It was not without reason that Spice Mobiles Ltd was awarded the Golden Peacock award back in 2007 for its innovative designs. The brand had, in fact, also designed one of the world’s first movie phones. Powerful features, a range of apps, bold designs and the latest technology are some of the things that you will find in almost every smartphone from this brand. The following are the two things that I liked best in all Spice mobiles. 

    A Phone That Is Attractive And Stylish

    Spice mobiles come in different designs to let you choose the one that suits your tastes. Spice X Life 511 Pro for one, has a metal housing and a lightweight design that makes it stylish and also very comfortable to hold. Spice X Life 431Q on the other hand, comes with a range of covers in exciting colors that you can choose from. If perfection is what you are looking for, Spice X Life 512 DT is what you need to have a look at, with the stunning way in which it is crafted like sandstone to give you a good grip and look very stylish in your hand. The alluring looks of Spice X Life 480 Q is also impressive with its metallic middle frame that gives you an excellent grip and lets you hold it in style. 

    Selfies, Sceneries And So Much More

    A phone is no longer exciting if it does not have a good camera that lets you take stunning pictures. Spice X Life 511 Pro comes with a selfie stick that lets you take amazing group selfies with the 3.2MP front camera. The phone also has a rear camera of 8MP that gives your pictures a stunning quality even in low light conditions. If you are the kind that likes to experiment with different settings when taking a picture, you can have a look at the Spice X Life 512 DT that comes with a range of ISO settings to give you the perfect picture. Spice X Life 431 Q, on the other hand, comes with a range of editing tools to help you give those perfect final touches to all your pictures. 

    Browsing Through Spice Mobiles Online

    With a range of Spice mobiles on online shopping sites, you can easily browse through the different phones from this brand to compare the features and get the Spice mobile for you. Ensure that the Spice mobile that you buy has all the features that you look for in order to get a phone that pleases you in the best way. 

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