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    With our cities filled with tall buildings and packed roads, walking to work is no longer a pleasure. With vehicles horning and bus conductors yelling, you are going to feel like you already had enough by the time you reach your office. And the day has not yet started. Traveling to work with your favorite tracks playing in your ears helps you start the day on a more positive note, so you are going to be humming songs by Adele as you start your system and settle at your desk. 

    One of the main choices that you have to make when buying headsets is the style. On the ear and over the ear headsets are increasing in popularity because of the sound quality that makes them much more favorable than those in the ear headphones. So, if you are the kind that is particular about the sound quality, then there is nothing like a pair of over the ear headsets. Most of these come with a noise reduction feature that makes listening to music a pleasure. One drawback here is portability. These headsets are comparatively larger and not very easy to stuff into a bag when traveling because of which a lot of people prefer on the ear headsets which have a sound quality that is almost as good as over the ear headsets. 

    If the idea of large headphones over your head is something you are not comfortable with, then in the ear headphones are the best for you. These can also be easily stuffed into the side pocket of a bag or a purse and don’t take up too much space. However, the drawback is the fact that they don’t provide a sound quality that is as great as on the ear or over the ear headsets. Brands like Skullcandy, Samsung and Philips have a range of in the ear headsets that you can have a look at online.

    Determining the kind of headset you would want is the first step. Determining the features is the next. Brands like Zebronics, JBL, Philips and Bose have a range of on the ear and over the ear headphones online that you can have a look at. If you are looking for in the ear headphones, you can have a look at the range of them from brands like Sennheiser, Asus and various others. Compare the features of different headphones online to click on the one that you would want to enjoy your favorite tracks with.

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