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Screen Guards: An Essential Mobile Accessory to Protect Your Smartphone

A smartphone is a powerful and essential gadget for almost everyone, however, it is not the most Herculean device. So, this highly-used, cutting-edge personal device needs a number of accessories, such as a screen guard and a back cover, to protect it from accidental damages. Since a prominent feature of smartphones is the highly-responsive touch screens, it is important to protect the same with screen guards. These are basically transparent sheets that cover the display of smartphones to prevent scratches, lessen the impact of shocks, and accidental damages without interrupting the phone’s efficiency. In other words, a screen guard is like an additional display over the actual display to protect your smartphone. There are a number of companies, such as Flipkart SmartBuy, Lenovo, XIOMI, and Nillkin, that are making and selling good quality screen guards and you can buy them on online shopping sites as per your smartphone model. There are different types of screen protectors available in the market to ensure that your smartphone display is perfectly protected. From anti-glare to tempered glass, you can buy anything that you deem appropriate. Keep reading to find out about the varieties of screen guards and their features.

Benefits of Using Screen Guards

The advancement of smartphone technologies has led to two major outcomes: first, expensive devices and second growth in the usage of smartphones. From making calls and sending texts to ordering food and learning new skills, a smartphone is widely used for various everyday tasks. Ergo, many of us are always seen doing something or other on our mobile screen making it vulnerable to scratches, fingerprints, dust, bacterial, and of course, accidental damages. So, screen protectors are much-needed mobile accessory to ensure that your smartphone display remains as good as new. There are many types of screen guards, such as 3D screen guards, 3D tempered glasses, anti-blue light guards, back protectors, and privacy screen guards, that offer good coverage and protection. You can find all the varieties on online shopping sites, read user reviews, check ratings, and compare prices to make a well-informed buying decision. Following are some of the popular types of screen protectors that you can buy for your device:

Anti-glare Screen Guards

If you mostly use your smartphone outdoors or in brightly lit places, then anti-glare or anti-reflection screen protector can be useful for you. This screen guard has a matte finish and prevents light to reflect from the display to give you improved visuals even under sunlight. It also protects the phone display from scratches and fingerprints. Since it prevents light from reflecting from the phone display, you can reduce the brightness of the device and increase your smartphone’s battery life.

Tempered Glasses

This safety glass is made using a chemical process that gives it extra strength than the normal glass. So, if you are a butterfingers then this screen protector is ideal for your smartphone. Tempered glasses cover your phone display completely and offer protection for accidental falls, scratches, and fingerprints. If your phone is new and you are clueless about which screen protector to buy, then go for this one for complete display protection. You can buy 3D, 4D, 5D, or simple tempered glasses on e-stores sold by brands, such as Chevron, Gorilla Armour, and 10 Case among others.

Scratch-resistant Screen Guards

These days most screen guards are scratch-resistant adding life to your smartphone display. These screen protectors allow you to use the device roughly without worrying about damaging the display. Also, you can slide them into your pocket or keep the phone on rough surfaces easily without scratching the display. You can find this protector or any other on online shopping sites. 

Antibacterial Screen Guards

Your smartphone display is exposed to almost all conditions and environment. We put the phone on different surfaces of different places, such as on our working desks, car dashboards, kitchen countertops, over and sometimes inside books, papers, files, and so on and so forth. This means it gathers bacteria and other skin damaging agents that can cause skin irritation and other complications. Since this electronic device cannot be washed, it is advisable to use an antibacterial screen guard. These special safety glasses come with a coating to prevent the growth of bacteria, mildew, and mold that lead to foul smells, stains, and other problems. If you work in a hospital, laboratory, or any other place where bacteria tends to breed then this screen protector is ideal for your phone. By using this screen guard, you can prevent possible skin-and ear-related issues.

Different types of Screen Guards

Apart from these types of screen protectors, there are front and back protectors, liquid screen guards, mirror screen guards, nano liquid screen protectors, and privacy screen guards among others. Each of these screen protectors have their own benefits. 

Privacy screen guards
let you use your phone comfortably in public places without worrying about peeping toms. This glass ensures that the mobile screen is visible only to the one who is directly in front of the screen. So, you can do bank transactions, read personal messages, and reply to confidential emails even in public places without worrying about someone else reading from your mobile display.

Liquid screen protectors
the liquid screen protectors are thin, highly-transparent, and offer improved visibility of the phone display from various angles. You can easily put on most of these screen protectors on your phone display yourself, but some of them require extra care, thus professional help is advisable.

Be it an Android or Windows device, or an iPhone, you can find a screen protector for your smartphone on online shopping sites using filters. It is important to buy the right screen guard for your phone for a complete coverage and protection. E-stores also have deals where you can purchase a smartphone and get a special discount on its screen protector if you buy them together. Online stores also allow you to pay for your purchase using multiple safe and secure payment options.

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