Language: Nature, Psychology, and Grammatical Aspects 1st  Edition

    Language: Nature, Psychology, and Grammatical Aspects 1st Edition (English, Paperback, Robert Rodman, Victoria Fromkin, Nina Hyams)

    Language: Nature, Psychology, and Grammatical Aspects 1st Edition  (English, Paperback, Robert Rodman, Victoria Fromkin, Nina Hyams)

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    • Language: English
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Publisher: Cengage Learning
    • ISBN: 9788131508466, 8131508463
    • Edition: 1st Edition, 2009
    • Pages: 406
      JLanguage: Nature, Psychology, and Grammatical Aspects is ideal for use at all levels and in many different areas of instruction, including education, languages, psychology, anthropology, English, teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), and linguistics.

      Key Features
      • Chapter 5, ""Semantics,"" reflects current thinking in semantics, and includes truth-conditional semantics, compositional semantics, argument structures and an up-to-date large section on pragmatics
      • Chapter 2, "Brain and Language"", reflects recent developments in the study of language and the brain
      • In Chapter 4, ""Syntax: The Sentence Patterns of Language"", the discussion of phrase structure trees reflects current theory in respect to binary branching and head-complement structure
      • Current views on transformations such as move-wh have been clearly explained and illustrated
      • In Chapter 6, "Phonetics: The Sounds of Language," IPA symbols have been used throughout the chapter (and the remainder of the book)
      • Optimality Theory (OT) is discussed on an introductory level in terms of "why phonological rules exist".
      • A section on the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis and recent Neo-Whorfian ideas has been added
      • The discussion of language typologies has been brought up to date to reflect current thinking
      • Assuming no prior knowledge, Language: Nature, Psychology, and Grammatical Aspects is appropriate for a variety of majors and has been used at both undergraduate and graduate levels
      • Up-to-date descriptions of all major components of language phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics are discussed at an introductory level
      • Discussions of American Sign Language, and other sign languages of deaf people, are woven throughout so that readers can appreciate that they are bona fide human languages with many of the same characteristics that are equivalent to spoken languages
      • Every chapter ends with a suggestions for further reading and exercises
      • Student-friendly tone of the writing maintained in a volume sprinkled with cartoons that illustrate linguistic points and principles

      Table Of Contents
      • Part I: The Nature Of Human Language
      • Part II: The Psychology Of Language
      • Part III: Grammatical Aspects Of Language
      • Part IV: Language And Society
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      Book Details
      • Publication Year
        • 2009
      • Author
        • Robert Rodman, Victoria Fromkin, Nina Hyams
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