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Whether you’re looking for bib chains & necklaces, chokers, collar necklaces, pearl or operas, our collection of necklaces and chains is home to the whole package. From traditional, bridal, sober to opulent, you will find dozens in each kind. A multicoloured string necklace looks beautiful with a saree. A simple silver chain can give your corporate look a refreshing twist. A gold-plated chain with a pendant looks utterly feminine. Complete your ensemble with necklaces and chains from brands such as Sukkhi, Zeneme, Zaveri Pearls, Divastri, Voylla, Fashion Frill, Styylo Jewels and much more at irresistible rates. Compare specs and prices and read customer reviews to make the best pick!

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Necklaces and Chains: Exquisite, Elegant and Stunning Jewellery

If you love rom-coms or romantic movies, then you know what necklaces and chains are capable of doing. From the Heart of the Ocean Pendant from Titanic to the ruby and diamond necklace from Pretty Woman, a perfect necklace or chain hugging a slender neck can make most women look gorgeous, stunning, and classy. You can wear a different chain every day of the week or make any attire look glamorous by teaming it up with a lovely necklace. There are various styles and designs of chains and necklaces jewellery that are apt for different occasions and complements different attires. From buying a funky necklace for your college freshers’ party to gifting a gold chains to your mother on the Mother’s Day, you can always find a necklace or chain to buy, gift, or to just add to your collection. 

In fact, on many occasions, chains and necklaces are an essential jewellery for many. Especially during weddings, for many brides, it is mandatory to wear traditional chains and necklaces, along with other contemporary chains and neckpieces. If you like lazing around on your bed or couch on weekends, then you can probably spend hours checking out necklaces and chains online. On online shopping sites, there are many brands, such as Divastri, Sukkhi, Yellow Chimes, and A to Z Lifestyle, that sell a wide range of this lovely jewellery. From buying a single necklace online to finding necklaces sets online, you can find and buy any type, style, and design of necklaces and chains as you please. There are chains and necklaces with ethnic designs, tribal designs, contemporary designs, and minimalist design, among others. You can choose your jewellery as per your dress, occasion, or your personal style quotient. So, getting your hands on necklaces and chains may be an easy task, however, buying the right ones and styling them correctly can be tricky. 

Keep reading to know more about various styles, designs, and types of necklaces and chains, and how to use them to enhance your everyday look. 

All You Need to Know About Necklaces for Women

Women’s necklaces are grand jewellery that are available in different sizes, and they are hard to define in words. It can be as simple as a choker or as grand as a multiple layered jewellery. You can buy necklaces of all types and all kinds for yourself or to gift to someone. Available in both artificial and precious jewellery , there are necklaces for casual and formal occasions. For example, fancy chokers look good with off shoulder dresses , whereas a layered necklace can complement your maxi dresses . And, with sarees or ethnic wear, coin necklaces can look gorgeous. To sum it up, you can buy various types of necklaces for your whole wardrobe, and also for different occasions. 

Below are the types and styles of artificial necklaces that you can buy online:

Types and Styles of Necklaces for Women

There are chokers, statement necklaces, metal chain necklaces, long chains with pendants, layered necklaces, antique necklaces, etc. Also, you can buy oxidised silver jewellery , American diamond jewellery, artificial temple jewellery, studded jewellery, and even Bohemian necklaces for a mystical look. There are also pearl jewellery and bridal look necklaces to look angelic on your special days. Jewellery is an accessory that you can not get enough of, and there are so many varieties of necklaces that you will be spoilt for choices. And, on online shopping sites, you can buy the necklaces for discounted prices which mean you can create your own collection of this jewellery. Also, you can buy matching earrings, finger rings, or bangles to complete your festive, ethnic, or wedding look. 

Attractive Colours of Women’s Necklaces

One of the most attractive charms of artificial jewellery is that they mostly available in many vibrant shades. So, you can match your jewellery with the colour of your garments, make-up, or the theme of any party. You can get yourself a beige, black, blue, white, green, red, pink, purple, or a copper colour necklace. If you are buying a dress for some special occasion then you can match your accessories and jewellery with it. 

Materials of Necklaces for Women

Gone are the days when you had to shell out a lot of money to buy or gift a gorgeous necklace. Now, there are so many lovely and beautiful jewellery made of different materials. When it comes to necklaces also, there are various materials used for making them, such as alloy, acrylic, aluminium, bone, brass, bronze, ceramic, etc. If you want you can go for gold necklaces as well. You can choose the metal as per your dress. For example, with western dresses, you can opt for any material you wish, but with ethnic dresses, you should go for metal-made necklaces. There are also multi-coloured fabric necklaces that you can wear with your Bohemian dresses. 

Gemstone-studded Necklaces 

If you want to feel special, then you can also check out gemstone-studded necklaces. The stunning shades of different gemstones further add a lovely glow to the jewellery and to your personality. When it comes to gemstones, you can choose from amber, amethyst, aquamarine, agate, alexandrite, emerald, coral, and even diamond-studded necklaces. You can wear a precious or semi-precious gemstone-studded necklace to any evening occasion and be the star of the event. You can team-up your necklace with a grand ethnic attire or keep it simple yet classy with a maxi dress or gown. 

Chains: A Delicate Piece of Jewellery to Manifest Your Femininity

The chain is a lovely piece of minimal jewellery that you can wear almost every day of your life. They are slim, lays gracefully on the neck, and you can wear it to your workplace, college, while going out with your best friend for a cup of coffee, or even while chilling with your parents. In fact, there are chains for men as well. It is one of the few jewellery for men that is widely popular among many. Chains suit all occasions, genders, and even kids can wear them. You can also gift chains as a gift to your beloved, mother, sister, niece, nephew, friends or anyone who is near and dear to you. In fact, a chain with a cute pendant is one of the first gifts you can give to your girlfriend or boyfriend. 

Below are the styles, designs, and more information about chains for men and women:

Designs of Chains

Chains are basically connected links, and though they look simple, yet they are quite exquisite. When it comes to designs, it is the connected links that are crafted differently to make the chains look different from one another. You can buy chains online of different sizes and shapes. Also, chains for men are bulkier as compared to chains for women that are more sleek and delicate. In a women’s jewellery box, chains are essential. In fact, a mangalsutra chain is a must for married women in many cultures across India. And, gold chains are often viewed as a good investment of money. You can also personalise a chain by wearing pendants with it. Also, you can use multiple pendants with your chain to complement your mood every day. 

Materials of Chains 

There are varieties of chains available online that are made of different materials. Brass, alloy, acrylic, bronze, silver, gold, and plastic, are among many metals that are used for making chains for men and women. So, you can own as many chains as you want, and also gift different chains to different people. 

Colours of Chains 

Chains are also available in different shades, such as copper, gold, silver, and brown, among others. You can buy a plain chain, a rudraksha mala, a beaded chain, a multi-layered chain, and so on. You can find any chain as per your preference and like. The beaded chains are also available in vibrant multiple colours, and you can team them up with tops, dresses, kurtas, and kurtis of different colours. The beaded chains also look cute on baby girls. In fact, you can choose chains for women, men, girls, boys, baby girls, and baby boys on online shopping sites. On e-stores, you can check out a wide collection of jewellery including necklaces and chains, and take your time to make a buying decision. 

Buy Chains as Gifts

Imagine, your loved one is in his/her workspace or at home, and suddenly he/she receives a package from an online shopping site. They open the package and there is a lovely chain for them. Now, imagine the smile on his/her face. Or, you can just wrap a lovely chain on your girlfriend’s neck when she is least expecting it. In short, you can surprise your loved ones by gifting them a chain bought online. This can be a memorable gift for your loved one which they can cherish for a long time. 

Online Shopping of Necklaces & Chains

On online shopping sites, you get to check out as many necklaces and chains as you want. Also, find matching earrings, bangles, and other jewellery for your necklace and chain. There are also user reviews and ratings on e-stores to make a well-informed buying decision. 

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