LifeScape : 111 Poems

LifeScape : 111 Poems  (Paperback, Leo Rebello)

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  • Author: Leo Rebello
  • 56 Pages
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Dr. Leo Rebello
LifeScape contains 111 best spiritual poems of Dr. Leo Rebello from Bombay, India. This anthology breaks a new ground in world literature, that of 'Poesy-Novella'. As you read this slim volume, you sit on the edge of the seat and then go into deep meditation. These rich poems of oriental philosopher-poet helps one, to use his words: "to reminisce, retrace, re-vest, refresh and renew oneself". Must read for all students and teachers of literature, as also social activists, world leaders and philosophers. Those who have forgotten love will learn to love again and join in the man-making, world-uniting experiment of World Family. Unputdownable. REVIEW: HAND WRITTEN BRIEF REVIEW OF DR. K.S.VENKATESHWARAN 01 March 2014 Dear Dr. Rebello, In Lifescape, your poems reflect your touch on various subjects - Humanity, Compassion, Universal Love, Eradication of Poverty, Enrichment of Culture projecting good values, Splashes of Spiritualism, Respectful Regards for Human Values and I cannot count what is left out!!! Your poems reflect all the above Virtues and Values indicating the multifaceted personality of the author. And some of these have been pointedly highlighted in very, very brief lines egging me to announce : "Brevity" thy name is Capsuled Wisdom. In his Poems the poet reveals in abundance that though the Sword may be mighty in the hand of some, the pointed pen of the author cuts deeper than the sword in echoing the perils of War, Poverty, the Callous Condition of the Weak and the Meek, the Devaluation of Human Values all the World over. To cite one example, the degradation of Human Values is well thought out in the poem - NEW MAN - highlighting the soaring heights of Technological Progress (?) Leading to What? Total Devaluation of the Human Mind. The present generation finds it difficult to write with hand; instead their fingers press the Buttons easily; the Brain functions are taken over by the Computers. If a person finds it difficult to write with Hand, or calculate without a machine he turns out to be a Mechanical Man. I wish you all the best in promoting the Noble ideas that focus on the NEW VISION for Mankind as Visualised by you, through your writings, Lectures and through that MAJESTY of written expression - POETRY. With Warm Regards K.S. Venkateshwaran M.Com, Ph.D.
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  • LifeScape : 111 Poems
  • Leo Rebello
  • Paperback
Publishing Date
  • 2014
  • Dr. Leo Rebello
  • 1
Number of Pages
  • 56
  • English
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