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Formal shirts are an age-old classic. Whether it’s for a black-tie event or a job interview, discover formal shirts for men for all occasions and seasons under our roof. Shop from trusted names in the men’s fashion scene including Arrow, Peter England, Park Avenue and Van Heusen among others at best prices. Price list last updated on 20-Oct-21. Big festive price cuts soon approaching!

Formal Shirts

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Buy Men's Formal Shirts Online at Flipkart

Whether you are dressing for an important interview or you are suiting up for a black-tie event, any kind of formal occasion calls for a formal shirt. A staple in every man’s wardrobe, formal shirts express your personal style. Keeping up with ongoing fashion trends, the formal shirt has adapted itself to the ever-changing styles of menswear. Today, as far as the fashion and fits go, there is a wide range of options available at your disposal. This can make buying the perfect shirt for men easier said than done. This is when we come to your aid to guide you through various types of fits, cuffs and collars so that you can decide which type of men's shirts you want to go for.

Head to Work in Style with Men’s Formal Shirts in the Latest Trends

Wearing smart looking clothes goes a long way in creating the right impression in the minds of your boss, subordinates and colleagues apart from your performance at work. Whether you are a fresher in a startup company or the CEO of a multinational organization, a good collection of formal shirts is a must-have in your wardrobe. All you have to do is have a look at the range of formal shirts in the latest fashion available online to decide whether you really want to miss out on the latest trends that formal shirts online have to offer you. Shopping for formal shirts online, you will find shirts in a range of styles like solid Oxford shirts, celeb style checkered shirts, geometric patterns, tonal floral shirts, sheen shirts, summer pastels and so much more from brands like Peter England, Van Heusen, Flying Machine, Arrow and various other brands for a sophisticated collection of formal shirts that you can wear to work everyday. 

How Would You Want Your Formal Shirts to Fit You?

When it comes to the fit of your formal shirt, you have three main options to choose from. They are regular, slim fit and extra slim fit shirts. If you are of average size or on the heavier side, a formal shirt with a regular fit is the best option for you. These come with sides that go straight down, which makes them breathable and very comfortable to wear. Men on the slimmer side, on the other hand, would prefer to wear slim fit shirts as shirts with a regular fit tend to spill out from the waist. With their tapered sides, slim fit shirts sit well on leaner men. However, if you are skinny, shirts with an extra slim fit are the best option for you. These are designed to taper more than slim fit shirts, giving you a neat look and compensating for your lean midriff. 

Choosing Formal Shirts in Different Sleeve Lengths

When you want to look formal and professional, nothing can be better than a formal shirt with full-sleeves. However, having only full-sleeved shirts in your collection of formal shirts is not a very good idea, is it? A couple of half-sleeved shirts can make you look equally smart on a hot day when a full-sleeved shirt does not seem very convenient. Shopping for men’s formal shirts online, you can find a range of sophisticated looking formal shirts with half sleeves from brands like John Players, Peter England, Raymond, Van Huesen and various others. Apart from this, you also have shirts with roll-up sleeves that you can buy online for a semi-formal look on a Friday. 

With a good collection of formal shirts, you can head to office smartly with formal shirts in different styles everyday. You can wear a stylish Oxford shirt on Monday, a celeb style checkered shirt on Tuesday, a shirt with Windowpane checks on Wednesday and so on. With men’s formal shirts online in different sizes, you can easily buy a shirt that fits you well without having to spend a day at the mall. 


When you buy a shirt look for the kind of fit it has and whether it will complement your body shape. There are basically three types of popular fits: regular or classic fit, slim fit and tailored fit. 

Regular fit formal shirts – These shirts aim at maintaining the conventional tailoring silhouette so that they feel more comfortable and offer you good mobility. These kinds of shirts often feature a boxier shape with two pleats at the back for added comfort. 

Slim fit formal shirts – These kinds of shirts show a more fashionable approach towards formal dressing. Slim fit shirts are especially popular among men who are more conscious about their body shape and like to go for a trendier look. These shirts feature back darts and high armholes for a slimmer waistline and a shaped look.

Looking Stylish at all Times in Men’s Shirts

Your collection of shirts can say a lot about you. A good collection of men’s shirts is that which includes dress shirts to make you look smart at work as well as an interesting collection of shirts in casual styles for weekend activities and other outings. A polished man will always dress in shirts in the latest fashion, be it to work or on casual outings. So, if your collection of men’s shirts includes old-fashioned shirts, it’s time to shop online for men’s shirts from brands like Peter England, Lee, United Colors of Benetton, Van Heusen, Wrangler and John Players to look smarter and feel more confident at all times. 

How to Choose Shirts for Work

Your shirt goes a long way in creating an impression of how smart and professional you are. So unless you are in a startup and unless it’s Friday, keep T-shirts and casual shirts out of the way. When it comes to buying shirts for work, a dress shirt is something that a man can never go wrong with. This is a button-up shirt, complete with full sleeves and a collar. Ensuring that your dress shirt fits you well is very important. You can say that your dress shirt has the right fit if it lets you pinch out one to three inches from the area around the chest and waist. You should be able to raise your arms to your sides without having the cuffs getting pulled up the forearms. And finally, you should be able to allow two fingers in the collar while it is buttoned. 

Choosing the right fabric is another important part of buying your dress shirt. The fabric does not just determine how smart you are going to look in your shirt but also how comfortable you are going to be in it. If it is a day when you are going to be traveling a lot, there’s nothing like a cotton shirt that keeps you from sweating and getting uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you are going to be in an air-conditioned cabin all day, you can easily shop for men’s shirts in silk, polyester, linen shirts and other blends. 

Coming to the color, white, blue and pink are a few must-haves when it comes to formal shirts for men. Some other safe colors that you can add to the collection are lavender, off-white and peach. Dark shades like black, navy blue and maroon can make you look smart and trendy and are a good option for more dressier occasions. In the end, ensure that you have an interesting collection of shirts in solid colors, stripes and checkered designs. 

Casual Shirts for Evenings and the Weekend

While dress shirt are all you have when it comes to shirts for office, shopping for casual shirts for men is great fun with the range of styles like denim, floral, palm and conversational prints, summer pastels, checkered designs and so much more that you can have a look at online. From parties to weekend outings, you can easily find shirts for different occasions. There are shirts with full sleeves, half sleeves, three-fourth sleeves and even roll-up sleeves and sleeveless shirts that you can look stylish in. 

While you look your smartest all five days of the week, you wouldn’t want your colleague, boss or subordinate catching you partying or hiking in unfashionable clothes, would you? So, while you buy shirts that create an impression of how smart you are at work, don’t forget to also pick a collection of stylish casual and party wear shirts to create an equally good impression while you are having fun. You can browse through casual and party wear shirts online from brands like Levi’s, Roadster, Allen Solly, Jack & Jones and various others for an attractive collection of trendy casual shirts in your wardrobe. So, you can now ensure that you look your best at all times. 

Buy Formal Shirts online

Online shopping sites offer you men’s shirts from a wide range of reputed brands such as Arrow formal shirts, Van Heusen formal shirts, Allen Solly formal shirts, Blackberrys formal shirts, Turtle formal shirts and United Colors of Benetton formal shirts at great discounts. The various payment methods and after-sales service make shopping online as easy as pie.

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