Lsoit CProgramming Tutorials DVD

Lsoit CProgramming Tutorials DVD  (DVD)

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    • Educational Board: General
    • Subjects: Fundamentals of Programming Languages, Computers
    • Classes: Applicable For All
    • Available in DVD
    • Disks Included: 1
    • No Returns Applicable
    • Cash on Delivery available
    • Fundamentals of Programming Languages, Computers
    • C Programming, Introduction Of C Programming Language, First Program, Datatypes,Operators And Expression, Arithmetic Operators, Bitwise Operator, Assignment Operator, Assignment Operator, Conditional Operator, Logical Operators, Increment And Decrement, Control Sturcture, Type Conversion Part1, Type Conversion Part2, Sizeof(), If Statement, For Loop, Switch Statement, While Loop, Goto Statement Part1, Goto Statement Part2, Function, Passing Parameters Between Function, Passing Parameters Between Function Example1, Passing Parameters Between Function Example2, Basic Of Pointer, Pointer Example1, Pointer Example2, Recursion, Recursion Part1, Scope Rules, Array, One Dimension Array, One Dimension Array Part1, Two Dimension Array, Two Dimension Array Part1, Array Pasing In To A Funtion, Array And Pointer, Call By Refrence, Full Array Pasing In To A Funtion, What Is String, String Example, More About String, Pointer And String, Pointer And String Part1, Standard Libray Function Of String, Strlen(), Strcat(), Strcmp(), Strcpy(), Two Dimession Array With Characters, Two Dimession Array With Characters Example, Array Of Pointers To Strings, Array Of Pointers To Strings Part1, Substring, Structure, Structure Example, Nested Structure, Nested Structure Example, Array And Stucture, Array In Stucture, Array Of Structure, Structure With Typedef And Pointer, Structure With Typedef And Pointer Example, Union And Structure, Union And Structure Example, Enumerated Data Types Part1, Enumerated Data Types Part2, Bit Fields Part1, Bit Fields Part2, Operation On Bits, One'S Complement, Right Shift Operator, Left Shift Operator, Bitwise And Operator, Bitwise And Operator Example, Bitwise Or Operator, Bitwise Xor Operator, Console Input And Output, Formatted Input And Output Function, Formatted Input And Output Function1, Formatted Input Scanf, Escape Sequence, Sscanf() And Sprinf(), Unformatted Input And Output Function, Unformatted Input And Output Function Example1, Unformatted Input And Output Function Example2, Unformatted Input And Output Function Example3, File Input And Output Function, Open And Closing Of File, Open File Example, Reading A File, Reading A File Example, Copy File, Copy File Example, String Input And Output Function, String Reading Example, Record Writing Example, Record Reading Example, Text Files Vs Binay Files, Binary File'S Example-Copy, Record Input And Output Revisited, Record Input And Output Revisited Example 1, Record Input And Output Revisited Example 2, Delete File, Rename(), Command Line Argument Part1, Command Line Argument Part2, Strorage Class, Static Storage Class Part1, Static Storage Class Part2, Automatic Storage Class Part1, Automatic Storage Class Part2, Register Storage Class Part1, Register Storage Class Part2, External Storage Class Part1, External Storage Class Part2, External Storage Class Part3, The C Preprocessor, Macro Expansion, #Define Example, Macros With Argument, Macros With Argument Part1, Macros With Argument Part2, File Inclusion, Conditional Compilation Part1, Conditional Compilation Part2, Conditional Compilation Part3, Conditional Compilation Part4, Miscellaneous Directive, #Undef, #Prgma Statup And #Prgma Exit, #Pragma Warn, Predefined Macros, Memory Management, Malloc(), Calloc(), Realloc(), Free(), Error Handling, Perror() And Strerror(), Divide By Zero Error, Date() And Time() Part1, Date() And Time() Part2, Date() And Time() Part3, Date() And Time() Part4, Date() And Time() Part5, Date() And Time() Part6, Debugging, Exercise 1, Exercise 2, Exercise 3, Exercise 4., Free updates available for all subjects at your registered emails, All subjects steps by steps learning through video tutorials In Hindi DVD., Every member at your home can learn through one DVD., You can learn at anytime of your choice, These tutorials are put in serial order, so that you can learn yourself step by step., The tutorials are in Hindi and English mix language, which gives you comfort at the time of learning., It feels like the teacher is sitting beside you., You can also learn again if you think you have forgotten any topic. it is very easy way to learn computer in hindi language.
    Model Name
    • CProgramming Tutorials DVD
    • Applicable For All
    Num Of Disks
    • 1
    Model Id
    • CProgramming Tutorials DVD
    Education Board
    • General
    • Lsoit
    System Requirements
    • 1GHz Processor
    Hard Drive
    • 512 MB
    Operating System
    • Window7, Window8, WindowXP, Windows 2022
    • 1 GB RAM
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    0 Reviews
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