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Mashers are a significant kitchen tool used in the preparation of multiple dishes. Without these, it would be difficult to cook several recipes. The use of this kitchen tool is extensive; hence there are various different types of them found across the e-store. One of the most common types is a potato masher. It has a long handle with a flattened round disc attached to the bottom. There are small holes or spaces in the disc to make room for the ingredient to be easily mashed. The patterns of spaces on the disc also have numerous options to choose from. These tools are usually made out of metal or wood for a sturdy yet light build. Another common type is a mortar and pestle variant. The mortar is a large round container that holds the ingredient that is supposed to be mashed. A pestle is a strong tool that is cylindrical in shape with soft rounded edges for crushing and mashing the food. These tools are made out of stone or marble and, in some cases, thick steel or metal. There is a wide range of sizes available to match your needs. You can buy mashers online from companies like Greenila, Macarize, Tuelip, Indoselection, DJT FABRIC, etc. This information is updated on 04-Oct-23.


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