Marathi Riyasat (Set of 8 Volume)

    Marathi Riyasat (Set of 8 Volume) (Marathi, Hardcover, G. S. Sardesai)

    Marathi Riyasat (Set of 8 Volume)  (Marathi, Hardcover, G. S. Sardesai)

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    • Language: Marathi
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Publisher: Popular Prakashan Pvt Ltd
    • ISBN: 9788171856404, 8171856403
    • Edition: 2012

      Marathi Riyasat provides insight into the achievements, failures, ups and downs, and the significant occurrences during the Maratha rule.

      Summary Of The Book

      Marathi Riyasat is a part of an eight-book series on the Maratha rule, based on G. S. Sardesai’s research on the Maratha dynasty. It contains Maratha history from 1600 A.D., with all the chronological details and those of all the significant people and events during the Maratha raj.

      The book provides a peek into the history of the Maratha rule from the times of the memorable ruler Maloji Raje Bhosale, popularly known as Shahaji Raje, since his very birth, to the rule of Bajirao Peshwa II. This extended duration makes it the only book covering such a long period in Maratha history. It provides an unbiased description of the entire Maratha reign, including information about the rich culture of the Marathas, their prosperity, growth, as well as their doom.

      The Maratha dynasty was one of the most prominent dynasties in the Indian context. It marked the unleashing of some of the bravest of rulers in Indian history and the severest of attempts to uproot the British hold over their territory. The author also illustrates in vivid detail the end of the Maratha dynasty and the reasons for it.

      Marathi Riyasat talks of one of the most renowned battles in Indian history, the Battle of Panipat, in great detail. It is a real tribute to Maharashtrian society. It goes from the rise and the subsequent fall of each ruler and the consequent succession of another, while forming a chain that promises to keep readers engaged.

      About G.S. Sardesai

      G.S. Sardesai is a Marathi author born on 17th May, 1865, in Gowil village of Ratnagiri district.

      Other books by the same author are Aitihasik Gharani, Mahadaji Shinde Yanchi Patre, Peshwe Daftar, Musalmani Riyasat, Sardesai Gharanyacha Itihas, Paramanand Kawyam, Anupuran, British Riyasat, Aitihasik Wanshawali, Aitihasik Patrawyawahar, Shyamkantachi Patre, and Aitihasik Patrabodh.

      Sardesai’s full name was Govind Sakharam Sardesai and he was also known as Govindrao nana. After finishing his schooling in Ratnagiri, he went on to study in colleges in Mumbai and Pune. Sardesai was a close associate of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III of the State of Baroda, serving in his military first, then moving on to become his personal secretary, and finally becoming the teacher of the princes. He has also toured the USA, UK, and Europe with the Maharaja.

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      • Publication Year
        • 2012
      • Author
        • G. S. Sardesai
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      A MUST BUY!

      This is really a 'MUST BUY' for those who love this soil.. The 'AMAZING HISTORY' of this country. The author Mr.Sardesai has taken great effort and spend his entire life to bring this to us. Salute to him and his hard work.
      It gives you 'A to Z' knowledge about the great Maratha's and the 'MARATHA' EMPIRE.
      So buy this 'TREASURE' and keep the 'GLORY'... ALIVE!

      And Yes.. Flipcart delivery was excellent as always!
      Got HANDSOME discount as well.. Nice Packing.. Thank you Flipcart!

      Vinay Sardesai

      Certified Buyer

      15 Jan, 2013

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      One of the best book on History of marathas.

      Thanks a lot to G.S.Sardesai for writing this Reference book which gives overall deep information of Maratha Empire starting from Shivaji mahraj to peshwa Bajirao II.
      Must have in collection.

      rohit pawar

      Certified Buyer

      5 Mar, 2015

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