Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 USB Keyboard and Mouse Combo
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Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 USB Keyboard and Mouse Combo

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  • For Computer
  • Interface: Wireless
Important Note
  • The Product Comes with a Common USB Receiver for the Keyboard and Mouse

Microsoft Windows is the most used operating system for computers in the world and they keep reinventing themselves by branching out into various other consumer products like the XBOX 360 for gaming, operating system for phones and computer peripherals that are ergonomically designed for enhanced comfort. Innovative computer peripherals like ergonomic keyboards, precision mice and high definition webcams are designed to easily connect to the Windows Operating System and start working almost immediately. The Microsoft Desktop 800 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo is perfect for use at work as they complement each other in style and performance.

The Microsoft Desktop 800 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo connects to your computer by way of a receiver that needs to be plugged into a USB 2.0 port. The secure wireless connection uses the 2.4 GHz technology to ensure proper connection and data transfer. The Wireless keyboard and mouse can be used within a radius of 30 feet from the receiver, which gives you enough leg room to relax on your couch while you work on the computer. Any time you want to transport this portable keyboard and mouse, all you have to do is disconnect the receiver from the USB port and fix it underneath the mouse in its designated stowage area. This feature ensures that the receiver is safely stored and that you can connect it to the next computer and start working right away.

Style and Portability

The dimensions of the Microsoft Desktop 800 Wireless Keyboard are 456 x 158 x 45.7 mm and the mouse is 58 x 113.5 x 39.6 mm. This Microsoft keyboard weighs 1300 grams with the batteries while the mouse weighs 65.9 g inclusive of its batteries. The mouse has an ambidextrous design that can be used by either the left or the right hand. Both the keyboard and mouse are ergonomically designed to improve your work speed and quality of your work as you will make fewer errors.

The Desktop 800 wireless mouse uses Microsoft’s LED optical technology for quick and accurate movement of the cursor. The responsive cursor control takes advantage of the 1000 dots-per-inch (DPI) tracking system to allow you to move through documents and webpages quickly. The Mouse has 3 buttons which includes the scroll wheel button.

Performance and Connectivity

The Microsoft Desktop 800 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse works best with computers that run on Windows 7, Vista, XP and Mac OS X v10.4 or later. This Microsoft Desktop 800 Wireless keyboard comes with easy access hot keys that allow you to quickly open frequently used tools like the calculator and zoom. Shortcut keys can be used to increase and decrease the volume of your computer directly from the keyboard thereby allowing you to relax in bed while you enjoy your favourite music or movie. The QWERTY keyboard is durable as it can manage 5,000,000 actuations per key.

Battery and Other Features

The Microsoft Desktop 800 Wireless Keyboard needs 2 AAA alkaline batteries to function while the mouse requires 2 AA alkaline batteries. You can avoid your keyboard running out of battery power by keeping an eye on the battery status indicator. When the indicator shines red it is time to replace the batteries with fresh ones. To extend the life of the AA alkaline batteries you can turn the mouse off when you are not using it. Under normal circumstances the batteries will last up to eight months.

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Model Number
  • Desktop 800
  • Laptop Keyboard
Product Details
Part Number
  • 2LF-00001/ 2LF-00020
OS Supported
  • Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X v10.4x -10.6x
Power Features
Battery Life
  • Up to 15 months of battery life.
Warranty Summary
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
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Good value for money

I am writing my comment on the keyboard that I have just received.
* The keyboard layout is great and very comfortable for typing.
* The keyboard is very compact and fits quite neatly on a rack/suitcase.
* The mouse on/of switch does not interfere with the keyboard. ie... you can type while the mouse is off.
* They keyboard, and all the multimedia keys work on a mac as well. This is amazing if you want to quickly toggle the music.

* The function ...


Certified Buyer

Dec, 2011

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A decent product

The product is a pretty decent one. I don't have much to tell against this product, but still:

1. I would've liked to have an on/off key in the keyboard also and not just the mouse.

2. The keyboard doesn't give a feel of sturdyness.

Overall I like the product very much and specially the mouse, a bit heavy but still I just love the shape. The mouse is the main reason why I chose this over Logitech; the shape just gives me comfort to my hand.

Soumalya Kundu

Certified Buyer

Sep, 2011

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A well designed product

Got the product recently have been happy with it.
The Microsoft K/B and mouse works fine and leaves nothing much to be asked for.
Microsoft has done a pretty good work in designing this product.
*The infrequently used Fn keys have been made small (which apart from saving space gives a modern look)
*A switch for the mouse to save power while its not there for the Key board. Thoughtfull again as the mouse would consume more power because of the sensor LED. Keyboard barely consumes any power wit...


Certified Buyer

May, 2012

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Worth buy

Yesterday i got this, 'm feeling good to use it. its stylish of keys & some shortcut buttons are good. yes as one of commenter said, it would be more fantastic if they provide switch toggle to keyboard and there is no light indicator for Scroll lock, Caps & Numb lock. other than this everything is superb. About mouse there is no word to describe, really its stylish & hand gripping everything is fine with that... its really worth buying....

i recommend everybody to buy this....


Certified Buyer

Sep, 2011

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Cool product with few glitches !

I purchased the Microsoft M800 via Flipkart. After the order – I got the product within 2 days.

The wrapping of the product was as usual too good by Flipkart.

Price was also cheaper than price quoted by some shops in Mysore.

Ok now coming to the pros and cons of this wireless keyboard mouse combo is:

1. Its lightweight.
2. Configuration is simple.
3. Mouse correctly fits into the hands of a normal indian!
4. The mouse has an on off switch.
5. Keyboard is soft and typing is a plea...

Ananth S Gouri

Certified Buyer, Mysore

Aug, 2014

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Best wireless keyboard-mouse combo IMO, Works with Nexus 7 (and other Android devices with OTG)

So, I am typing this review with this keyboard after 9 months of usage, and I am on the same set of Duracell batteries that came with it. I use it for gaming and theres absolutely no problem with it, the reason I prefer this keyboard over many other more expensive ones is because it is so lightweight, compact and has just the amount of keys you need.

I almost use it as a remote watching movies on PC and sometimes when I connect my laptop to my TV. This is so lightweight that I can comfortabl...

Siddharth Bhardwaj

Certified Buyer

Mar, 2014

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Linux/VI users stay away from this one.

This keyboard is nice for general purpose use. But if you use linux then I would say this is a not a perfect keyboard the reason being the escape and the function keys are awkwardly designed and due to which you may end up in some erroneous file editing.
Especially people who are using vi/vim/gvim, requires the escape key a lot to toggle between the command mode and the insert mode and there most of the time you will be pressing the "1" key instead of the escape key as the escape key is not m...

Jerin Joseph

Certified Buyer

Jul, 2013

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Decent Product

This is a nice and decent product from Microsoft.

Nice service from Flipkart, got the delivery in 3 days.


1. Excellent design.
2. Provided with On/Off Switch in Mouse.
3. Full size keyboard with large navigation keys.
4. Keyboard provided with all sort of additional keys and shortcut keys.
5. Slot in mouse to keep the USB dongle.
6. Lightweight


1. Only 2 years limited warranty.

As such no Cons.

Pushpal Roy

Certified Buyer, Kolkata

Oct, 2015

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microsoft is best

led and power button in mouse for good purpose.
keyboard also has led but only for low battery purpose. keyboard doesn't have power button.
keyboard comes with window 8 shortcut keys and several other shortcut keys

product feel,quality and working is very very great

Saurabh Sharma

Certified Buyer, Varanasi

Dec, 2014

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Superb Keyboard & Mouse Combo

I got this product within the 2 days of ordering. Packing was not that good ( outer cover ).
Got this product by cash on delivery. Quality of keyboard and mouse are very good,
feels premium. Button positioning in keyboard is very good ( not much of a stress while typing ). Keyboard has got low battery power indicator.This product comes with 1AA and 2AAA batteries for mouse and keyboard (Duracell). Mouse is of right size for the hand to play around( clicking noise is more i feel ), comes with ...

Vaibhav K

Certified Buyer, Bangalore

Jul, 2014

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