made and they can be good or bad depending on what you choose. You can save people and become a hero or kill people to become a tyrant; the choice is entirely yours. There are many quests and by accomplishing them you have to find your own unique destiny< strong>.< p>

      The single player campaign takes you on a journey with many quests. Each quest will explain something about your character and help you in building it. The game features 5 distinct regions 4 playable races< strong> and 3 class trees with 22 abilities per tree. The playable races are Almain the Dokkalfar the Ljosalfar and the Varani. The class trees are Might Finesse and Sorcery< strong> and can be upgraded according to your skills achieved.< p>

      The highlight of Amalur is its combat. Starting from your first fight to your last Amalur provides fully satisfying combat< strong>. You have an array of weapons and armor at your disposal that you can use for all your battles. Each battle won will earn you skill points. These skill points< strong> can be used to upgrade your individual abilities.< p>

      You can attack in various ways at your enemies. These include lighting fire and ice attack modes< strong> which when combined become a deadly force. The combat is enhanced and is more interactive through the use of different camera angles. To make the action look more cinematic the camera shifts according to the combat you are indulged in making it much more intense and entertaining.< p>

      The combat has interesting features and is intense responsive and even customizable to an extent. Customization can be done by combining your combo attacks depending on the weapons you choose. The unique thing about Kingdoms of Amalur are the different elements that are so intricately yet cleared weaved into the story. If you feel you are not satisfied with your characters advancement in the game you can pay an in-game character called Fateweavers< strong> and get your slate clean again.< p>

      The game includes a new rage system< strong> that allows you to get into a berserker state called Reckoning Mode< strong>. This is very helpful when you are surrounded with a bunch of enemies. Entering this state will let you dispose them off quickly. This is a dual benefit mode as you can not only kill your enemies but also earn an experience bonus.< p>

      Besides the main quests there are plenty of side-missions too. The game is large enough to provide you with more than 30 hours of gameplay. If you are an avid explorer and like to hunt every secret and complete every mission the game can provide you with more< strong> than 100 hours of gameplay< strong>.< p>

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        • Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning
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        • Electronic Arts
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        • Role-Playing
      Ratings and Reviews
      6 Ratings &
      2 Reviews
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      Surprisingly good

      After about 90 hours into the game, I am still hungry for more. The best part of the game is combat. God of War style combat in an RPG? Yes please. Three combat classes can be mixed for 7 different combinations and each one has enough diversity to play like a totally different game. Loot and crafting mechanic are fun enough to keep you going way beyond main and side-quests. Talking of side-quests, there are so many that many reviewers complained about "too much to do". Well, they had a deadli...


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      28 Feb, 2012

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      good game

      i pre-ordered this game and was a bit disappointed with the fact that i did not get any bonus like fate touched weapons, armour pack, but the game itself will keep you busy for some time, one other thing that i was expecting in this game was the multiplayer option, sadly its not present either.
      if you are RPG fan than this is worth the money, the combat is good compared to some earlier RPG, the graphics is ok on a PS3, this will differ on a PC, overall a good game.


      Certified Buyer

      14 Feb, 2012

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