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    Lyf mobile phones are a range of budget phones from Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited. They provide 4G LTE service network with coverage across 22 telecom sectors in India. Reliance launched Jio Lyf mobiles in 2016 with their first model called Jio Lyf Water 1.It later launched other models under the names Earth, Flame and Wind.

    Jio LYF – Water, Earth, Flame & Wind

    Jio Lyf phones introduced its first smartphone under the name Water 1. Later on they launched the Earth, Wind and Flame series.

    LYF water mobiles

    Running through the first model of Lyf Water 1 , we find that it runs on the Android (Lollipop 5.1.1) OS using a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 MSM8939 processor. It has a 2GB RAM, with the internal memory expandable up to 32GB. It has a screen size of 5 inches, a rear camera of 13 MP auto-focus and a front camera of 5MP fixed focus.

    LYF Earth mobiles

    The LYF Earth 1 model is based on the Android (Lollipop 5.1.1) OS using a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 MSM8939 processor.. It has a 3GB RAM with the internal memory expandable up to 32GB. Its screen size is 5.5 inches. It has a rear camera with dual lens, one with 13MP auto-focus and the other with 2MP fixed focus. It's front camera is of 5MP fixed focus.

    LYF Wind mobiles

    The OS on which the Lyf Wind 1 mobile runs is the Android (Lollipop 5.1) . The processor it uses is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 MSM8916. It has a 1GB RAM with the internal memory expandable up to 64GB. Its screen size is 5 inches. It has a rear camera with 8 MP auto-focus and the front camera is of 5MP .

    LYF Flame mobiles

    The first model under the Lyf flame mobiles, which is the Lyf Flame 1 is based on the Android (Lollipop 5.1) and uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 MSM8909. It has a 1GB RAM and internal memory that can be extended up to 32 GB. It's rear camera has a resolution of 5MP auto-focus and a front camera of 5MP fixed focus.

    Another model is the Lyf F1 series. The first among these was launched in October, 2016.This has several smart features including a 'Smart Ring' which helps locate the smartphone even when it is on silent mode.

    Top models from the LYF phone brand

    Jio Lyf created a wave in the smartphone world when it was launched for two reasons: 1) They are budget phones which are priced very reasonably for the features they offer, particularly the 4G network support of the phone, and, 2) Jio offered free 4G internet and free calls for a long period of time after they were launched.

    A number of smartphones from Reliance Jio Lyf have become the favorite of the masses. Some like Lyf Flame 8, Lyf Water 3, etc. have been preferred by many. The Lyf Flame 8 has an internal memory expansion width up to 128GB and a long-lasting battery of 8 hours for 4G talk-time. So are other popular models like Lyf Water 7, Lyf Wind 3 and Lyf Wind 7. The Lyf Wind 7 has a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor that runs based on Android 6.0 OS.

    Some other best phones from Lyf available online are Lyf F1s, Lyf Flame 7s, Lyf F1, Lyf Earth1 and many more.

    Get latest LYF mobiles online

    Jio Lyf is launching high quality phones for the best experience. Some of the latest ones are Lyf Water 7s which was launched on January 9, 2017. This smartphone is available online on Flipkart at very reasonable price for its features. It has a RAM of 3GB and has a fingerprint sensor at the back. Lyf F1s and LYF F8 were launched in the last quarter of 2016.

    Buy Jio LYF mobiles online from Flipkart

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    Popular LYF mobiles: LYF Water 8, LYF Flame 8, LYF Water 3, LYF Water 7,  LYF Wind 3, LYF Wind 7

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