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    If you don’t have a blazer in your wardrobe, it’s time you started shopping for some. A blazer goes a long way in making you look more charming as you greet guests in a hall or woo your woman over a romantic candlelight dinner. While suits make you look smart and professional when you are at work, the mix and match that you can try out with blazers make them much more fun and also very stylish. 

    The following are some of the things you need to keep in mind when wearing a blazer. 

    1. The blazer has to fit you well without being either too tight or too loose, which is why you need to refrain from wearing a borrowed one.

    2. The color of the blazer should either match, contrast or complement the look of your shirt and tie. You also need to ensure that it doesn’t create a mismatch with the color of your trousers. 

    3. At the same time, you also need to ensure that the color of the blazer is not the same as the trousers. This is something you normally do with three piece suits, not with blazers. 

    So, if you are the kind who tends to gel your hair and leave the house in formal shoes on a lot of evenings, your wardrobe is incomplete without the following three styles of blazers. 

    1. Single Breasted- The best part about a single-breasted blazer is that you can even wear it with jeans and a formal shirt for that semi-formal look, unlike double-breasted ones that are meant to be worn with a tie and formal trousers. You can even wear these without a tie and pair them with T-shirts. Unlike suits with double breasted blazers where you will have to put in some effort to ensure that the colors match, single-breasted blazers let you experiment with a range of color combinations. SUIT LTD has a range of single-breasted blazers online in a range of colors that you can browse through.

    2. Mandarin Wedding Blazer- With buttons that go all the way up to a Chinese collar, these blazers give the wearer an elegant look which makes them the best option at a wedding of a close relative or friend. These can even be paired with jeans for a more casual look. A variation of this is the Nehru jacket that comes without sleeves. These are more suited for casual events where you can pair them with shirts and trousers that complement the look of the jacket. 

    3. Tuxedo Style Blazer- Like the Mandarin Wedding blazer, this is another option you have if you want to look formal and elegant. The shiny lapels are what make them different from ordinary blazers. Tuxedo style blazers are best when worn with bow ties and waistcoats, even better if the bow tie matches the fabric of the blazer’s lapels. 

    Buy Blazers Online

    No matter whether it is a Mandarin wedding blazer, a tuxedo style blazer or a single breasted one that you want, you will find a range of them online from brands like SUIT LDT, Menjestic and various others. So, if you are invited to that wedding or formal event a week down the line, shop online to find a blazer that lets you enter a hall in style. 

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