Milagrow RedHawk 3.0 Robotic Floor Cleaner

Milagrow RedHawk 3.0 Robotic Floor Cleaner  (Red)

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  • Robotic Floor Cleaner
  • Maximum Sound Level: 60 dB
  • Suction Power: 15-30 W | Power: 45W-60W W
  • Charging Time: 3-4 Hours
  • Wheels
  • Pet Hair Collector
  • Run Time: 100 min
RedHawk 3.0 has World's largest Main Cleaning Brush with a width of 256 mm and World's largest Dustbin on the main body of a Floor Robot of with a capacity of 1 litre, Milagrow RedHawk 3.0 comes with Robotic 6th Sense for minimal interaction between humans and technology providing huge benefits in time and effort. It also possesses Robotic Extra Dirt Sensors to prioritize cleaning in extra dirty areas. These extra sensors increase the intensity and suction of cleaning automatically when higher dirt is detected. The RedHawk3.0 is equipped special health cleaning features like the UV bulb and HEPA filters. The Ultraviolet (UV) light is used to sanitize floor surface while cleaning to maintain a healthy living environment. The purpose of ultraviolet lights is to kill organic matter, such as bacteria, mold, and viruses. The U.S Environmental Protection Agency refers to them as Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Cleaners. High-Efficiency Particulate Air or HEPA air filters were originally developed by the US Atomic Energy Commission to capture radioactive dust pollen. HEPA filtration is important for medical patients or for whomsoever very pure air is sought as they trap most particulate matter and bacteria, viruses etc. To qualify as HEPA an air filter must remove 99.97% of all particulate matter greater than 0.3 micrometer from the air that passes through. The RedHawk 3.0 comes with 6 cleaning modes plus a large wet cleaning mop of 210x105 mm Features : Auto Scheduling The Milagrow RedHawk Robotic Vacuum Cleaner comes with a variety of features that make your home clean and germ free. RedHawk cleans your house according to the pre-scheduled time you’ve programmed. Auto Self Charging Once it's done cleaning or is low (less than 15%) on battery power, it will return on its’ own to the docking station to recharge by following the infrared signal emitted by the docking station. Obstacle Detection This robot automatically detects obstacles. When RedHawk knocks into something, its bumper retracts, activating mechanical object sensors that realize it has encountered an obstacle. It then performs the sequential actions of backing up, rotating and moving forward until it finds a clear path. Stair & Fall Detection This robot can also detect the edges of stairs and beds to avoid falling off. It uses a cliff sensor which constantly sends out infrared signals. If these infrared signals do not bounce back to the Robot, it instantly stops and chooses a different cleaning path. Disinfects The Redhawk can also kill germs, viruses and bacteria using its unique UV bulb. Placed underneath the RedHawk, the UV bulb kills micro-organisms by penetrating them and disrupting their genetic material. Robotic 3 Way Cleaning The Robotic 3 Way Cleaning process also ensures that hair and skin flakes are picked up, making the floor safe for toddlers and children. The side brush loosens the dirt, the main brush pushes the dirst inside and dirt is collected into a bagless 1 Lt dustbin, clean air is thereon filtered out of the robot. Automatic Dirt Detection The Milagrow RedHawk has the ability to vary its’ cleaning intensity based on the amount of dirt present using the Automatic Dirt Detection software. This lets the robot know that it has to increase its suction power when it identifies high dirt areas. This detection ability follows the same mining-detection algorithms as used by many militaries worldwide. Wet Mopping The Red Hawk comes with a towel mop attachment, which is attached to bottom of the robot and can be very useful in cleaning slightly wet areas. Just wet the mop and attach to the robot or let it run over the damp areas. Charging Time The Milagrow Redhawk Vacuum Cleaner takes about 3 to 4 hours to fully charge its batteries before it goes about cleaning the house. This robot can perform an hour of non-stop cleaning on a full charge. The maximum airflow is 100 dm3 per minute which can remove tough dirt and dust easily. Just buy one and say good bye to Shantabai!
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In The Box
Sales Package
  • Virtual Wall, Charging Dock Station -1, Mop Holder, Filter - 1 Installed, 1 Extra, Cleaning Brush - 1, Remote -1, Robot Unit -1, Mop - 1 Installed , 1 Extra, Charger -1
  • Robotic Floor Cleaner
Dust Collecting Feature
  • World's Largest Bagless Dustbin of 1 Litre Capacity with 1 Litre Capacity
Sound Level
  • 60 dB
  • HEPA removes 99.97% of all particulate matter greater than 0.3 micrometer from the air that passes through.
  • Yes
  • Not Applicable
Other Body Features
  • Shinning Red Colour, LCD display and instructions buttons on top. Comes equipped with a bagless dustbin. It has one side brush , o, Virtual Wall with LCD dispaly, Easy to use remote, Largest Main Brush : 256MM, 1 wet mop ; size 210x105 mm, 1 Side Brush with 4 bristles
Run Time
  • 100 min
Convenience Features
Pet Hair Collector
  • Yes
Other Convenience Features
  • Healthcare Functions : Comes with UV disinfection and HEPA filters, Cleaning Surfaces : Can clean all surfaces : Tiles, Flat Carpet, Hard Floors, Wooden Floors, Glass Floors, Marble Floors, Linoleum Floors
Charging Time
  • 3-4
Motor and Suction Power
  • 15-30 W(Suction)
Power Requirement
  • 45W-60W
Power Consumption
  • 45W-60W W
Additional Features
Additional Features
  • Doorsill crossing & Carpet Climbing Ability:Yes
W x H x D
  • 35.5 x 9.5 x 9.5 cm
Net Weight
  • 4.9 kg
Service Type
  • On Site or Pick Up
Not Covered in Warranty
  • Breakage, Damage due to water
Covered in Warranty
  • Any manufacturing defect in the robot unit, warranty on accessories including battery is 6 months
Domestic Warranty
  • 2 Year
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Amazing Cleaning Robot

This is an amazing robotic floor cleaner. It cleans fast and it cleans good. I was shocked by the amound of dirt and grime it pulled out of my carpets on the first use. What more it works greak on ceramic tiles also. A good product from Milagrow.

Sandeep Chauhan

Jun, 2016

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Totally Happy! Very useful for my home need

I have purchase this robot couple of month from Milagrow. They came to my home and gave a complete demostration to my Mom. Now I am very happy with its performance. Excellent product

Aditya Dobwal

May, 2016

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Highly recommended, No more tantrums of Bai's

Highly recommended, No more tantrums of Bai's.
I have bought this product on 16th July 2016 and since then I am simply loving it. We have a pet dog and it picks fine pet hair very well. The robot takes off on the scheduled time which means no more anxious moments of waiting for your maid. Technical staff is very supportive.

Lalit Rawat

Sep, 2016

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Wow Really Amazing Robot!!!

Wow Really Amazing Robot. My mom is happy with the product. Now I am thinking of gifting one these to my sister.

Kamlesh Singh

Jun, 2016

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Great Product

A Great Product to use. A must have.Good value for money. You can gift it to someone as well


Jun, 2016

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