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Micromax Laptops – Smart Innovation at Pocket-friendly Prices

Our mobile phone lets us escape into the virtual world when we’re on the move, but certain times like when we need to work on a project or when we want to experience the thrill of watching a movie are best done on laptops. The good news is that laptops these days are easily accessible, thanks to the extensive range of budget-friendly notebooks in the market. Among this list of affordable technology is Micromax laptops.

Why Micromax Laptops?


This Indian brand has done its share of bringing affordable smart technology to today’s market. Micromax’s range of smart devices continues to make their mark in many bestseller lists today. This is all quite impressive for a brand that took fruition just a few years ago in 2000. Other than their affordability, what makes Micromax laptops so popular is their design. Clean lines and sleek edges make these laptops a sure winner on the aesthetic appeal front.


To make smart technology accessible to everyone, these laptops have a user-friendly configuration. Micromax laptops are for college kids who want a reliable entertainment and information hub, for working professionals who need a performance-oriented laptop, and for the general mass of laptop users who want a bankable portable device.


You can check out the features of a particular laptop and compare different models right from the comfort of your home if you shop for them online. Buy Micromax laptops online and you also stand the chance to shop for them at the best prices.


Want to check out your options on these laptops? Here’s a look at some of the best-selling and the latest Micromax laptops:

2-in-1 Laptops

The world evolves and Micromax grows with it. The Micromax Canvas Laptab laptops are designed in response to people’s demand for multi-purpose devices. These laptops have a built-in SIM slot for easy data access along with regular Wi-Fi connectivity. Chronicle your day’s events on your Micromax Canvas Laptab, its long-lasting battery has the capacity to keep it up and running for several hours. The best part? These Micromax laptops come with a slim changer so you don’t have to overload your bag with a chunky one.


The mechanical chiclet keyboard docks in these 2-in-1 laptops allow smooth and accurate typing. They have inbuilt trackpad so there’s no need for a separate mouse. Once click on their keyboard or one touch on their screen is all it takes to connect with the world.



Designed to run for up to 11 hours on full charge, Micromax netbooks let you get work done when you’re on the go. Their performance-oriented processor and operating system facilitate a seamless multitasking experience. Plus, they are lightweight so you don’t feel the pressure of carrying your laptop around with you.



Solo movie nights or game nights with friends are enhanced on these Micromax laptops. These notebooks can clock speeds of up to 1.6 GHz which means you can check notifications on your social media and work on your assignment simultaneously without any glitches. Movie buffs and pop culture enthusiasts are sure to be drawn in by the expansive memory that these notebooks have; it’s as much as 1 TB.


You don’t have to spend a fortune on a new laptop when you have Micromax laptops. Today’s your day to experience affordable smart technology.


From creating documents to editing videos, making PPTs, browsing the internet and watching movies, there are so many tasks that you can perform with a computer. But the problem is that a computer can be used in just one place. It is bulky, so you cannot carry it one from place to another. This, in turn, can also hamper your office-related tasks whenever you go on a business trip. That’s why there are laptops to help you. They are sleek and mostly lightweight, so you can easily carry them one place to another. They come with powerful processors and will let you perform multiple tasks at the same time. Whether you’re planning to replace your old laptop or buy a new one, Micromax laptops are a good choice.

Micromax Laptops - For Great Performance and Longer Battery Life 

Micromax provides a wide range of laptops that will cater to all your needs. The Canvas Lapbook laptops range are compact, lightweight and can be ideal for your day to day tasks. They are crafted with a metallic finish, have a sleek body and are portable. They come pre-installed with Windows 10 that will give you an enhanced user experience. Creating and sharing documents, making PPTs, browsing the web, and switching between multiple tasks, will be a breeze with Windows 10. With 11-hour battery backup, these Micromax gaming laptops will let you watch your favourite videos or HD movies or listen to your favourite songs for a long time. They are powered by Intel Quad Core Processors and 2GB RAM. They also come with powerful dual speakers, so you can play games, watch movies or listen to songs with stunning clarity. They have IPS display that let you enjoy viewing pictures or movies in crisp, sharp clarity. 

Micromax Canvas Laptab models are aesthetically designed, lightweight and have a fan-less design, so you can conveniently use them anywhere you want. They have 10 hours battery backup, so you can access work-related files or enjoy watching movies while you’re travelling. They come with 32GB inbuilt Flash Memory and with their 64GB expandable flash memory option, you can store your favourite music, games and important documents easily. Most of them come with a Chiclet keyboard that ensures accurate and effortless typing. They come with Intel 4th Gen Atom Quad-core processor and powerful 2GB RAM which together ensure that your tasks are done in less time.

Enjoy a Safe Shopping Experience

To shop from the comfort of your home, you can now buy Micromax laptops online. online Shopping sites help save so much time and energy compared to going to a store. E-commerce websites also have filters that will let you compare the features, specifications and prices of two or more models for a wise buy. 

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