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Reviews for Popular Apple Laptops
Apple Macbook Pro Core i5 8th Gen - (8 GB/256 GB SSD/Mac OS Mojave) MR9U2HN/A
1. Apple Macbook Pro Core i5 8...
9 Ratings&5 Reviews
  • Intel Core i5 Processor (8th Gen)
  • 8 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 64 bit Mac OS Operating System
Most Helpful Review


Bought during recent big billion days. Got a great offer. Best laptop, latest 8th gen quad core processor, 2018 model. Good design.
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Welborn Machado

Certified Buyer

17 Oct, 2018

Recent Review


It’s of no use to talk about price, performance and other aspects for it is a MacBook. The only point I would like to make it is regarding originality of pro...
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Veenus Girdhar

Certified Buyer

27 Dec, 2018

Apple MacBook Air Core i5 5th Gen - (8 GB/128 GB SSD/Mac OS Sierra) MQD32HN/A A1466
2. Apple MacBook Air Core i5 5...
14,103 Ratings&1,875 Reviews
12% off
  • Intel Core i5 Processor (5th Gen)
  • 8 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 64 bit Mac OS Operating System
Most Helpful Review

Hated it!

I have been a Macbook pro user for last 2 years. I came across the new Macbook air and got a chance to put hands on it. So here is a brief review on my first...
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Abhay Kumar

Certified Buyer

24 Sep, 2017

Recent Review


Good laptop. For people who have normal use like for office. This is perfect. However, battery could have improved more. Charger cable get torn after few mon...
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Flipkart Customer

Certified Buyer

22 Mar, 2019

Apple Macbook Pro Core i7 8th Gen - (16 GB/256 GB SSD/Mac OS Mojave/4 GB Graphics) MR932HN/A
3. Apple Macbook Pro Core i7 8...
16 Ratings&5 Reviews
1% off
  • Intel Core i7 Processor (8th Gen)
  • 16 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 64 bit Mac OS Operating System
Most Helpful Review


MacBook needs no introduction and it is bound to be excellent. It does what’s its supposed to do and with ease.

The only little issue here is that Flipkart...
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Akash Mehrotra

Certified Buyer

15 Oct, 2018

Recent Review

Great product

Love the power.. If you are confused between i5 or i7 I would recommend i7 for the extra 40k which is really worth it. This is a as portable as the i5 , and ...
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Rohan Roy

Certified Buyer

4 Nov, 2018

Apple Macbook Pro Core i5 8th Gen - (8 GB/256 GB SSD/Mac OS Mojave) MR9Q2HN/A
4. Apple Macbook Pro Core i5 8...
20 Ratings&7 Reviews
1% off
  • Intel Core i5 Processor (8th Gen)
  • 8 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 64 bit Mac OS Operating System
Most Helpful Review


Flipkart delivers very fast. Bought for 1.12L during big billion sale.!!! Thought of buying 2017 model for app development. However, I stick with this model ...
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Subramanian Jagadees

Certified Buyer

17 Oct, 2018

Recent Review

Good quality product

First of all it does not come with Mac OS Mojave pre-installed, I've to update it by myself, but it didn't bother me much, other than that everything is all ...
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Rahul Pipaliya

Certified Buyer

23 Oct, 2018

Apple MacBook Pro Core i5 7th Gen - (8 GB/128 GB SSD/Mac OS Sierra) MPXR2HN/A
5. Apple MacBook Pro Core i5 7...
78 Ratings&9 Reviews
7% off
  • Intel Core i5 Processor (7th Gen)
  • 8 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 64 bit Mac OS Operating System
Most Helpful Review

Just wow!

since flipkart is being bought by Walmart I am quitting flipkart. I was purchasing from flipkart because it was Indian firm now sorry for quitting.
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Flipkart Customer

Certified Buyer

12 May, 2018

Recent Review

Best Experience

Everything is smooth. Display, Sound quality, built quality and the appearance makes it an amazing product. The only issue so far is the frequent disconnecti...
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Swarup Das

Certified Buyer

19 Dec, 2018

Apple Laptops Price List

Apple Laptops
  1. Rs. 166999
  2. Rs. 94000
  3. Rs. 127990
  4. Rs. 112990
  5. Rs. 137499
  6. Rs. 127990
  7. Rs. 259900
  8. Rs. 73990
  9. Rs. 109990
  10. Rs. 109990
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Buy Apple MacBook Online - Revolutionize Your Computing Experience

Sleek, stylish and powerful - the Apple MacBook Pro is all that and more. With its host of innovative features, it opens up doors to endless possibilities. If you love watching movies and TV shows or you are mad about e-books or you love listening to music, with a MacBook Pro, you’re in for a great experience. If you’re planning to replace your old laptop with a MacBook Pro, we’re here to help. We have curated a list of a few things that set MacBook Pros apart from the other laptops available online. Read on.

Touch Bar and Touch ID - The Touch Bar above the keyboard replaces the function keys and gives you instant access to your most-used tools, such as system controls, intelligent typing features, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, DaVinci Resolve, Logic Pro X and others. This multi-touch-enabled strip of glass changes automatically based on what you were using previously. Thanks to the Touch ID feature, you can unlock your Mac in an instant. The fingerprint sensor helps you quickly access system settings and locked files. It also helps you conveniently switch between users. And the best part is that it makes your purchases on Apple Pay secure. 

Performance That Commands Respect - The Apple MacBook Pro brings cutting-edge graphics and high-performance processors together for a performance that’s awe-inspiring. Its whip-smart storage and long-lasting battery further add to the laptop’s appeal. 

Display That’s Really Bright - The MacBook Pro boasts a Retina Display. Its bright LED backlighting and high contrast ratio breathe life into every visual, displaying everything in vibrant and crisp detail. The pixel aperture and variable refresh rate of the screen make the system power efficient. It supports a wide colour gamut that particularly comes in handy during graphic designing, colour grading, and editing.

Speakers That You Need To Listen To - Feel the beat with the powerful speakers of the MacBook Pro. They offer a wide dynamic range and more bass for maximum boom. Since they are connected directly to system power, they facilitate greater peak amplification. All this makes the MacBook Pro the perfect choice for mixing tracks, editing videos or enjoying movies on the go.

Apple MacBook Pros - Lighter and Sleeker Than Ever

Apple MacBook Pros raise the bar with their razor-thin, lightweight design, and their powerful performance. The Touch Bar on these Apple laptops automatically change based on what you’re doing. This bar shows you relevant tools which you’re already familiar with. If you think that’s impressive, you will love that these Apple MacBooks feature Touch ID, which gives you sole and instant access to logins or Apple Store purchases. This exclusive access ID lets you quickly log into system settings and locked notes. You even have the option of switching between users with the simple touch of a button.

The 38 cm (15) MacBook Pro boasts a powerful Radeon Pro discrete GPU. This 14 nm-process GPU combines smooth graphics with incredible power efficiency. Editing multicam projects in Final Cut Pro X with up to three streams of Full 4K videos is one of the many benefits you can reap with this model of Apple MacBook Pro.

These Apple laptops also ensure fast reading speeds of up to 3.2 GB per second. Launching multiple apps or importing files between devices is quick and simple. Because of their slim design, MacBook Pros incorporate innovations throughout their systems which effectively eliminate heat. They maintain a good rate of airflow during intensive tasks like editing videos or playing graphics-heavy games so you can confidently continue with your quest for extended hours.

Advantages of Buying Apple MacBook Pro Laptops Online
When you buy MacBook Pro laptops online, you can avail good deals and discounts. Since MacBooks can be a bit expensive, you can pay for them with the help of EMIs. Apart from that, you can also take advantage of the easy return and replacement policies of online shopping sites.

Popular Apple MacBook Pro Models

Apple MacBook Pro MLH32HN

The Apple MacBook Pro Core i7 is available in 5th generation and 7th generation variations. The Apple MacBook Pro Core i7 steals the show with its convenient 38.1 cm (15) LED-backlit display. This compact laptop weighs just 1.83 kg, which is pretty convenient if you need a laptop for basic browsing purposes and wants to carry your work or entertainment with you.

When it comes to performance, this Apple MacBook is powered by a 2.6 GHz Intel core i7 processor and a 16 GB DDR3 RAM. Thanks to its Intel Iris Pro Graphics processor, playing graphics-intensive games or browsing heavy apps on this laptop are seamless. The laptop also packs a 256 GB of ROM which is ample storage space for your media files.

Apple MacBook Pro Core i5 (Sierra)

The well-thought-out design of this MacBook gives it an edge over regular personal computers. The Apple MacBook Pro Core i5 (Sierra) features a Touch Bar which is a multi-touch enabled strip that gives you instant access to a host of tools such as the brightness of the laptop’s screen, volume controls, predictive text, and even emojis.

Performance wise, this MacBook relies on an 8 GB of DDR3 RAM to make computing a smooth experience. Its Intel Iris Graphics 550 GPU brings you fluid graphics regardless of whether you’re watching videos online or playing action-packed games. Enjoy the best that this laptop offers you for up to 10 hours because that’s how long a single charge of its battery gives you.

Does your job demand you to be on your laptop, typing more words on it than an average Joe? This Apple MacBook Pro Core i5 is for you. It comes with a specially designed keyboard, with second-generation butterfly mechanism. They offer you more responsiveness, more key stability, and greater comfort while typing. The laptop’s large Force Touch trackpad offers more room to gesture and click. Your results are displayed on the laptop’s sleek 33 cm (13) screen.

The Sierra macOS in this laptop opens you up to a whole new world of possibilities – get more done in less time with Siri, or explore innovative ways to seamlessly work all your Apple products together. Carry your media files with you and go through them from anywhere you are because these Apple laptops weighs just 1.37 kg; light enough to conveniently fit your backpack.

Apple MacBook Pro Core i5 (Mavericks)

Movies, music videos, and games come to life on this Apple laptop’s immersive 33.7 cm (13.3) display. This display features a 1280x800 pixel resolution and is developed with the IPS technology. Simultaneously working on multiple tabs is smooth on this MacBook, thanks to its fast-performance 2.5 GHz Intel i5 dual-core processor. The Turbo Boost option which allows up to 3.1 GHz, and the laptop’s 4 GB of DDR3 RAM deliver incredible speeds while running applications. Fluid graphics on this Apple laptop are brought to you by its Intel HD Graphics 4000.

Saving your favourite media files is convenient with its 500 GB of HDD. What good is a smart device if you can’t take advantage of it and connect with friends and family who live miles away from you, right? The Apple MacBook Pro Core i5 (Mavericks) is integrated with a 720p FaceTime HD web camera. Its stereo speakers deliver clear audio signals, with the headphone port available to you if you want to connect your headphones or earphones when you’re on a call. This Apple laptop’s omnidirectional microphone has you covered at all times; it is designed to pick up clear sounds even when you speak in a low tone of voice.

Apple MacBook Air - Revised and Improved

Apple MacBook Air laptops offer impressively long hours of battery life. Go unplugged. Charge your laptop before you begin your day. You’ll have enough battery to work or play on your MacBook, from your commute to work, right up to the evening ride back home. These Apple laptops also offer a long standby time. You could be away on vacation for a week, and come back home to pick up right where you left off.


Apple MacBook Air laptops simplify your life with their USB connectivity ports and the Thunderbolt 2 port which is twice as fast as the previous generation of Apple laptops. Accessing personal media files is a breeze with the iCloud storage system. iCloud stores your personal files, calendars, and contacts in one place. You can access them from any Apple device you’re on. Pretty convenient, isn’t it?

Popular MacBook Air Models

Apple MacBook Air MQD32HN Laptop

The Apple MacBook Air Core i5 is conveniently lightweight. It weighs just about 1.35 kg. If you feel the need to work while on vacation, you can trust that this MacBook will see you through it all. Pack it in your backpack and you’re good to go. 

The 5th generation Intel Core processor in this Apple MacBook Air gives you more time to do more things. Its backlit keyboard lights up so you can clearly see what you’re typing even when you’re in a dimly lit room. High-performance at an energy-efficient price is brought to you by the MacBook Air’s 8 GB DDR4 RAM. All laptop users need a safe haven to store personal media files. You have plenty with the MacBook Air laptops. 

Stand Out in a Crowd with Apple Laptops

There’s an air of prestige that surrounds Apple laptops. Their stunning curves and edges almost instantly draw the attention of onlookers. These laptops make you feel as if they were made specifically for you - keeping in mind your needs and preferences. They are easy to use, they are fun to use, and they make it difficult for you to stop admiring their design. And, apart from their aesthetic appeal, these laptops also offer you other fascinating tools that make editing of content and videos more easy and enjoyable. 

Thanks to the advent of online shopping, you can sit in the comfort of your home and shop for Apple laptops online. You can shop for the MacBook Air series and the MacBook Pro as well. And, the best part is that you don’t have to move a muscle to find out about the different ‘Apple laptop prices’, ‘Apple laptop offers’, and ‘Apple laptop sales’ as you can find out about all of this online! 

Once you order your preferred Apple laptop online, you can get your product delivered to your doorstep! It’s that convenient. You also get to save yourself from the polluted outdoors, crowded spaces, long queues at checkout counters, and so much more. Happy shopping!

Top 5 Apple Laptops

1. Apple MacBook Air MQD32HN/A A1466 (Core i5 5th Gen)

2. Apple MacBook Pro MLH32HN/A (Core i7 6th Gen)

3. Apple MacBook Pro MNQF2HN/A (Core i5)

4. Apple MacBook Pro A1278 (Core i5)

5. Apple MacBook Air MQD42HN/A (Core i5 5th Gen)

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