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A gas lighter is a convenience and an essential kitchen accessory. You can buy self-igniting gas stoves; you can have packs of matchboxes stored away. However, a good gas lighter can help to quickly light up the gas stove when your matches get moist and refuse to light up.

Gas Lighter Types:

Lighters are small devices that produce sparks or a steady flame depending on the working mechanism. The basic lighter uses a piezoelectric effect. Certain crystals like quartz exhibit this effect when a force is applied on one axis. 

Gas lighters have a piezoelectric crystal, and a spring-loaded hammer is mounted next to the crystal. A button manipulates the spring. When you press the button, it initially pulls the hammer away from the crystal. When the button is pressed to a certain limit, the hammer is released and strikes the crystal. Because of the effect, a high voltage of around 800 volts is produced. The lighter is wired so that the voltage is directed along a small gap which ionizes the air in that space. This produces a spark.

Spark Lighters:

You can buy simple piezoelectric lighters which produce a spark when it comes into contact with the combustible gas from the burner and lights the stove.

The VR 1 Feet Stainless Steel gas lighter and the VR Deluxe Stainless Steel, Plastic gas lighter in red and steel color combination are good mechanical spark producing lighters, in a simple rod-like style. You can also buy spark lighters in fancy shapes like the DCS Gas Lighter with LED torch(2 IN 1) Plastic gas lighter, a soft touch electronic lighter that produces a continuous spark. It is battery operated and also functions as an LED torch.

Flame Lighters:

Flame lighters produce a steady flame instead of sparks. This is a much safer way to light a gas stove. With spark lighters, you may have to try many times to get the sparks to light the gas burner. Meanwhile, gas keeps seeping through the burner. A steady flame, on the other hand, lights the gas stove immediately.

Fuel Based Flame Lighters:

A flame gas lighter contains a combustible fuel like butane. This also uses the piezoelectric effect. However, when a spark is produced, the fuel turns it into a flame which burns steadily and so quickly lights up the gas burner.

The Vaishnavi Stylish High-Quality Lighting Jet-Proof Steel gas lighter is a perfect example of flame lighter. The stylish gold and red metal casing is sturdy. This is the model of a classic cigarette lighter; you can refill the fuel and get a long use from this igniting device. 

The Blue Rider Revolver lighter 357 Steel gas lighter (Grey, Pack of 1) is another fuel powered flame gas lighter in the shape of a revolver. The lighter comes with a cute holster. The trigger acts as the button to ignite the flame.

Buy Gas Lighter Sets:

You can purchase kitchen tool sets which contain gas lighters, or you buy sets of gas lighters. The Pigeon with Free Knife Stainless Steel gas lighter (Steel, Pack of 1) consists of a mechanical spark lighter along with a steel knife.

The Husky Electronic LED Torch Polypropylene gas lighter (Multicolor, Pack of 2) is a pair of electronic gas lighter cum LED torch in the shape of dolphins. The lighter flame and the torch are powered by 1 AA pencil battery.

The CONCORD MPFL-2 Polypropylene, Steel gas lighter (Multicolor, Pack of 4) is a set of sleek flame lighters in the shape of guns, the triggers acting as the igniter. The steel and polypropylene construction makes these lighters tough and durable. They can be refilled for long use.

The various materials available for gas lighters include plastic, nylon, carbon, copper steel, iron, silver-plated, steel, wooden, etc. All work efficiently providing you with the best flame possible. 

Shop for gas lighter online and get amazing deals and discounts. You can buy spark or flame lighters, mechanical or electronic. You can choose many interesting shapes, colors, and materials. 

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