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Android Mobiles

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Buy the Best Android Mobile Phones Online

With the number of options available for smartphones out there, it can get confounding to buy the best phone. What you could do is start by deciding if you want an Android mobile, Windows mobile or an iOS smartphone. Android mobiles are for everyone - a teenager who just needs his/her first phone or a 50-year old who needs a phone to just use a few apps. So, explore Android mobiles online from brands, such as Google, OnePlus, Samsung, Mi, Motorola, Micromax, Panasonic, Lenovo, Acer, HTC and much more. 

Why Go for Android Mobile Phones?

Google’s Intelligence Right in Your Hands

Android smartphones bring to you useful insights and assistance right at your fingertips. Need directions? Ask Google. Need a photo that dates way back? Google Photos organises your photos systematically, even by the faces. Yes, that is right! If you have a photo of your ex, and you want to delete it, just look for him/her through the photos. Just talk to it and get things going. You can set a reminder, send a text and do a lot more by just talking to your phone.

Truly Customisable - Android Phones

Irrespective of the model you pick, you can add a personalised touch to your device. Right from the home screen to the size of the keyboard, you can customise various aspects of your phone.


There are apps for virtually everything. Do you want to track your workout sessions? You have apps available for activity tracking on Google Play Store, such as Map My Run, Argus, Runkeeper, Runtastic and much more. You want personalised coaching to get in shape, you can choose from apps, such as Nike Training Club, FitnessBuilder and Jefit. You want to make fun of your best buddies and troll them on a group, start creating memes with apps, such as Mematic and Memedroid. You can choose among millions of apps available out there for free (and paid) on the Play Store. You can truly do a lot more than answer calls and send messages with an Android smartphone.

Where to Buy the Best Android Mobile Phones From?

The renowned manufacturers of smartphones, such as Google, Samsung, HTC, Acer and much more, are featured on popular shopping sites. All you have to do is log on to your favourite shopping sites today and explore the latest smartphones online from the convenience of your home. You can choose from so many options based on different criterias too. Say, you have a preference for the screen size, and you want a 6 inch mobile phone. You don’t have to go to each store near to check if the screen size is according to your specifications. You can do so online on these shopping sites. You can apply a filter for the screen size on these sites, which will list out your best options. Similarly, you can do this for the processor, camera, budget and much more.

Android Mobile: Necessity Of Modern Times
Surviving without a smartphone in today’s time is literally impossible. The Android operating system is one of the most user-friendly ones. With millions of apps available in their play store, life is getting better by the day. This is one of the most popular operating systems in the world and so is the most suitable one to go for. 
You can buy android phones online by selecting all the features you would want in a smart phone. There are many trendy and technologically advanced Android phones that are sure to fulfill all your requirements.
With demand in android phones online, you have a wide range of latest models available in an affordable price range. If you are on the lookout for a new phone, there are certain features that you must be aware of. 


This is one of the first things you should look into before buying a smartphone. If you are someone who uses your phone a lot, you need to go for a mobile with a big RAM space. They are available from 512MB to over 6GB. You can choose the right one based on your need. Samsung phones are known for their wide RAM space.

Internal Storage

If there are a lot of pictures, photos, files and other things you want to store on your phone, you should go for one that has more internal storage. Phones that have internal storage of 1GB to over 128GB are available online. You can get whichever one you want from brands like Asus and Micromax. 

Processor Brand

The processor brand is another specification you should look into. The better your processor, the faster and more efficient will your phone work. You can choose from processors like AMD, Snapdragon, Huawei, and ARM which are available in the market. The latest one out there is Snapdragon which you can find in brands like Moto and Redmi.

Screen Size

A big screen size is pretty much what everyone desires. You can go for a size that is most convenient for you. You can select one anywhere from less than 3 inches to above 6 inches. The most commonly preferred size is 5 inches and you can get it from brands like Samsung or MI.

Battery Capacity

A good battery capacity is something you should keep in mind before you buy a new phone. Now that it is 2017, most phones have excellent battery capacity. You have phones with battery capacities varying from 1000 to 5000mAH.


Everyone loves to capture sceneries and the best moments of their life on camera. It is no fun when the quality is not as good. You can get phones with good front and back cameras. When it comes to the primary camera, they come with 2 to 21 MP cameras. The front cameras that we love taking selfies with has 2 to 12MP resolution. You can get the best camera on Android phones from Lenovo.

Additional Features

There are loads of other features that you get to choose when you buy the latest Android phone in 2017. Facilities like WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPRS come in most of the latest phones. FM, music player and recording have been features that you will find on most phones you buy online. On the other hand, NFC and USB are modern additions that you can find in phones from brands like Moto and Sony.


You can select your phone based on the specialty you are most interested in as well. If you want high performance or long battery life, go for Moto or Redmi. If you someone who likes taking a lot of selfies, get the ASUS selfie model. 
These factors are sure to help you determine the features you want in your Android phone. The latest cheapest android phones 2017 come with the best functionalities. Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives so make sure you buy the best one for you.

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