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    Alienware Laptops - For the Gamer in You

    In the world of gaming, high-end laptops are essential to provide you with the tools and the necessary assistance required to dominate any game. Known for their distinctive cool design with superior lighting, Alienware laptops do justice in delivering high-end specs. Instantly recognisable by their spaceship design, these laptops are suitable for professionals or students. Alienware laptops are known for their top-end gaming performance, sturdy build and tasteful lighting. Their sleek, futuristic build, ergonomic features, and durable body make them ideal for high-level gaming. You can browse online to find some of the best Alienware laptops in India.

    A Brief History of Alienware Laptops

    Founded in 1996, Alienware Corporation was formerly known as Sakai of Miami, Inc. It is based in Miami, Florida. The company excels in providing custom gaming computers and laptops. Apart from these, it also offers graphics amplifiers, apparel, gaming keyboards and mice, gaming headsets, gaming monitors, routers, and other parts. The products of this company are focussed on gaming and can be recognised by their alien-themed designs. Alienware was founded in 1996 by Nelson Gonzalez and Alex Aguila.The company’s name was changed to Alienware Corporation in 1997, because of the founders' fondness for the hit television series The X-Files. Alienware Corporation is now a subsidiary of Dell Technologies Inc. Since 2002, Dell had considered the purchase of Alienware company but did not buy company until March 22, 2006. Benefited from Dell’s purchasing power, economies of scale, and supply chain, Alienware and Dell delved into making new high-performance gaming laptops and desktops.

    Let’s take a look at some of the features you should look at while buying a laptop:

    Random-access memory (RAM) is a form of data storage device that allows information to be stored and retrieved on a computer. The RAM is where the computer stores data and programs while they are being processed. However, if the amount of free RAM in the computer is less than the executing program demands, it will not run. This type of memory is not permanent like a hard disk which saves your data when the power is turned off. Basically, the more RAM you have, the better your applications and games run. But, there are also other factors that play a role.

    Graphics Card
    The graphics processing unit (GPU) is one of the important components in any laptop. It helps the laptop to handle the intense frame-rate and rendering that advanced games such as Grand Theft Auto 5, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Watch Dogs 2, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Assassin's Creed: Origins, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Battlefield 1 require. While buying an Alienware laptop, it is highly important to check what type of graphic it has and the specs if provides. With the level of video games’ graphics constantly on the rise, it is essential to get a laptop with a good graphics card to make your games run seamlessly.

    Laptops are portable computers. Some laptops are lightweight, while other models are much heavier. Each model has its advantages such as easy handling and portability or heat ventilation system and more.

    Battery Life
    A laptop’s mobility is directly linked to its battery life. Different Alienware laptops feature varying battery life levels, ranging from 90 minutes to almost three hours.

    Screen Resolution
    Alienware laptops come in different sizes such as 13.3 inches, 15.6 inches, and 17.3 inches. A laptop with a large screen is ideal for gamers as if offers a wider view, which is particularly useful in strategy games such as Dota 2, Age of Empires, League of Legends and so on. Alienware ensures to provide sharp images on a laptop with a small screen.

    Let’s take a look at some of the models of laptops that Alienware offers:

    Alienware Core i7 7th Gen 16 GB Laptop

    This model features the Intel Core i7 7th Gen processor. Powered by 16 GB of RAM, this laptop provides a fluid experience while running apps or playing games. It comes with Windows 10 operating system which is user-friendly. You can store all your pictures, music, games, and movies, thanks to a storage space of 1 TB HDD and 512 GB SDD. The 15.6-inch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 provides crisp and clear visuals while playing graphic-oriented games or watching movies. It features an 8 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card which runs even high-end games without any glitch or lag. With a dual array digital microphone and built-in speakers, two-way communication is done with ease. It also features a Full HD LED-backlit display with IPS anti-glare technology, so even long hours of gaming doesn’t cause a strain on your eyes.

    Alienware Core i7 7th Gen 8 GB Laptop

    Powered by an Intel Core i7 7th Gen processor and 8 GB of RAM, this model of Alienware also includes a 6 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card which runs almost all the advanced games with mid to high-end graphics settings. It features a processor speed 2.8 GHz which can go up to 3.8 GHz with Turbo Boost. The 1 TB HDD and 256 GB SDD provides the necessary space you need to store your pictures, videos and music.

    Alienware Core i7 6th Gen 16 GB

    Enjoy an immersive gaming experience with the Intel Core i7 6th Gen processor which comes with 16 GB of DDR4 RAM and an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 980M graphics card. It provides an ample storage space of 1 TB which lets you store a number of games without having to delete a few. It has a clock speed of 2.6 GHz which is enhanced up to 3.5 GHz with Turbo Boost. This laptop features a 17.3-inch display which is ideal for gamers who want a full view of the map while playing strategy games.

    So what are you waiting for? Compare Alienware laptops’ price and buy them right away for a truly immersive gaming experience, thanks to the enhanced performance and graphics quality that these laptops provide.

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