A mouse is an important part of your laptop and desktop, as without it, operating the device would be difficult. Especially if you have a laptop at work, you need an ergonomically designed mouse to manage sheets and switch from one window to another. If you are into gaming, then an appropriate mouse will definitely make the game easier to play.

    Wired or wireless?

    While wired mice are quite old school, they are still used extensively at work places because of their user-friendly design and affordable cost. Wireless mice are quite popular these days among both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy users. They are portable, and are not restricted by the wire, thus making your job way easy and convenient.

    Types of mice

    There are several types of mice you can choose from. Some of them are given below:


    One of the oldest models, a mechanical mouse works on a rubber ball that rolls with the movement of the mouse. The sensors present inside it ensure smooth working of the same.


    An optical mouse makes use of an LED sensor to detect the movement of the cursor.

    Multiple buttoned

    This mouse comes with a number of buttons to navigate from one page to another, scroll up and down the page, connect to Bluetooth and adjust the intensity of the movement.


    This type of mouse has a ball on the top that you need to roll with your finger in order to navigate with ease. The base stays affixed to one place, so you can use it smoothly.


    Work will never be this easy if you have this mouse at your disposal. All you have to do is point the mouse at the laptop or monitor screen, and your work will be done.


    Using the laser technology, this mouse makes use of infrared radiations to detect the movement with ease.


    This gen-Y mouse uses BlueTrack Technology, which allows you to move the mouse easily on any surface, be it as hard as a granite, or as uneven as a carpet.


    You can choose an interface like USB, Bluetooth, PS/2 and USB Receiver depending on whichever mode you are comfortable with.

    Buying mouse online

    If you are thinking of buying a mouse, then go ahead and read the different reviews, find out about their prices in India, and buy a mouse online from brands like DigiFlip, Rapoo, Portronics, ASUS, Enter, Terabyte, Circle and Targus. Add one to your daily routine, and increase your efficiency considerably.

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