Nebador Book Six: Star Station: (Global Edition)

Nebador Book Six: Star Station: (Global Edition)  (English, Paperback, Rachael Hedges, J. Z. Colby, Karen Buchanan)

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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Nebador Archives
  • ISBN: 9781936253531, 1936253534
  • Edition: 2012
  • Pages: 196
NEBADOR - the incredible journey of five young adults from poverty and oppression to respected citizenship in the wide universe ... Stepping into a new civilization can be very challenging, especially when very few of your new friends look anything like you. Trouble awaits in every hall and balcony of the star station, and each misunderstanding could get you a one-way ticket home. - Mati, one decision away from walking again, isn't sure she wants to - the price, for both her and Rini, is unexpectedly high. Kibi fails a test of the heart - to fix it, she must set her feet on a path she's not sure she'll survive. Sata and Boro stand beside their friends, but sometimes regret it. Ilika watches it all, wishing he could hide on some backward little planet. But occasionally, everyone needs to come home. - Although the adventure continues, BOOK SIX: STAR STATION concludes Trilogy Two, and is the final book of the essential NEBADOR saga. These stories are filled with wit-sharpening and skill-honing challenges - mental, emotional, and spiritual - for both the characters and the reader. It is truly a grand adventure in which the characters come to understand a beloved saying of the Nebador Transport Service: Personal power is the ability to stand on your own two feet, with a smile on your face, in the middle of a universe that contains a million ways to crush you. - This book includes the short story Neti's Temptation by Karen Buchanan, winner of the 2011-12 Nebador Writing Contest. - This is the PAPERBACK GLOBAL edition in 10-point type.
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Publication Year
  • 2012
  • J. Z. Colby, Karen Buchanan
  • 6.00 inch
  • 0.45 inch
  • 295 g
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Best in the series

This book is one of the very best in the series. The big story of course here, is Mati's surgery, once they reach the star-station Satamia. Mati has come a long way from being a slave to a pilot of a deep space response ship, yet she has to struggle to come to terms with being operated upon by the best surgeon who happens to be a giant insect. Her past fears also hold her back and the purple spirit being has to link her thoughts with Rini's. Mati survives the surgery, learns to trust, learns ...

Lubna K

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19 Sep, 2012

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