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Buy T-Shirts for Men Online At Flipkart

You may be impeccably dressed in well-pressed shirts and creased trousers at work, but what if your colleagues or subordinates catch you shopping or running errands wearing an old and faded T-shirt? A smart man ensures that he is not just dressed to impress at work, but at all times, and this includes running small errands. While dress shirts can make you look smart at work, T-Shirts for Men in the latest fashion go a long way in making you look really cool on casual outings. And with an interesting collection of T-shirts online from different brands like Adidas T-shirtsPuma T-Shirts, Highlander T-Shirts, Roadster T-Shirts and Lee T-Shirts, shopping for men’s T-shirts is fun and easy. T-shirts for men might fall into the casual category but choosing the right one for yourself is anything but a casual affair. By paying attention to things like design, fit and color, you can easily elevate your overall look on any casual or semi-formal occasion. Let us help you choose the perfect t-shirt for men that will make you look sharp as a tack.

T-Shirts for Mens Styles & Patterns

As a man, you can never get enough tips on how to look cool at a party or on your Facebook cover picture. No matter whether you are going for a morning run or playing the bass guitar at one of your most happening events, you are lying if you tell me you don’t want to look cool and be noticed, while your buddies bask in the attention from other hot chicks around. You can easily wear your jeans, pair it with a polo t-shirt and wear a pair of Nike shoes or any other good brand and look snazzy. Jeans go a long way in making you look cool provided they are chosen carefully and paired with the right T-shirts for men. A pair of expensive jeans with an old and faded shirt is not going to take you anywhere. The following are some of the things you need to keep in mind when checking out T-shirts for men online and in malls. 

The Polo T-shirt.

Polo t-shirts are not only very attractive but can never go wrong on any casual occasion. These collared T-shirts for men go a long way in making a man look smart as well as casual, no matter whether tucked or left untucked. In fact, some of them even go well for semi-formal events. Pair your Polo T-shirt with dark trousers and chinos for a more formal look and jeans and trainers if you want a casual look. The best part about a polo T-shirt is its versatility. No matter what your build is like, no matter how stocky or skinny you are, a Polo T-shirt is something you can look good in at all times. Brands like Pepe and United Colors of Benetton have a range of Polo T-shirts for men online that you can have a look at. 

Different Styles of T-Shirts for Men Online

The following are the different styles that you will come across while shopping for T-shirts online. 

Striped T-shirts - When you are clueless as to what kind of a Men's T-shirt to wear on a particular occasion, a striped T-shirt can never go wrong. Buy T-shirts with small stripes if you want a more toned down look and large stripes if you want something more eye-catching and trendy. 

Slogans - T-shirts with slogans are an effective way of expressing your attitude apart from being so much fun to shop for. From funny to punchy to sarcastic, T-shirts for Men come in a range of slogans that you can browse through from brands like Puma, Lee, United Colors of Benetton and Flying Machine. You can choose the ones that match your attitude and personality in the best way. 

Graphics - T-shirts with graphics can make a man look very cool, and like T-shirts with slogans, are great fun to shop for with the variety they offer. You have celeb style character graphics that are great to party in, geeky prints that can make you stand out, palm prints that can look very cool on a day outdoors, floral prints that are very much in trend and even toon tees that are very cute. 

Brand Logos - Wearing a T-shirt that says Puma or Adidas or Levi’s or Lee Cooper will go a long way in making you feel more confident and can be very helpful on occasions when you feel uncomfortable. So, ensure that you buy a few shirts like this. 

Solid Colors - Solid colors are a must-have in your collection of T-shirts for Men, a few of them being black t-shirts, white t-shirts, red t-shirts and blue t-shirts. Apart from plain t shirts solid colors, you can also experiment with ombre and patterned color block designs. These are a very good option if you want to look stylish on Fridays at work. Colored Henleys are another trendy design that you have to explore here. 

Make Buying T-shirts Fun by Shopping Online

Whether you’re running petty errands around the house or enjoying your favourite weekend activity with your friends, ensuring that you are well-dressed is very important. You can never tell when you will bang into someone you know and you wouldn’t want them to catch you looking dowdy, would you? And with the range of men’s T-shirts online from brands like Levi’s, Roadster, Puma, Jack & Jones, Wrangler and Lee, you can easily purchase T-shirts without having to visit the mall. Shopping for men’s T-shirts online, you will find a range of colors, prints and styles that you can choose from for an attractive collection in your wardrobe. There are T-shirts with slogans, hooded T-shirts, sports shirts, polo shirts, floral prints, graphic prints, geeky prints, striped T-shirts and so much more that you can have a look at while buying T-shirts online. 

Finding T-shirts in Different Fits Online

Shopping for men’s T-shirts online, you will find T-shirts available in two kinds of fit. One is the regular fit T-shirt. These T-shirts have a straight cut from the armholes to the waist. T-shirts with this fit are also a better option for men on the heavier side. If comfort is what you are looking for in your T-shirt, you can buy T-shirts with a regular fit. However, if you are athletic or muscular, a slim fit T-shirt is what you can show off your body in. These are shorter and more fitted than regular fit T-shirts. Brands like Maniac, Highlander and Peter England have a range of slim fit shirts in interesting prints and designs that you can buy to look smart on weekend outings. So, determine whether it’s comfort or style that you are looking for and the kind of fit that suits your body type before you start purchasing T-shirts online. 

Men’s T-shirts in Different Sleeve Lengths for More Variety

When it comes to men’s T-shirts, half sleeves are the most popular as they keep you from feeling hot, which makes them more convenient to wear on casual occasions. However, having T-shirts in a variety of sleeve lengths makes your collection more interesting. T-shirts with cap sleeves and short sleeves show off your muscles and are a good option if you have muscular arms. Long-sleeved shirts, on the other hand, can be very useful for hikes and treks as you need to protect your arms from stings and bites. A good collection of men’s T-shirts is one that includes T-shirts in a variety of sleeve lengths from sleeveless shirts that reveal your entire biceps to T-shirts with full sleeves. 

Men’s T-shirts Online for Different Occasions

Whether it’s to the beach, to the lounge, to parties or for sports, you can easily buy T-shirts online that suit different occasions. Apart from this, you can also find men’s T-shirts online from brands like Wicked Factory and Wear Your Mind that can be worn for a summer afternoon wedding. Apart from sleeve lengths, colors and prints, you also have long T-shirts with different neck styles like boat neck, flap collar neck, drape neck and so much more that you can purchase. While most T-shirts come in cotton to keep you comfortable, you also have T-shirts in polyester and other cotton blends that can look very fashionable. So, have fun shopping from the range of men’s T-shirts online to buy a variety of T-shirts in attractive colors. 

Check Different Types of T Shirts before you Shop  

The neck type

T-shirts for men feature three main neck styles: the round neck, the V-neck and the polo neck. Since they make the shoulders look squarer and the figure broader, round neck t-shirts are best for those men who have sloped shoulders and a narrow chest. They are also ideal for those who have long necks or a narrow facial structure. V-neck t shirts, on the other hand, can make you look taller and give your body a slimming effect. The polo-necks, unlike the other two types of men’s t-shirts, feature collars and can complement any body type. They offer the perfect balance between casual and formal fashion, and are often associated with sports such as golf and tennis.

1. The Fit - If you have a good body with muscles to show off, slim T-shirts for men are what you can go for. Avoid tight T-shirts that make you look uncomfortable and don’t allow your body to breathe. T-shirts with a regular fit are for you if you are on the heavier side. Avoid baggy ones as they are only going to make you look larger than you are. 

2. The Neck  - This again, depends on your build. The neck plays an important role in determining the overall look of your T-shirt. If you have a stocky build, V-neck will go a long way in elongating your neck and making you look slimmer. Crew necks are for those on the skinnier side as they broaden their shoulders to make them look more muscular. 

3. The Sleeves - Avoid sleeves that are tight at all costs. If you choose short sleeveless T-shirts for men , you need to ensure that they end halfway up your upper arm. Full sleeve t shirts ones are nice but not when the weather outside is hot. 

Check T shirts for Men Cloth Types 


Fabrics play an important role in determining whether a t-shirt will keep you comfortable all day long or will make you sweat profusely. With the advancement of technology, t-shirts nowadays are available in a variety of fabrics. Let us look into some of them. 

Cotton t-shirts - Natural, breathable, comfortable and static-resistant, cotton t-shirts for men not only look great but also feel great, irrespective of what the weather is like.

Egyptian cotton t-shirts - These kinds of tees are softer, lighter and more durable than their regular cotton counterparts. 

Polyester t-shirts - Often favoured by athletes, polyester t-shirts are known for their moisture wicking properties and light weight. They also need less maintenance and retain their colors for a long duration, even after repeated washing.

T-shirts crafted from cotton blends - A blend of cotton and other synthetic fibers such as spandex results in a fabric that doesn’t wrinkle easily or shrink when washed. T-shirts made of this fabric are also stretchable.

Layer with care

Although you generally wear tees as they are over a pair of jeans, if you make a slight effort you can dress up your regular t-shirt to make it appear less casual and unique

Wear it with a blazer

Team up your V-neck or round neck t-shirt with a blazer, a pair of khakis and tan moccasins to instantly elevate your casual style. 

Wear it with a Vest

You can dress up a casual vest by wearing a solid tee under it. Throw in a pair of brogues and you will be ready for an evening out in the summer. 

Buy T-shirts For Men Online

From stripes to one liners to solid colors, there is a range of T-shirts for men online that you can enjoy browsing through. Determine the fit, the neck and the pattern of the t shirts that would go best with your personality and body type and get a set of T-shirts to make you look cool and stylish wherever you wear them. Online shopping sites offer you t-shirts for men in a variety of neck styles, colors, fabrics and fit. Moreover, when you buy from online sites you can avail good discounts too.

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