Microsoft Wired Controller for Windows

    Microsoft Wired Controller for Windows (Black, For Xbox 360)

    Microsoft Wired Controller for Windows  (Black, For Xbox 360)

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    • For gamingconsole
    • Wired
    • OS Supported: Windows Vista
    • Wired Gamepad
    • 10 Days Replacement Policy
    • Cable Length
      • 2 m
    Ratings and Reviews
    2,742 Ratings &
    715 Reviews
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    Beware of fake controllers!

    The controller is a great controller, I have been using this for a couple of years. I mainly play FIFA and it is a great boon to use this controller over local controllers. Definitely worth getting an original.

    However I recently ordered one from Flipkart (choosing a Flipkart Advantage seller to ensure I get an original) and got a very impressive looking FAKE controller. Anyone who hasn't used an original might get fooled.

    I asked Flipkart for a replacement, but as the seller was out of sto...

    Flipkart Customer

    Certified Buyer

    3 Apr, 2015

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    sending local product in name of orignal

    hi know what is orignal and what is local,

    you sending local chinese made controller which is available for in india for 900 rs for cost 2000rs each.

    for people like us sended didnt informed about local remote ,these chinese remotes are so bad in quality that they will not work more then 1 day.

    there buttons like RT and LT will stop working in just 2 days.
    just opened all remotes on 20th july and saw all of them local

    now i request replacement or my money back.

    try to give negative feedb...

    Anshul Maheshwari

    Certified Buyer

    21 Jul, 2014

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    Seems like a duplicate controller tbh.

    One I got from Flipkart feels like a duplicate one as -
    1.) It's edges are sharp.
    2.) Pressing the buttons or the Analog sticks feels like it'll break apart.
    3.) Makes a pressure like noise when buttons are pressed.
    4.) Worst of all there is no barcode sticker in the back.

    Bad experience from flipkart this time. Lesson learnt - won't order electronics from flipkart.

    Pawan Vyas

    Certified Buyer

    1 Oct, 2013

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    Can I have more stars on the 'Your rating'?

    Bought this as a gift for a friend.. I've had an Xbox for years now. And I must say I love the both wired and wireless controllers by Microsoft. And I think the color black looks cooler.

    The wired controller's cord is really long. Enough for you sit back and relax on your couch if you a giant HD TV and dont want to increase the number on your glasses like me, due to hours of blink-less gaming.

    If you compare it with a playstation controller, this one seems better. Especially, the LT and RT ...

    Mahima Srivastav

    Certified Buyer

    8 Jan, 2012

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    The Ultimate Gaming Experience!!!!!

    This is the best controller for experiencing console-like experience on your pc. The difference you feel while playing the games is notable. And you can go on for 3-5 hrs without feeling tired as it is very ergonomic and very comfortable. Also the vibration feedback is amazing and adds a new dimension to your gaming experience. It works the best on all new games(XInput) and aslo works on old games but the triggers wont work properly as in XInput Mode, they are treated as Z-axis and not as but...


    Certified Buyer

    5 Jan, 2012

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    Well, to start with, flipkart's blazing fast in-a-day guaranteed delivery simply rocks. Got it the very next day after I ordered it. Packing was really good with a bubble wrap and the product was perfectly sealed and is surely genuine. Got a software disc too along with it. Its simply outstanding when it comes to gameplay. I was a FIFA lover until EA changed the control scheme on the keyboard with FIFA 12 i guess and ever since that I started hating FIFA coz no matter what I did to map my con...


    Certified Buyer

    17 Apr, 2014

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    Enjoyable Controller

    This controller for PC is good to play most games and its very easy to use and your hands don't get tired or awkward thanks to its ergonomic design.

    I did not buy it on flipkart though, got a white one from ebay for 1550. Cheaper here on flipkart....And quicker delivery I guess

    Don't go for the cheap controllers if you are gaming for more than an hour every day or you may end up getting injured (its quite serious, ergonomic injuries)....

    Its not very good for FPS games, or racing games. Ot...

    Abhiram Railkar

    Certified Buyer

    7 Sep, 2011

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    Great remote once you get used to it!!

    I am not an expert gamer but after a long day at work I do enjoy wiping out some Locust forces (was playing Gears of War-a third person shooter game).

    *Build Quality is better than any PC remote i have seen or played with and also PS2 Sony remotes. It's better designed ergonomically but I don't play for more than an hour so i cant judge that..but no wrist/finger/palm pains so far ..didn't face any pain with PS2 remote either which ..thanks to "God of War"..was used for much longer hours.

    I ...

    Rohit Negi

    Certified Buyer

    1 Feb, 2012

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    Ordered this gamepad 2 days earlier & the expected date of delivery was mentioned as Dec 5th! But voila, guess what? I received it today afternoon itself!!! Brilliant packaging, with bubble wrap sheet & great kudos to their speedy delivery!!!
    Just played NFS Run & NFS Shift with it! When you hold it you would come to know that its definitely a genuine piece! The plastic feels so good! Its ergonomically designed, hence no fatigue even after 3 hours of continuous gaming! The feedback is just a...

    Benaka Chandrashekar

    Certified Buyer

    3 Dec, 2011

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    GAME ONNNN........!!!

    This is a very useful and amazing product! Why useful? When I was thinking about buying this I had doubts in my mind as many of you out there might have, I was thinking why buy this when I can game on my computer using the keyboard? why spend the extra bucks ? Believe me, when I say it once, you play with this you will know that it makes a world of difference to your gaming experience.

    Yes there are keyboards that will do just that, but I dont think you will get that in this price range and ...

    Kuntal Roy

    Certified Buyer

    15 May, 2012

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    Product Description
    The Xbox 360 Controller for Windows gives you a consistent gaming experience across all of Microsoftu0027s gaming systems. Experience the ultimate gaming experience on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Xbox 360.
    For PC and the XBox

    This controller works across all of Microsoftu0027s gaming platforms. It works with most Windows XP PCs and the XBox 360, giving you a consistent gaming experience

    Flexible Cord

    The cord for this controller is highly flexible, giving you a wireless sensation with all the performances of a wired controller.

    Vibration Feedback

    This controller has a vibration feedback which gives you are better feel for the game and ensures a riveting and more interactive gameplay.

    Ergonomic Design

    With its award-winning compact ergonomics, this controller for Windows provides you with a more comfortable gaming experience, allowing you to play for hours on end. It also has precise thumb sticks, two-pressure point triggers and an eight-way directional pad for a more holistic gaming experience.

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