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A portable laptop battery charger is your ultimate travel partner when working remotely or in any other situation where a power outlet is out of your reach. These chargers can also be used for other small gadgets such as vibrators, video projectors, and baby monitors. These converters must deliver the proper voltage, connector type, and amperage. The AC adapter could only be used with gadgets that have the same specifications and connector as the power rating and plugs are not interchangeable. Because of its low ripple factor, the laptop adapter provides outstanding efficiency for laptop charging needs. These adapters have several features like a lightweight design for general protection including automated output voltage regulation, short circuit overload protection, excessive voltage overload protection, and high-temperature safeguards. Another choice is to check for a universal power adapter, which has multiple connector tips and can adjust its power settings to the laptop. You can explore these peripherals online and get the one that suits your requirements regarding the voltage and connector. Brands such as Lenovo, Lapmaster, Dell, HP, Regatech, and others offer a vast collection of laptop battery chargers. So, buy these products online from the convenience of your home and get delivery at your doorstep hassle-free.

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Laptop Accessories

Use Laptop Adapters To Ensure Uninterrupted Charge To The Battery

Your laptop is powered by the Lithium ion battery.

In case your battery isn’t getting charged, or you need to hold the cable to ensure proper charging, you probably need to buy laptop adapters. A laptop adapter is an essential computer accessory that is necessary to keep your laptop running. 

If you decide to change the original adapter, you can either go to the system vendor or opt for a third party-manufactured adapter. In case you decide to give the laptop vendor a miss, make sure that that the adapter is compatible with your laptop, especially with respect to the power specs and input/output voltage.

Especially if your laptop is out of warranty, you can go ahead and shortlist laptop adapters online that are model-specific.

A Wealth Of Brands: Buying Online

You get branded laptop adapters at great discounts through online stores. 

Filter your search based on your laptop model. While there are a few universal laptop adapters, it is always best to buy an adapter that conforms to the technical specs of your laptop. Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, Apple offer stand alone laptop adapters. 

You can also buy third party adapters. Here, you can trust in good brands like Artis, Callmate or Cables Kart.

Adapters For Dell Laptops:

Customised for the Dell Vostro laptop, the Dell 65W adapter weighs 300g. As its name indicates, it has a 65W capacity. If you buy this adapter, your product is covered by a 1-year Dell warranty. It comes with the power cord.

Designed for Dell Inspiron 15R 5537, the adapter has a power input of 220V and output current of 3.34A. The power cord is compatible with Indian plug points. Its power consumption is 65W and the output voltage is 19.5V. Being an original product, the laptop charger is covered by a Dell warranty.

Adapters For Lenovo Laptops

Best suited for Lenovo’s Thinkpad series of laptops, this AC adapter is compatible with Lenovo notebooks that have the Slim Tip rectangular common power plug. Covered by Lenovo’s 1 year limited warranty, this company approved adapter consumes 20V and delivers a 65W output. The adapter supports the Lenovo notebooks with independent graphics too. 

An adapter that is compatible with a range of Lenovo laptop models, the 57Y6402 round tip laptop adapter has a power consumption reading of 65W, a power input range of 100-240V and 20V output voltage. The adapter comes with a power cord and is the perfect accessory for G450, G455,G465, G475, U310, U410, U46O, Y460, Y560, Z480,Z500, Z585, to name a few.

Without a battery and an adapter, it would be practically impossible to run your laptop. When you’ve to buy a replacement battery/adapter it’s recommended that you choose those that are manufacturer approved. This will ensure that your laptop functions efficiently.

Question and Answers

  1. Q.When is it necessary to purchase a new laptop battery charger?
    A.Wear and tear is the most common indicator that you need to replace your existing charger. It is also possible that the device takes a long time to charge or that the battery drains quickly.
  2. Q.Can we use the same charger for different laptop brands?
    A.It is generally advised to use a charger of the same brand as your laptop, as using a laptop adapter that is incompatible with your device may result in it being damaged.
  3. Q.How long does it take to charge a laptop completely?
    A.The time required varies depending on the model of the laptop and the charger used, but it usually takes 45-60 minutes to fully charge a laptop.
  4. Q.How much power do these chargers use?
    A.The power consumption of the chargers varies depending on the model, but it typically consumes 20-45 W of power.
  5. Q.Do they offer overload protection?
    A.Yes. Some of these laptop battery chargers include overload protection, making them a safe choice for charging your devices. They also protect against short circuits.
  6. Q.How do I determine which laptop charger will work with my device?
    A.The model with which the charger is compatible is usually mentioned in the product details or reviews section, making it easier for the buyer to select the appropriate option.
  7. Q.I only require an adapter. Is it possible to order one online?
    A.Of course, yes There are numerous laptop adapter options available online, and you can easily find one that is suitable for your device.
  8. Q.What are some of the brands that sell laptop battery chargers online?
    A.Laptop chargers from brands like HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, and Asus are available online.
  9. Q.Is it a good idea to buy a laptop charger online?
    A.Original chargers are available at discounted prices online. If the charger proves incompatible with your device, you can always replace it within the time frame specified.
  10. Q.Is it necessary to replace my laptop adapter due to overheating?
    A.One of the most common problems we encounter is overheating while charging. A little overheating can be ignored, but if the charger begins to overheat aggressively, you should consider replacing it because it may harm the device's battery performance.
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