Nasaka Minjet 12 13 L RO + UV Water Purifier

    Nasaka Minjet 12 13 L RO + UV Water Purifier

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    • Purifying Technology: RO + UV
    • Total Capacity: 13 L
    • 3 Years on the product from the date of purchase
    • Installation and Demo Not required
    Important Note
    • Installation and Demo is Not Provided for this Product
    3 Years on the product from the date of purchase

    The streamlined, ergonomic design of the water purifier fits the contour of your kitchen to allow comfortable extended usage of safe drinking water any time. The Minjet water purifier has a total storage capacity of 13 litres. The 12 stages of purification in this purifier will eliminate chemicals and dissolved salts within a few minutes. The Reverse Osmosis system removes insoluble impurities like pesticides, fluorides and undesirable salts. The Essel Nasaka appliance is an electric water purifier which purifies water with the help of electricity. The Essel Nasaka Purifier has an input voltage power requirement of 220 V. The operating voltage requirement for this appliance is 24 V.

    You can wall-mount this appliance to save space in your kitchen. The Minjet 12 has Ultrafiltration process of filtering that uses hollow fibre membrane having tiny pores, which is effective in removing colloids, bacteria pyrogens and other organic molecules. The UV Filtration method is a special feature which allows the water to pass through a high grade glass without contacting any metal. The Ultra-Violent rays make sure that the bacteria and microbes are filtered and give you pure water. The Essel Nasaka water purifier uses a unique Minjet technology to replenish essential and beneficial minerals in water.


    The Oval shape of this Essel Nasaka Minjet 12 water purifier makes it even more attractive and will match your kitchen interiors. The opaque cover of this appliance gives a shiny finish for the body. The Essel Nasaka water purifier has a Mineral Cartridge which retains minerals in the water and prevents proliferation of bacteria in the appliance. This water purifier from Essel Nasaka comes with Magnetic Softener, which, through magnetic fields, alters the structure of hard water scale, resulting in descaling. Magnetic softeners work hand in hand with RO, UF and UV technologies to deliver water that is natural, reliable and safe to consume.

    This appliance by Essel Nasaka is made of ABS Food Grade plastic which ensures healthy and pure drinking water for your children. The Reverse Osmosis membrane in this water purifier allows water to go through a high concentration process that removes different types of molecules and ions. There are different types of filters such as Antiscalant, PP Filter, Sediment and Activated Carbon filters which all play a very important role in purifying water for you.

    The Antiscalant filter in this Minjet 12 appliance helps remove scaling and inorganic fouling from the water. This filter reduces the need to clean the membrane often, thus enhancing the performance of the water purifier. The pores in the Sediment filter are so small that they don't allow even the minute particles to enter. The Essel Nasaka Minjet 12 has Post Carbon filter which is known as a polisher and enhances the taste of water.

    The Nano Silver technology purification in this Essel Nasaka Minjet water purifier uses active silver particles to convert harmful pesticides into harmless amorphous carbon. This type of purification reduces bacterial and fungal growth in the storage tank and gives you pure water for a long time. The Essel Nasaka water purifier fits into your kitchen easily with its 280 x 548 x 445 mm and weighs 10 kg.


    The TDS support in this elegant filter purifies water with TDS up to 2000 ppm. The presence of TDS or total dissolved solids makes the water impure and unfit for drinking. The TDS Controller in this purifier reduces the impurities up to 90 per cent to deliver safer drinking water. This ergonomically crafted water filter by Essel Nasaka purifies all kinds of water such as bore-well water, sea water and tap water making it safe to drink for you and your family.

    Convenience Features

    The Water Level Indicator in this Essel Nasaka purifier is a convenient feature that indicates the water levels in the storage tank. The Essel Nasaka Minjet 12 water purifier has a UV fail alarm which is audible and the appliance stops functioning until the UV lamp is changed. The Essel Nasaka Minjet water purifier features Automatic Water Level Sensor which monitors the flow of water during the filtration stage. This feature makes sure the water is always pure and maintains the level of water in the tank. The Auto Flush Valve in this Minjet 12 is a specially designed feature which has a built in timer which flushes out the impurities in the membrane and enhances the life of the appliance.


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    • Model Name
      • Minjet 12
    • Total Capacity
      • 13 L
    • Purifying Technology
      • RO + UV
    • In The Box
      • Pre Filter, Instruction Manual
    • Power Requirement
      • 220 V, 50 Hz
    • Operating Voltage
      • 24 V
    • Electrical Type
      • Electrical
    • Purification Features
      • RO + UV
    Product Details
    • Filter Type
      • Antiscalant, PP Filter, Magnetic Softener, Sediment, Activated Carbon, UF, Nano Silver
    • Membrane Type
      • RO Membrane
    • Indicators
      • Water Level
    • Other Body Features
      • Oval Shape
    • Alarms
      • UV Fail Alarm
    • Other Convenience Features
      • Auto Flushing, Automatic Water Level Sensor for On and Off, Suitable for Any Source of Feed Water
    • Other Features
      • RO Membrane 1812 - 75GPD, 11 W UV Lamp, Food Grade (FDA Compliant) ABS, 90 Percent TDS Reduction, Mineral Enrichment Cartridge, 0.3 Kg/cm2 Inlet Water Pressure
    Performance Features
    • Installation Type
      • Wall Mount
    • Purification Stages
      • 12
    • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Levels
      • 2000 ppm
    • Water Flow Rate
      • 0.25 L/min
    • Width
      • 28 cm
    • Height
      • 54.8 cm
    • Weight
      • 10 kg
    • Warranty Summary
      • 3 Years on the product from the date of purchase
    • Warranty Service Type
      • The concerned authorized service center will advise the customer whether to effect the repairs at site or at the authorized service center
    • Covered in Warranty
      • Warranty comprises of a 3 year warranty on all membrane and pumps, filter has warranty of six months only
    • Not Covered in Warranty
      • Consumables which are subject to normal wear and tear in course of use are not covered in warranty
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    2 Reviews
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    Good device timely installation

    I have been using the Nasaka Minjet 12 for about 6 months now. This is my first time with RO so I don't have a point of comparison.

    The Nasaka just like some competitors has some "magic" purification stages like one involving passing water through magnets (umm... okay?), but the rest of it is great and works fine. Installation and product usage description etc were good. It was a very hard choice between this and the Kent RO water purifiers. I have forgotten, but eventually I chose the Nasak...

    Aditya Dalmia

    Certified Buyer

    17 Jan, 2013

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    Essel Nasaka Minjet 12 Water Purifier

    Good RO , better than any RO in the market. Excellent service and quality. If you compare this with kent it is a better option to choose from both. Value for money and looks good when installed in your Kitchen.

    Ankit Yadav

    Certified Buyer

    20 Nov, 2012

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