Choosing a Mangalsutra for Your Special Day Online

    Your big day is getting nearer and you are filled with mixed feelings of anticipation and anxiety. Your days are filled with plans and preparations, as you want nothing but the best on this special moment in your life. And while you have a look at different lehengas and other gold jewellery , there is that one most important thing that you have to choose, and that is your mangalsutra. The kind of mangalsutra you choose is very important as it is going to be with you for your entire life, giving you memories of your wedding day. One of the most important things you have to consider when it comes to choosing this item of jewellery is that it goes well with the kind of outfits you wear. Gone are the days when sarees and traditional suits were all that a married woman wore. Today, a married woman can be as modern and trendy as a college girl in jeans, skirts and the little black dress. So, here are a few tips to help you make the right choice in choosing a mangalsutra:

    Gold is Not All That You Have - With the range of metals that mangalsutras come in today, you can have great fun choosing a piece that stands out. If you are looking for something more modern, brands like Girlz! and Modish Look have some lovely mangalsutras in crystal with different designs that you can choose from. Apart from this, you will also have mangalsutras online in materials like mother of pearl, enamel and even shells and stones, so you have no end to how creative you can get while choosing this item of jewellery for yourself.

    Long vs Short - Deciding on the length is one of the first steps in choosing a mangalsutra. Do you want something long that ends below your bustline or something that is smaller and ends at your collarbone? The length you need to go for mainly depends upon where and with what outfits you intend to wear this piece of jewellery with. Smaller designs are ideal for daily wear as they are lighter and more comfortable, Also, they can easily be paired with jeans and other Western clothes. However, nothing can enhance your look in a traditional saree than a long mangalsutra that ends below your bustline. This is why a lot of Indian women today choose to have two pieces: a short one for daily wear and a long one that they can reserve for occasions. You can have a look at the range of designs from brands like IMC Deals, Voylla, Archi Collection and various others.

    The Pendant - Browsing through mangalsutras online, you will find a range of stylish pendants from small and simple designs to large and ornate pendants studded with diamonds and other gemstones. The pendant is what goes a long way in expressing your style. A lot of them also come with traditional designs. However, you need to keep in mind that a large pendant can be heavy and will require effort in maintaining. Larger pendants are a good option for long mangalsutras that you reserve for occasions.

    With the range of mangalsutras available online in different designs, you can easily find a stylish piece without having to hop from one jewellery shop to another in your search for the perfect piece for your wedding day. Decide what it is that you want in your mangalsutra and have a look at the range of options that you have till you conclude with the best piece for you.

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