Neclife NL 50D Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

    Neclife NL 50D Fingertip Pulse Oximeter  (Blue)

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    • Fingertip Oximeter
    • Ideal for Adults and Pediatric
    • AAA Batteries

      To keep a tab on the normal flow and functionality of oxygen content in your blood and body, you could use the Neclife NL 50D fingertip pulse oximeter as this device effectively detects and measures not only the consistency of oxygen saturation in your blood, but the pulse rates as well.  This Neclife NL 50D is a fingertip pulse oximeter, which can be clipped onto your finger, preferably the index finger for the light sensors in the device to accurately and quickly sense and measure the saturated oxygen in your blood.

      Utilized for wide application in clinics, hospitals, social medical organizations and ideal to be added to your first aid kit, this fingertip pulse oximeter from Neclife operates with efficacy, therefore reliable for diagnosing respiratory problems, heart problems and hypoxia. Hypoxia generally occurs when the oxygen content in your body drops below normal levels.


      Developed to enhance patient care, this Neclife NL 50D fingertip pulse oximeter is designed to provide comfortable and easy operation. This fingertip pulse oximeter comes packed in a compact and small body, permitting enhanced portability. You can carry this medical device with you even if you are on the go. Equipped with a small display integrated in the device, this Neclife NL 50D pulse oximeter efficiently shows your pulse rates and blood saturated oxygen levels in units of BPM and Spo2 respectively.


      Apart from performing efficiently by delivering accurate and reliable measurement readings, the Neclife NL 50D is also sturdy and durable. Unlike conventional methods, this Neclife monitor is convenient as it employs a non-invasive method and a safe procedure by using light-emitting diodes to detect the oxygen content in your blood. The measuring procedure is simple and easy. All you have to do is place your fingers between the clip-ons in the device and press the button for your measurement process to start.

      The Neclife pulse oximeter emits light that passes through the sensors of your skin, which in turn measures the oxygen saturation or hemoglobin in your blood. To deliver accurate readings of the oxygen saturation levels in your blood, two types of lights comprising of red and infrared are emitted, wherein the oxygenated blood absorbs the wavelength of the red light and the deoxygenated blood absorbs the wavelength of the infrared light.

      Since the oxygenated and deoxygenated blood absorbs different light wavelengths, the device functions to find the ratio between the two and gives you the relative measurement, thereby delivering an accurate estimate of your blood oxygen saturation. In order to function smoothly, the Neclife NL 50D runs on 2 AAA batteries.

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      In The Box
      • Sales Package
        • Oximeter, 2 AAA Batteries, Ribbon Cable
      General Features
      • Type
        • Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
      • Ideal For
        • Adults, Pediatric
      • Readings Displayed
        • Saturation Oxygen, Pulse Rates
      • Power Supply
        • 2 AAA Battery
      Additional Features
        • Compact Body, Reliable and Durable, Portable, 100% Accuracy for Oxygen Saturation and Pulse Rate, Instant Use for Indoor or Outdoor Patient, Can View Oxygen Saturation and Pulse Rate in Different Directions, Plathismograph and Numeric Display, Used with 2 AAA Size Batteries
      • Service Type
        • Carry In
      • Not Covered in Warranty
        • No Damage Warranty
      • Covered in Warranty
        • Parts and Labor
      • Domestic Term
        • 6 Months
      • Warranty Type
        • Manufacturer's Warranty
      Ratings and Reviews
      5 Ratings &
      2 Reviews
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      Neclife NL 50D Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

      Working in the health care industry , having this tiny piece of an amazing technology slung around your neck, ever ready for bedside use- priceless....
      Do not be fooled by the tiny size..
      Very Handy and correct in the sensing...

      Cons: Lacks alarms for low saturation or high heart rate..

      Deepak Rath

      Certified Buyer

      16 Dec, 2012

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      Neclife NL 50D Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

      Pros: Very accurate
      Comes in an oversized plastic case not advertised
      Competitive pricing

      Does not have low battery indicator
      Would recomend this product

      Flipkarts delivery was as usual incredible

      Farrokh Nemazie

      Certified Buyer

      30 Jul, 2012

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