Nowadays, everyone is in a rush and always busy on their phone. Texting is just a part of it. But mostly, people are busy talking to their colleagues, business associates, family members and friends while doing different activities like driving, working and such. But holding your phone constantly can slow you down. Which is why people are more inclined towards using hands-free devices like Bluetooth headphones with mic. It is mainly popular among businessmen as a lot of deals happen over calls. And it’s difficult to work properly if one of your hands are always busy holding the phone. But more importantly it helps in avoiding accidents. These Bluetooth headphones with mic leave your hands free to drive and take urgent calls at the same time without looking away from the road.

    How to Buy the Right Bluetooth Headphones with Mic?

    There are literally hundreds of differently designed Bluetooth headphones with mic available online that it can be hard for many to select one particular device. Well, the trick is to know what you need from the device. And the perfect way to know that is to keep a track of your call records. At the end of the day make a list and jot down the many number of calls you got that day, at what time, which place, how long did the conversations lasts and what activity you were involved in? That will help you understand the type of device you need. 

    Types of Bluetooth Headphones with Mic

    In the Ear

    For people who keep moving around, this type of headset is the best bet. The part that goes into your ears usually have silicone rubber tips for comfort. They also have a ear hook that secures the device on your ears. 

    On the Ear

    This type also comes with a hook to secure the Bluetooth device and the mouthpiece. Some of the models have an extended mic to detect your voice easily. 

    Over the Ear

    This type mostly looks like a headphone. They cover your ears entirely and have a mic on the side. 

    If most of your calls are taken outdoors, then look for a Bluetooth headphone that features active noise cancellation and a strong mic. Some of the advanced models are built using bone conduction technology that doesn’t have microphones to pick up noise. They detect your voice from the vibrations that occur when you talk. 

    Bluetooth headphones are available in various designs. But before buying, check their reviews and the mobile devices they are compatible with to select the right one. The brands offering these devices are Samsung, Plantronics, Jabra, iBall and others. So, buy your Bluetooth headphones with mic online today and enjoy taking your calls by just pressing one button. 

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