Neil Must Die


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  • Publisher: Blackbuck Publication
  • ISBN: 9781628400700, 1628400706
When his brother's newly-wedded young wife, Tuli, falls in love with Neil, it is considered blasphemy in the conservative Bengali household. With his own emotions and sense of justice congesting him, Neil decides to run off from the cataclysm. Aimless, rootless, he is soon drawn into untoward methods of survival and self-destruction. But then he learns that Tuli is expecting his child. This is when Neil decides to turn around and take life by the throat And then, life decides to slip out his hands and Gods decide Neil must die.
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  • Kaberi Chatterjee is a journalist-turned-author-turned teacher, born in India and grew up in a stately house under a conservative joint family system. She spent most of her childhood lost in her mysterious, huge house. Her imagination was fueled from here and she began writing poems and stories from the age of six. Born a Hindu and a Bengali, Kaberi attended an English medium Christian school where she grew up in learning about Christianity, singing hymns and carols. Kaberi grew up becoming a humanitarian by religion and spiritual by belief. As she blossomed into a young girl, she saw life's realities and got deeply affected with the extent of poverty, hunger, unhappiness, corruption and hypocrisy around her. Soon she realized it was very difficult for a young mind to adopt a definite path of righteousness under these circumstances. Her own pain tortured her. Escapism was the sole resort. These thoughts gave birth to Neil and she wrote Neil Must Die.
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A great Book...

Finished reading the book today...
I was literally glued to it..
One can actually relate to it..n feel what neil or tuli felt deep inside..

Its like a movie going on infront..
In short- A great book..:)

Ankita Biswas

Aug, 2013

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