If only the CDs, DVDs and blank media drives were like human memory, wouldn’t that be something? Technology is the core of our simple and easy lifestyle. Take laptop for an example. It has become a basic need for a professional as well as any college-going student. Every individual today deals with data. It might be in the form of music, movies, videos, images or text files. But, it’s not a secret that we download data and create files everyday which consumes a lot of space in our computer hard drive. Unfortunately, these drives do not have infinite memory and can only store data up to a specific limit. Now, how do you propose to save the data in your computer when it’s space is almost full? It’s simple. Buy blank media devices like CDs, DVDs and Blu Ray discs. 

    It’s true that you have pen-drives and external hard drives today that help you transfer files from one PC to another. But, you will still need blank DVDs when it comes to storing files for a long time. Files such as Operating System, antivirus, MS Office and various other softwares. The space in your external devices is used, probably every day, which-is-why they mostly serve as temporary storage. But, not blank media. They can save your files as long you want. 

    Types of Blank Media

    These blank devices are available in three different varieties such as:


    This type is also called compact disc which holds digital information that is read using laser light. CDs are available in both read only and rewritable format. That means you can erase the previously written data and replace them with your new files.  


    These disks are also called Digital Video Disc and offer more storage space compared to CDs. It allows you to save high-resolution audiovisual material which you can access at any time. Just like a CD, it too, can be written and rewritten again. 

    Blu Ray Disks

    This type of blank media comes in a digital optical disc data storage format. These discs are best for storing high-definition videos and are better than DVD format. 

    Blank media CDs can be used not only by computer experts, but also by general folks. All you need to have is a CD or DVD burner in your computer. All these discs are generally available in recordable and rewritable types. You can buy blank media discs in a stack or just one depending on your needs, online. The renowned brands manufacturing these discs are Moserbaer, Verbatim, Sony, Amkette and Imation. You can check the blank media online and compare their prices before placing the order. So, get your set of CDs and DVDs today, and store your timeless images, favourite movies, games and music too.

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