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    No matter what they say, there is always a sense of pride in being an Apple phone user. You get to enjoy a lot of benefits that you wouldn't enjoy with most phones, like its secure operating system, the variety in the app store and of course, the stunning camera. As Apple phones have just one maker, every phone shares the same core functionality, which means the updates are compatible with all models. With a more locked down development, your phone is safe from malware and virus. These are just a few of the many benefits that Apple phones offer you. So, if you have decided to become an iPhone user for the first time, you sure have a lot of questions on your mind. Do you buy an phone in the latest model or just a simple one at an affordable price? While you have a number of websites that give you reviews on different models from those as old as the iPhone 5S to the latest iPhone 7 Plus, this article is just to share a few features that some of the most popular phones from the Apple series promise you. Have a look at each of them to decide on which one you would want to go for: 

    Latest iphone Price list 2017

    Latest iphone-Apple MobilesPrice
    Apple iPhone 6 ( 16 GB) (1 GB RAM)Rs.22999
    Apple iPhone SE ( 32 GB)Rs.21999
    Apple iPhone 7 ( 128 GB)Rs.63999
    Apple iPhone 7 Plus ( 256 GB)Rs.79999
    Apple iPhone 5s ( 16 GB) (1 GB RAM)Rs.16999
    Apple iPhone 7 Plus ( 128 GB)Rs.74999
    Apple iPhone 6s ( 32 GB) (2 GB RAM)Rs.35999
    Apple iPhone 7 ( 32 GB)Rs.45999
    Apple iPhone 7 ( 256 GB)Rs.67999
    Apple iPhone 7 Plus ( 32 GB)Rs.58999
    Apple iPhone 6 ( 32 GB)Rs.25999

    The iPhone 5S

    No, do not leave out the iPhone 5S in your search for an excellent Apple phone. First of all, it feels really nice in your hand with an almost too-light feeling. The iPhone 5S promises you a good camera and fingerprint reader. The phone’s iconic home button is visually very impressive and opens your phone as you rest your finger on it. With a dual-LED flash, the phone’s camera lets you take impressive pictures. By mixing white and amber colors together, it lets all your pictures come out in stunning detail. Browse the latest iphone 5S Covers And finally, the phone has an excellent performance that makes it pleasing to everyone. 

    The iPhone 6

    With a sleek design, the iPhone 6 slips well into a pocket and feels really comfortable in your palm. The rounded edges and slightly curving front glass give the phone a high-quality look. What you will like in this phone is the battery life. The iPhone 6 has an amazing battery life that lets you enjoy 14 hours of 3G talk time and 250 hours of standby time. Explore iphone 6 Covers online.

    The iPhone 6S

    What’s so nice about the iPhone 6S is the 3D touch. The phone has a pressure sensitive screen that lets you have fun doodling on it. The phone’s front camera has a four flash option called Retina flash that lets you take amazing selfies. So, if you are into selfies, you are going to love this phone. Some other benefits that you can enjoy with this phone are good speed, a sturdy body and a quick Touch ID sensor. Check-out the iphone 6S Cases.

    The iPhone 7 

    The iPhone 7 is designed with precision from bead blasted aluminum after nine steps of anodizing and polish. The phone is highly water-resistant which means minor spills and splashes are not going to be a problem. The all new home button is customizable and gives you a precise tactile feel, making it very comfortable to press. The phone has a highly advanced fingerprint sensor with a Touch ID that lets you unlock your phone in an easy and secure way. By shooting two as one, the iPhone 7’s camera lets you have great fun with pictures and selfies. The A10 fusion chip lets you enjoy more time between charges. These are a few of the many benefits that the iPhone 7 lets you enjoy. Consider iphone 7 Cases online.

    The iPhone 7 Plus

    Let us now have a look at the the iPhone 7 Plus. This phone comes with two rear cameras. It has a wide angle camera and a telephoto camera. These cameras help you create bokeh type effects. The camera also captures a wide range of colors and provides a good white balance for pictures that are true to life. With an A10 processor, the phone has a good battery life. The phone is also highly water-resistant. 

    No, it is not always that you get to buy an Apple Mobile phone, so ensure that you do it right. A good research on the different models of Apple phones online and a look at all the reviews is very important so that you buy the phone that is right for you. Are you looking for a phone in the latest fashion that you can show off or do you just want something with satisfying features? Determine what the features are that you need and choose your new iPhone accordingly. 

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