Lumines: Electronic Symphony

    Lumines: Electronic Symphony (Games, PS Vita)

    Lumines: Electronic Symphony  (Games, PS Vita)

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      If there is one game that everyone has grown up playing it’s Tetris. From the first time you held the 9999 in one gaming console to the modern handheld consoles, Tetris can make time fly unlike any other game. Over the period of years, the game has taken various new forms and transformed in new ways based on the creativity of the developers. With Lumines: Electronic Symphony, Tetris has been imagined in a whole new way. With the inclusion of foot-tapping music to match the innovative gameplay, Lumines offers countless hours of gaming addiction.

      The successor to Lumines Supernova, Electronic Symphony is targeted towards hard-core and casual gamers who like brick-building games. The puzzle video game is built with a brand new 3D engine that offers stunning graphics. Lumines: Electronic Symphony game card is available for the PlayStation Vita gaming console and can be played by everyone in the family as it comes with an Everyone rating from ESRB.

      Synopsis and Features

      Ubisoft has always focused on bringing out something new in tried and tested formulas. In Lumines: Electronic Symphony, you will discover how simple additions to an old game can turn into something extraordinary. This game is the first one to use 3D blocks instead of 2D sprites in a PS console. This will allow you to build some truly staggering blocks of bricks and then demolish them to earn a big combo. The game includes 43 skins, backgrounds to match the level you play, to provide you with variety and change in the game environment.

      Developed by Q Entertainment and published by Ubisoft, the objective of  Lumines: Electronic Symphony is to take two-toned bricks falling from top and then arrange them up in such a way that they match similar colors. The single-player campaign will introduce you to the innovative control system. You can use both the front touchscreen as well as the rear touchscreen to move and spin the bricks while they are in the air.

      The tweaks to the game include the new Shuffle Block. This block changes the colors of all the bricks it touches, randomizing them so that you cannot match them with other bricks easily. This is a great addition as it makes you think 5 moves ahead, before you place this block somewhere. As you progress along in the game you can unlock various skins and avatars by earning EXP.

      No game is fun if it is not accompanied with proper music. Featuring songs from different genres of music such as Electronic and House, Electronic Symphony includes 34 licensed tracks from world-renowned artists such as LCD Soundsystem, Wolfgang Gartner, The Chemical Brothers, Safri Duo, Goldfrapp and many others.

      The game is very addictive and if you want to share the same experience with your friends or family members you can do so as Lumines: Electronic Symphony supports multiplayer. You can know where you stand against the different players from across the world by tracking various leaderboards. Every point you score in the game matters as it upgrades your rank against global players.

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      • Title
        • Lumines: Electronic Symphony
      • Category
        • Games
      • Platform
        • PS Vita
      • Publisher
        • Ubisoft
      • Mode
        • Single-Player, Multi-Player
      • Genre
        • Puzzle
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