Finding Lehenga Cholis in a Variety of Styles Online

    There are times when nothing feels right for a particular occasion other than a wedding lehenga choli with its ankle-length flare skirts, fitting top and dupattas that you can wear in style to look elegant as you show off your slim waist and swish your skirt as you walk. Weddings, festive events and grand family functions are when you get to look elegant and traditional in a bridal lehenga choli. If you have never shopped for this outfit till now, a look at the range of styles in which lehenga cholis are available online is all you need to know what you miss. 

    Apart from being an integral part of the bridal trousseau, wedding lehengas – the traditional Indian garment known for their sheer elegance and charming appeal – can also be worn during other festive occasions like engagement parties, wedding anniversary celebrations and garba nights. But as the wedding season comes knocking on the door, everyone from the blushing bride to the beautiful bridesmaids can look for the most beautiful bridal lehengas and lehenga sarees available online shopping site.

    Apart from being an integral part of the bridal trousseau, wedding lehengas – the traditional Indian garment known for their sheer elegance and charming appeal – can also be worn during other festive occasions like engagement parties, wedding anniversary celebrations and garba nights. But as the wedding season comes knocking on the door, everyone from the blushing bride to the beautiful bridesmaids can look for the most beautiful bridal lehengas and lehenga sarees available online shopping site.

    Twist and Twirl with Lehenga cholis

    There’s nothing a good lehenga can’t fix. Whether it’s your best friend’s wedding, a small pooja at home or ethnic day at office, with pretty wedding lehenga cholis in your wardrobe, you will never have to worry about not having anything to dress up. 

    But the trick to looking your best in a lehenga lies in many factors. Find out more about lehengas and how you should style them here:

    For the Perfect Fit

    The entire look of your outfit depends on the fit on the wedding lehenga cholis. It’s better not to wear a lehenga than wear an ill-fitting one. So while buying a lehenga make sure you are extra cautious about picking up the right fit. If you’re buying a lehenga cholis online, always follow the size chart to avoid any confusions.

    Designer Lehenga cholis

    The type of lehenga you wear decides your personality. If you want to look all girly and pretty for your friend’s sangeet party, pick a flared designer lehenga cholis. Twirl and dance as much as you want and create a statement look effortlessly with a flared lehenga. If you want to accentuate your body and feel good about yourself at your relative’s house warming ceremony, pick a mermaid or a fishtail lehenga. Panelled lehenga cholis, on the other hand, are a safe bet and look great on all body types. So pick an appropriate wedding lehenga type that accentuates your body and your personality. 

    Bright or Subtle Colors

    The color of the lehenga sets the mood of the day and event. If you want to look all happy and bubbly, pick bright colored lehengas like red or orange. If you want to look traditional, pick colors like green or yellow that bring out the traditional best in you. If you want to look simple yet elegant, pick lehengas in colors like maroon or mint green.

    Picks popular trendy Colors in Lehenga Cholis: Red lehenga cholis , Pink lehenga cholis, Green lehenga cholis, Black lehenga cholis

    Lehenga cholis Styling

    The entire outfit depends upon how you style your lehenga. There are different ways in which you can style your lehenga - you can wear it as a half saree for a south Indian wedding, like a lehenga choli for the dandiya night, or just wear it with a crop top for that indo-western look.

    Patterns and Prints of Lehenga cholis

    Solid-colored lehengas are great, but if you want some variety pick printed lehengas from brands like 9rasa, Melluha and Tehzeeb. For a western look, you can buy lehengas with animal prints or polka dots. For a more traditional look, pick paisley prints or embroidered lehengas.

    What You Can Do with a Lehenga Choli

    If you were of the opinion that boring long skirts and matching tops are all that you will find while browsing through wedding lehenga cholis online, then you are wrong. Brands like MF have lehenga cholis in beautifully embroidered designs that you are going to love. If you are looking for something more modern, you even have lehenga cholis online in striped and geometric patterns from brands like Aagaman Fashion and Vani Couture. Apart from this, you also have lehenga cholis in lovely floral prints from brands like FreyaCreation and Bridetouch. Appliques, embellishments, paisley designs and polka dots are some other designs that you will come across while you shop for wedding lehenga cholis online

    Choosing a Lehenga for Your Big Day

    Gone are the days when a going-to-be bride had to walk from one store to another to find the perfect lehenga that flatters her body. Today, all that a bride has to do is scroll down to compare the range of bridal lehengas online on her laptop, comparing the different styles before deciding on the bridal lehenga that will make her look lovely on her big day. The color is one of the most important things that a bride choosing her lehenga has to pay attention to. When it comes to a bridal lehenga, colors like pink, orange and red are what a bride can go for. You can find a range of bridal lehengas online in bright shades like this from brands like Yepme, MF and Aasvaa. Choose a shade that flatters your skin in the best way. As a bride, the choli and dupatta are something you have to pay close attention to, considering the number of closeups that will be taken of you. If you are on the heavier side, you can go for bridal lehengas with smaller motifs and vice versa. And finally, choose a lehenga that matches your bridal jewellery for a stunning effect. 

    Whether for your own big day or for your cousin’s wedding, shopping for lehengas online is something you are sure to enjoy with the range of patterns and designs that you come across. Apart from wedding lehenga choli sets, you also have a range of stylish cholis that you can pair with the lehengas in your wardrobe for a different look. Brands like Soundarya, Morph and Kashish have a range of stylish cholis that you can buy, and if you are creative, you can even use them as blouses for you sarees. So, whether it’s just a choli or a complete lehenga, choli and dupatta set, you can shop online to have fun browsing through the endless number of styles that lehenga cholis are available in. 

    Shop for Lehenga Cholis Online

    With so many clothing options ethnic to our culturally rich country, we Indians love dressing up. Among all types the ethnic wear, the elegant lehenga choli has won over many hearts across the country. The most interesting fact about wedding lehengas is that the exact place of their origin and history is still a mystery. Today they are not just limited to the bridal trousseau but are also worn by women during various festive occasions. India is a land of festivals and hence, you should stock up your wardrobe with as many gorgeous lehenga cholis as possible to stand out from the festive crowd.

    The beautiful lehenga choli demystified

    Also known as ghagra choli, wedding lehengas comprise of a skirt or ghagra, a dupatta or scarf and a choli or blouse. The skirt always reaches to one’s ankles, but the length of the blouse may differ according to the design and preferences of the buyer. Embellishments such as zari and embroidery make these bridal lehengas more beautiful than the other.

    Types of lehenga cholis you can buy online

    With so many design options available on online such as ours, you can get a bit overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right one. Ensure that whichever one you buy, it matches your body type and personality so that you look more beautiful than others. Some of the most popular styles of lehengas are the panelled, mermaid, full-flared and A-line lehengas. Let us look into them in detail.

    The panelled lehenga – If you have a slightly round figure, than you should go for these kinds of ghagras. The panelled ones feature numerous kalis or panels on the skirt that will help you look slim and gorgeous. Designed with keeping ladies with slightly heavy figures, the numerous panels on the skirt of these kinds of bridal lehengas lend a slimming effect to the wearer. Usually paired with long cholis that hide those extra flabs, this wedding lehenga style is sure to make you look gorgeous and slim.

    The mermaid lehenga – If you have an hourglass figure, then show off your beautiful curves in these kinds of lehengas. The figure-hugging skirts of these lehengas fall freely below the knee mimicking the shape of a mermaid’s fin. Best suited for women with a curvaceous, hourglass figure, these kinds of bridal lehengas feature a snugly fitted skirt from the waist till the knees, from where it falls in a free flow mimicking the look of a mermaid’s fin.

    The full-flared lehenga – Popular with lean body types, these wedding lehengas offer you generous flares to add more volume to your curves. Women with tall bodies can wear these kinds of bridal lehengas, as the generous flares on the skirt will add more volume to your curves. 

    The A-line lehenga – Women with any kind of body type can wear these wedding lehengas and carry them off with elegance. The skirts of these ghagras feature minimal flares and are usually one of the most popular types of lehengas. As they complement almost all kinds of body types, this is one of the most preferred styles of lehenga among women. This style features a skirt that falls straight from the waist to the hemline with minimalistic flare. You can look for these kinds of bridal lehengas in free-flowing fabrics like velvet, georgette and chiffon for a classy look. 

    Fabrics of Lehenga Cholis

    You can buy lehenga cholis in a wide range of fabrics such as net, georgette, satin and silk. Each fabric makes a huge impact on how you carry the lehenga. Festive occasions are usually long affairs; therefore, it is important for you to choose a fabric type according to your comfort level. For instance, silk and high-quality satin could feel luxurious on your skin during moderately warm or cold weather, but they can be unbearably hot and heavy in the height of summers. In such extremely hot and humid weather conditions wedding lehengas made of georgette and net with cotton linings will not only keep you comfortable but also make you look elegant.

    Buy beautiful lehengas online at jaw-dropping prices!

    Online shopping sites not only give you great discounts on brands such as Kalki, Fabdeal, 9rasa and Triveni but also offer amazing return and replacement policies. Moreover, buying your favourite lehenga has become easier with all the trustworthy online payment methods. Once you buy a lehenga choli online you also get to enjoy hassle-free doorstep delivery. Why waste your time and energy buying fabric and then getting a wedding lehengas stitched from a boutique when you can buy beautiful lehenga cholis online? Switch to online shopping to experience a hassle-free shopping experience. You can sit in the comfort of your house, browse through the different types and styles of lehengas and buy the ones that you love, and get them delivered to your doorstep.

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