It’s not every day that you get to go on a roadtrip with your friends. And when you do, you would want it to be nothing but the best journey of your life. And that’s the reason equipping your vehicle with car kits is a great idea. If you are wondering which accessories your car must have, this article will help you glide through it, and make a wise buying decision.

    Options to consider

    Whatever you choose, make sure it is compatible with your mobile phone, else it will be a useless buy. If you don’t know where to start from, here’s a list of products you can refer to:

    Media and audio player

    A journey without listening to your favourite tracks is incomplete. So grab a feature-ready and sleek and audio player that can be connected easily, and you can enjoy the drive. Ensure you can attach a pen drive to it, or connect it via Bluetooth, so you can play the songs easily. For videos, make sure the device supports the format to enjoy a movie.

    Bluetooth hands-free

    Talking over phone while driving and holding the handset is a strict no-no. What you can do instead is equip your car with a Bluetooth hands-free device, connect it to your phone, and talk to your loved ones, without risking your life.


    Wish to capture the picturesque landscape while you enjoy the ride? Grab a car camcorder with a built-in microphone, and you can capture what you see, while also lending a voice to it. It is also used to record the situation in case of accidents, or traffic violations, thus making it a safe choice for your car.


    Great music and beautiful view will be doubled if you add ergonomically-designed speakers to your car. Make sure it is compatible with your device, and fits in your vehicle perfectly, so you can enjoy good music while you drive.

    Rearview monitor

    Rearview monitors are ideal accessories for your car to ensure complete safety. They help you eliminate blind spots, keep the occupants safe, help you park properly and allow you to smoothly drive even in heavy traffic.

    Security camera

    Protecting your car is definitely a priority. So install a security camera to keep track of various activities when you park the car in an unknown location, and protect it.

    Buying car kits online

    You can go ahead and read reviews, keep a track of the prices in India, and buy car kits online. Choose one that meets your requirements in terms of features, price and brand, and place an order. Add a car kit to your vehicle and give your car interior a quick makeover.

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