It happens to the best of people - those days you leave home feeling your best self, only to feel the familiar pinch of shoes that are a size too small, or the uneasy stride one is forced to walk with when wearing ill-fitting, loose shoes. Besides getting the fit right, wearing a smart pair of footwear that complements your outfit is as important. Pairing an outfit in eye-catching print patterns with shoes that are as loud will only result in you committing a major fashion faux pas. Investing in footwear that fits right, looks smart, and pairs well with one’s wardrobe is therefore extremely essential for one to fel and look good every single day. 

    Today, it is unacceptable to blame one’s unkempt appearance on the lack of choice. Even when it comes to men’s footwear, with the many options available, dressing up should be seen as something fun rather than consider it a chore. With a little effort, you will soon realise that it isn’t all that difficult to be the perfectly groomed man you always wished to be. 

    Men’s footwear can be broadly classified under the following categories - casual, sports, formal, sandals & floaters, and slippers flip-flops. This classification has been made on the basis of the shoe style, build, and design. The term casual shoes is a broad one and includes various shoe styles like boots, loafers, canvas, sneakers, outdoor shoes, boat shoes, espadrilles, and moccasins. These are ideally meant to be worn as everyday wear. You can pair casual men’s footwear with smart casuals for a relaxed yet smart look. Casual shoes paired with the right style of formal wear can also set a person apart from a crowd. Formal shoes, as the name suggests have been designed to complement formal outfits. Men’s footwear in this style is less flexible than casual shoes and may not pair well with outfits, other than formal wear. 

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    Sports shoes have been designed to assist recreational and professional athletes play their best game, with any fear of slipping or hurting themselves. Men’s footwear in this style usually feature a padded footbed, cushioned ankle, and texture sole so as to offer players a comfortable wear. Formal and casual shoes are usually closed and may not be the best choice of footwear during summer months. Not to worry, with sandals, slippers, floaters, and flip-flops, your summer can now be more about fun and less about losing your head over foul smelling feet. 

    The best part is, you can now browse through and buy all styles of men’s footwear with just the click of a button - by shopping online at Flipkart. Indulge yourself, go all out and buy different styles of footwear for all occasions, from major leading brands. Payment options on the site include net banking, credit or debit card payment, and cash on delivery. Flipkart also offers easy exchange and return policies, in case of product damage or dissatisfaction with a purchase. 

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