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    Are you staying in a hostel as a paying guest and have very limited space to keep your belongings? If yes, then buying a desktop to work on your personal and professional activities might not be a feasible option. It’s a widely known fact that we all need a computer at our home to perform different activities and it won’t be wrong to say that it’s one of the necessary devices for almost every individual. Some use it only for entertainment purposes like watching movies, playing songs and editing pictures and others use it for working on different projects such as designing and writing blogs. No matter what the reason is, we all need an everyday use laptop at our disposal. Because then, we don’t have to worry about the space we have in our room, and can also carry the device to our college, to our friend’s house and while travelling home as well. 

    Things to Keep in Mind While Buying an Everyday Use Laptop Online

    The best place to find so many laptops to choose from is online. So if you are planning to buy a new one, then that’s where you should begin your search. But, there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind while buying a laptop online. They are:

    Types - Laptops are available in various types such as notebooks, ultrabook laptop and netbooks. Where netbooks are suitable for budget users only, ultrabooks come with high-end configurations and are ideal for advanced users. A notebook on the other hand can be used by everyone. Hybrid laptops are comparatively smaller in size and can be used as tablets.

    Screen Size - The smallest laptops usually have a screen size below 12 inches. But notebooks and other mid-sized laptops have screen sizes varying from 12 to 15 inches. The bigger models come with a screen size higher than 15 inches. 

    Processor - Most laptops today use Intel processors and they come in four types. The Pentium, Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7. i7 is the most advanced processor and is perfect for advanced gaming and excellent 3D experience. Pentium, on the other hand, is good for performing basic tasks such as surfing the Internet, mailing and using social media accounts. 

    Other features to look out for before buying your everyday use laptop online are OS, RAM, graphics card, storage space, HDD or SSD card and touch screen technology. You can narrow down your selection by making a list of all the technology and features you need in your laptop and find a model that fits your budget. So order your everyday use laptop today and enjoy playing games or finishing your projects for college in time. 

    Best Branded laptops to use every day :The best laptop brands including Dell Laptops, HP laptops, Lenovo laptops, Acer laptops, Apple MacBook/Laptops,Asus Laptops,Alienware Laptops and more, always assure you of quality service and can be blindly relied upon.

    Top Laptops Products under Every day use Laptops :Dell Celeron Dual Core | Acer Aspire Celeron Dual Core | Lenovo 310 Core i5 6th Gen | Acer ES 15 Core i3 6th Gen | Lenovo G50-80 Core i3 5th Gen

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