There is no end to the wonders that you can do with a violin to leave your audience speechless. From players like Karen Briggs in a lot of Yanni's recitals to Lettice Rowbotham who managed to impress a judge like Simon Cowell on the X Factor, you have a range of role models if you want to begin playing this musical instrument. Buying the right instrument is one of the very first steps in learning to play effectively. The following are some of the most important things you have to consider when you go out to buy a violin.

    Choosing The Right Size

    The size is one of the first things you have to consider when you buy a new violin. This musical instrument comes in different sizes from those for children to tall ones for those looking for a large size. One way of determining the size you need is by extending your arm to the right and measuring the distance between your neck and your palm before you choose an instrument that fits your measurement. Another way of doing it is by simply holding a violin under your chin to see if you are comfortable with it. The length of your fingers is another thing you have to consider when choosing the size. Children usually have shorter fingers that makes it difficult for them to find chords on violins of larger sizes.

    Finding The Right Strings

    You may have the best violin from one of the best brands, but if you don't have good strings, your lessons are not going to be interesting as you will not be able to produce the right notes with ease. You have three main choices when it comes to choosing strings: gut strings, steel core strings and synthetic core strings. Gut strings are a good choice if you are looking for a warm and rich sound. However, the drawback of these strings is that they can get affected by changing weather conditions. So, if you live in places with frequent changes in weather, synthetic core strings are a better option. The sound from these strings are similar to those of gut strings. However, they last longer and are easier to manage. If playing classical music is not your thing, then steel core strings are what you need to go for.

    A Look At The Bridge

    The kind of sound you make depends on the kind of vibrations your violin has, and this depends on the quality and the thickness of the bridge. While bridges that are too thin can crack at any time, too thick bridges can affect the quality of the sound, making it soft and weak. Ensure that the bridge is of the right thickness to remain strong and let you enjoy the right sound. You also need to ensure that the bridge has the right curvature to hold all the four strings and at the same time maintain the right distance between each string.

    And Finally, The Bow

    Your instrument may be great, but what about the bow? Ensure that the bow is not too heavy and lets you enjoy the right balance while you play. You also need to ensure that it is stiff and strong to give you a bright and focussed sound. Have a close look at the quality of the wood and ensure that it suits the kind of music you play.

    Shop Online

    Now that you know what you need to look for, you can make your task of finding the right instrument easier by shopping online. With a range of violins from brands like S.G. Musical, Beingdeal, Nad Sadhna and various others you can easily compare the features of different pieces online and buy one that you find appropriate for you.

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