The Mahabharata (Volume - 1)

    The Mahabharata (Volume - 1) (English, Hardcover, Debroy, Bibek (Tr. ))

    The Mahabharata (Volume - 1)  (English, Hardcover, Debroy, Bibek (Tr. ))

    31 Ratings & 5 Reviews
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    • Language: English
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Publisher: PENGUIN INDIA
    • ISBN: 9780143100133, 0143100130
    • Edition: 2010
    • Pages: 536
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    Bibek Debroy’s The Mahabharata is a modern translation of the Sanskrit classic, and a retelling of Ved Vyasa’s epic tale of conflict.

    Summary of the Book

    The Mahabharata is known to every living Indian, but only a few known it in its true form. It is the story of the battle between two families, and it is so much more. This translation sets out to do what has never been attempted before: a complete and unabridged version for readers to enjoy. This volume contains most of the Adi Parva, drawing from the Critical Edition compiled at the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute. Most of the events of the book happen long before the arrival of the Pandavas and Kouravas on the scene, and they foreshadow the great war which lasted for 18 days and was etched into history by Ved Vyasa’s epic composition. Covering the origin of the Kuru clan, the stories of Poushya, Poulama and Astika, the births of the Kouravas and the Pandavas, the houses of lac, the killing of Hidimba and Baka, Droupadi’s marriage, and the story of how the Pandavas get their share of the kingdom, this is a highly accessible contemporary rendition of the Hindu epic.

    About Bibek Debroy

    Bibek Debroy is an Indian author and economist. Currently a professor at the Centre for Policy Research, he is best associated with his books on economics.

    He began translating the Mahabharata into modern English prose into 10 volumes in 2010, of which eight have been published so far.

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    Book Details
    • Imprint
      • PENGUIN
    • Publication Year
      • 2010
    • Author
      • Debroy, Bibek (Tr. )
    • Width
      • 6.06 inch
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      • 1.34 inch
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      • 560 g
    Ratings and Reviews
    31 Ratings &
    5 Reviews
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    Superb and Simple!!!

    Brilliant start to an epic work undertaken by the Author of making the first complete English translation of the Critical Edition of the Mahabharata.
    It is a must for anyone who wants to attempt to delve into the labyrinth of plots in the complete Mahabharata and for anyone who isn't satisfied with the plethora of shortened versions present.
    Footnotes and explanations throughout helped me in doing justice to Veda Vyasa's great epic.

    Feri Geo

    Certified Buyer

    17 Sep, 2011

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    Depth that was beyond your imagination

    As a big time fan of Mahabharata, I wanted to read a "Complete Mahabharata". After long time I found this book and it is indeed a detail book on Mahabharata. I personally found it "awesome"... Language used in the novel is also pretty rich.
    Those who have read novels like Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings might have felt that movies for the same are not up to the level of novels. You will feel same for Mahabharata Series after reading this book.

    Vishnu Chevli

    Certified Buyer

    17 May, 2012

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    Looking forward to buying new books! I have got all 7 in one go, now I am reading the first one. The book is written/translated with huge knowledge of the author and he gives huge amount of interesting comments at the bottom of the pages. As a foreigner I truly enjoy reading this marvelous book, even though the book is full of very complicated names. Thank u for giving me a chance to touch Indian wisdom :)

    Elena G.

    Certified Buyer

    21 Oct, 2014

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    rated because of the story

    is very very exhaustive to the point of exhausting you!.. too many sub plots in subplots..
    but that is probably the aim of this series anyways... to give one of the most detailed accounts of probably the greatest battle in the country..


    Certified Buyer

    18 Oct, 2013

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    Splendid and Detail Oriented

    I've read many books on Mahabharata. As Bibek Debroy told in this book, experience in reading a unabridged translation works in beyond imagination. This book certainly sets up the detailed stages and historical, mythological background of the actual Mahabharata. I certainly enjoyed reading it and will certainly read the next volumes.

    Pradeep Thyagaraja

    Certified Buyer

    9 Feb, 2015

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