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    Necklaces & Chains Price List

    Necklaces & ChainsPRICE
    Jewels Galaxy Rudraksha Mala Copper ChainRs. 399
    Saizen CH103 Rudraksha Mala for Unisex 24K Yellow Gold Plated Stainless Steel ChainRs. 369
    Sansar India Oxidized Silver Plated Coins Silver Plated Alloy ChokerRs. 449
    Magic 22K Yellow Gold Plated Brass ChainRs. 489
    Diana Korr Silver Plated Alloy NecklaceRs. 699
    Saizen CH164 Rudraksh mala for Unisex 22K Yellow Gold Plated Stainless Steel ChainRs. 396
    Chemistry Metal NecklaceRs. 799
    Ayesha Metal ChainRs. 449
    Diana Korr DKJ-N58 Crystal Alloy NecklaceRs. 824
    Chemistry Metal NecklaceRs. 799
    This data was last updated on 2017/08/17

    Buy Necklaces & Chains Online At Flipkart

    If statement earrings and rings are not enough to boost your style, then you need to consider necklaces. Statement neckpieces enhance your overall look and give your fashion sense a boost. So wait no more. Log on to your favourite e-store and buy necklaces online. With online shopping, you won’t be limited to options or choices as you can choose from a wide collection of necklaces from all brands.

    To ensure you pick the best necklaces, we have come up with a small guide. Follow these things to buy the best necklaces online:

    In-vogue Designs - It’s not easy to keep up with the ever-changing jewelry trends. To keep you up-to-date, we have compiled some of the must-have necklaces. Chokers, bib necklaces, multi-layered necklaces, pendant necklaces and simple chains are some of the must-haves.

    What’s the Occasion? - The first thing you need to be clear on while buying a necklace is where you will wear it to? If you are looking for a necklace to wear for your bestie’s wedding, then make sure you pick MoKanc necklace set or Sewad alloy necklaces. These brands add unmatched elegance and class to any outfit. If you’re looking for necklaces or chains to wear to work, then make sure you pick simple gold-plated chains or funky metal necklaces. For everyday wear, make sure you pick elegant silver chains from Shiyara Jewells.

    Experiment with Color  - You can’t wear any necklace with any dress. The necklace your buy should complement your dress as well as you. For weddings, you would go a little overboard and buy gold necklaces. For everyday wear, you could keep it simple with silver necklaces or experiment with different colors like blue or bronze.

    Material  - We’re sure you are not planning to buy a necklace to wear it once or twice. It’s a statement piece you would want to keep with you for a good number of months. So make sure you pick necklaces that are durable and are crafted from quality materials. You could choose acrylic necklaces to add some fun to your wardrobe, bronze jewellery sets for special occasions, gold necklaces for weddings, silver chains for workwear, and fabric necklaces for fun outings.

    Gemstones for Opulence - You could either pick simple necklaces or pick those studded with gemstones. If you want necklaces with gemstones, then make sure you pick jewel sets from Senecio. 

    Buy Fashion Necklaces Online 

    Necklaces have been ruling the wearable accessories category since ancient times. The tryst with necklaces began with shells, teeth, coral, seeds, wood and stones, which gave way to heavy metallic ones worn by tribal women, to unveil the modern and chic ones to satiate the fashion taste of contemporary women. Thanks to the jewellery designers of the modern world, necklaces are not just pieces of jewellery, but they are crafted to reflect your personality and individualistic style statement. So it’s inevitable that you need to choose these ornaments by paying attention to each and every detail of the design before investing in them.

    Length of Necklaces

    There are several types of necklaces which differ in terms of their length. And if you are wondering why the length of the necklace plays an important role, you need to know what will suit you the best.

    Collar – This length suit outfits with crew necklines.

    Choker – This length is great if you are wearing a tube dress or an off-shouldered one.

    Princess – This style looks great with V-neck dresses, and helps you bring out a girly look.

    Matinee – This length is quite versatile, and goes well with round-neck tops and jumpsuits.

    Opera – Like matinee, this length also complements a variety of outfits. Just make sure they are not V-necks, and you are good to go.

    Rope – If turtle-neck tee shirts are your first love, then you ought to have at least one rope necklace to complement your look.

    Style and design of necklaces sets

    If you want a necklace to wear every day, then go for a small pendant with a thin chain to keep yourself at ease, while you immerse yourself in day-to-day activities. You can either go for a classic pendant like a star, a heart or a stone, or you can also experiment with quirky shapes to suit your contemporary aura. For instance, if you are wearing an asymmetrical dress, then an unconventional design will definitely grab a lot of good attention. If you are wearing a button down shirt, then wearing a slim pendant will give you the desired effect. As boat neck outfits look attractive and have always been in trend, you can pair them up with opera and rope necklaces to highlight your bare neck in a beautiful way. If square necklines keep you comfortable and stylish, then pendants which have an edgy finish will definitely be a good idea to pep up your overall look.


    If a wedding party awaits you, then choose gorgeous and slightly heavy necklaces to make dressing up a grand affair. But, if you want to wear them with dresses, skirts, jumpsuits or tops, then quirky necklaces with unconventional designs will definitely keep your style quotient high. If junk jewellery best reflects your style statement, then go for tarnished ones with a rustic touch. You can either choose necklaces which are made of precious metals if you want durability, or go for artificial ones if you prefer fashion over durability. Whether it is gemstones, beads or charms, online shopping allows you to buy necklaces without having to go to the store. So choose necklaces that would go with your outfits and personality, and flaunt a new look every day.

    Buy Necklaces Online

    So make sure your jewellery box has all these necklaces and more. Buy necklaces online to experience a hassle-free shopping experience. Shopping for jewellery online is easy as you can sit in the comfort of your house, browse through the different styles of jewellery, and pick the best ones. That’s not it, you can also avail benefits like fast delivery, safe payment options, and friendly return policies.

    Chains on Different Occasions

    Many a time, you end up buying pretty-looking pendants whenever you come across one, only to realise that you don’t have a chain to put them in. If you are one of them, we have the perfect solution for you. All you have to do is buy chains online, and you are good to go. Make sure that it suits the pendant you have, and you will have the perfect necklace in place. And with varieties of jewellery available online, you will be tempted to choose at least one, and upgrade your jewellery collection.

    Types of chains

    There are different types of chains available online. In order to make things easier for you, we have listed them out:
    Anchor – A popular choice when it comes to choosing a chain, this looks stylish, and will give your pendant the intended look.

    Bead or ball – This chain comprises round beads linked to each other with a tiny space in between, making them a great choice for contemporary-looking jewellery.

    Box – This chain uses square links to make it sturdy and stylish. If you are looking for a chain that would complement your charm pendant, then this one is a good idea.

    Cable – For a simple necklace or a pendant, a cable chain with round or oval links will definitely jazz up your look.

    Figaro – The beauty of a Figaro chain lies in its flattened and unsystematic links, which makes it a nice accessory to add to your jewellery collection.

    Rope – Oval links strung together in a spiral design make rope chains quite versatile, as both men and women are bound to love them.

    Snake – With round and wavy links strung to look like a metal plate, this chain is quite flexible and has a nice look to it.

    Length of Chains
    When it comes to choosing the length of the chain, you need to consider the size of your pendants, and what will look good on you. Whether you want a princess, matinee, or an opera chain, you need to make sure that the pendant will complement it to the hilt. Else, there are high chances that the look is going to backfire.

    Some of the popular materials which are used to make chains are acrylic, alloy, brass, bronze, gold, aluminium, copper, enamel, fabric, crystal, mother of pearl, silver, stainless steel, and sterling silver. If you have a precious pendant that needs a chain, then go for one that is made from a precious metal to enhance its appeal. If you have a pendant that is handcrafted, and looks more like a piece of junk jewellery, you can experiment with a fabric long chain, and own the look.

    Online shopping for chains
    You can now buy chains online from popular brands like 925 Silver, A Bit Of Me, 99HomeMart, Abhi Jewels, AccessHer, Achal, Adwitiya Collection, Aksha, Alpasara Jewells, Alysa, Amogh, Anouk, Anvi Jewellers, Ayesha Fashion, Bajya, BeBold, Beeline, and BGS. Choose or or more that meets your requirements in terms of the design, material, colour, and price, and styling your pretty pendants won’t be a hassle anymore.

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