Netgear WN1000RP Wi-Fi Booster for Mobile

    Netgear WN1000RP Wi-Fi Booster for Mobile

    Netgear WN1000RP Wi-Fi Booster for Mobile

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    • Type: Range Extenders/Repeaters
    • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
    • Internal Antenna
    • 2 Years Carry In Domestic Warranty
    • 10 Days Replacement Policy
    2 Years Carry In Domestic Warranty

    Netgear products are extensively used mainly at home and at times, the office as well. They can be employed to boost the WiFi signal that would otherwise be quite weak without an external amplifier.

    The Netgear WiFi Booster is well suited for Mobile devices and provides an extended coverage at home for areas that are not otherwise accessible for WiFi signals. The Netgear Amplifier helps in extending and strengthening the reach of the base signal or in other words, the existing WiFi signal. This will certainly help in providing an improved wireless experience on iPads, iPhones and Android devices.

    It is possible to use the Netgear WiFi Booster for Mobile to ramp up your signal so that you can even get access to it around the house and not just within it. The device is best suited for all kinds of mobile devices, like iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, Android Phones and other smartphones as well, like the Windows based Nokia phones. Even Netbooks and other laptops can be connected with the Netgear Booster.

    The use of the Netgear will be a positive step for those who wish to reduce their mobile data bill. With the extended WiFi connectivity brought forth by the Netgear Booster, you can always switch from expensive mobile data, to the cheaper home based WiFi network. The Booster will also ensure that there are fewer dead zones in the WiFi network present in the house premises. The Booster allows for superior security as well, working with all security standards including WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, mixed mode and WEP.

    The system comes with an Easy Install option, where you do not need the use of a CD or complicated install options. The easy to use Push ‘N’ Connect feature uses the WiFi Protected Setup. This allows for a quick and hassle free secure connection. The universal compatibility of the device also allows you to connect it through signals received from almost any router. These can be from Belkin, Linksys, D-Link, AT&T, 2Wire, Verizon, EarthLink or NETGEAR as well. The Netgear Green features and initiatives include the power button designed to save power, and it also comes in a Recycled Package.

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    • Type
      • Range Extenders/Repeaters
    • Installation Features
      • CD-less Installation, Push N Connect Using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
    • Model
      • WN1000RP
    • Part Number
      • WN1000RP
    • Controls
      • Push N Connect Button, Power On/Off Button
    • In The Box
      • Wi-Fi Booster for Mobile (WN1000RP), Installation Guide
    • LED Indicator
      • On/Off Status of Extender, Connection Status Between Router/Gateway and Extender, Connection Status Between Extender and PC
    • Supported Software
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0, Firefox 2.0, Google Chrome, Safari 1.4
    • Brand
      • Netgear
    System Requirements
    • Operating System
      • Mac OS, Android
    Supported Protocols
    • Standard IEEE
      • IEEE 802.11b/g/n
    Network Features
    • Frequency
      • 2.4 GHz
    • Frequency Band
      • Single Band
    • LAN/WAN
      • 10/100
    • Antennae
      • Internal
    • Number of LAN ports
      • 1
    • Number of USB Ports
      • 0
    • Number of Antennae
      • 1
    • Antennae Capacity
      • 2 dBi PIFA Antenna
    • Encryption
      • Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA/WPA2-PSK), WEP
    Additional Features
    • Certification
      • RoHS, CEC (California Efficiency), WEEE
    • Height
      • 34 mm
    • Width
      • 67 mm
    • Depth
      • 55 mm
    • Weight
      • 100 g
    • Service Type
      • If There is Any Technical Issue with the Products Kindly Contact the Service Center of the Concerned Brands
    • Warranty Type
      • Carry-In .Support Toll Free Number - 1800-419-4543 . Email Id -
    • Covered in Warranty
      • Manufacturing Defects
    • Domestic Term
      • 2 Years
    • Not Covered in Warranty
      • Physical damage and burn out cases are not entitled for warranty
    • Warranty Summary
      • 2 Years Carry In Domestic Warranty
    Ratings and Reviews
    423 Ratings &
    98 Reviews
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    Keeps my mother quiet

    My mother happened to sit in the one place at home which was a WiFi Dead Spot.

    I used this, and the deadspot was gone. It's great when products do exactly what they say they do. No more, no less.

    My mother receives full wifi range in her spot and she can continue filling her iPad with all the disgusting spyware and malware in the world.

    Jokes apart, The Netgear WN1000RP is a great wifi booster. Easy Setup.

    Aniket Rao

    Certified Buyer

    20 Mar, 2014

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    Netgear WN1000RP

    i am living in large house and i have my router in my room but the signal is very poor and it is not coming in living room. I ordered it on 12/09/2013 and got delivered it on 14/09/2013.
    coming to the device it is nicely packed and it is easy to setup. just plug it into the socket and turn on. in the system just connect to netgear_ext and open the browser and go to and the device scans the list of networks, select and connect to the network and enter the security code and i...


    Certified Buyer

    14 Sep, 2013

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    Working Well. Satisfied with purchase

    I purchased it because I had weak signal in my bedroom. The booster served the purpose and gives good Wi-Fi connectivity. Do note that the connection speed of the booster is slower than the router. I have 16Mbps connection. The router gives 16Mbps consistently on But the booster gives only 7Mbps consistently. Netgear clearly states in the documentation that speed of the booster will be much lower than the router. But nevertheless, it fulfills my speed needs for office video/aud...

    Debasish Chatterjee

    Certified Buyer

    20 Dec, 2013

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    a piece of junk

    I bought this product to get wifi signal in my bedroom. However the signal strength is nothing to write home about.It seems to be a dummy box which netgear is trying to sell as a booster. Even after expressing to the flipkart team and the vendor that the product does not perform as stated I was denied exchange or refund.

    In short avoid buying this product. Does not work even in small houses of Mumbai, forget any other city with bigger areas.

    ankur sharma

    Certified Buyer

    25 Jul, 2014

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    Good but ....

    Its good and works well but loses the settings which is a pain to setup once again. So I can recommend it but not like "go for it without thinking". A market research on other models would be better.

    Bhaskar Rac

    Certified Buyer

    30 Dec, 2013

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    Pathetic Product

    1.Barely connects to the Wi-Fi network, even though it's just in the next room.

    2. Has very low transmission range.

    3. WPS does not work, had to do a manual installation.

    Total waste of a better router instead!!

    Aniket Raje

    Certified Buyer

    30 Jan, 2014

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    WORST product,Instead go for Wifi Router

    This product is worst than i thought. It cannot catch the signal from the neighbor room.
    Instead use wifi router ,it also work as a Wifi repeater.
    When i am standing in front of this booster it shows only one bar in my mobile.


    Certified Buyer

    31 Jul, 2015

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    Very usefull and best option to select this product.

    I'm having wifi router in ground floor and i need to use wifi in first floor.
    Existing wifi range is very poor, so bought this product after seing many review and really working great and now my wifi range is very very good in entire first floor.

    Kharteek Potta

    Certified Buyer

    26 Jun, 2015

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    Serves the purpose but with hassles

    The good points were that it was very easy to set up. The instructions that came with the package were self-sufficient for an easy set up.
    On the flip side, it loses primary connectivity ever so often and needs to be reset. Given this problem, the devices in the far rooms are often disconnected and the booster needs to be reset. I found the usefulness average.

    Sridhar Marella

    Certified Buyer

    26 Jan, 2015

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    Four Stars

    Product is awesome. Same as picture. Speed post thanks to flipkart and seller also.

    Anitha Ajay

    Certified Buyer

    30 Jul, 2017

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    Product Description
    This Wi-Fi booster enhances your Wi-Fiu0027s signal and reach to the furthest corners of your house. Now, you can rest assured that your smartphone wonu0027t stop downloading files when you step out to meet a friend on your porch.
    Boost Wi-Fi

    Use this Wi-Fi booster to keep track of your FB notifications or to stream popular music videos on your smart device even when youu0027re on your terrace or in your backyard.

    Ideal for Mobile

    This device supports smartphones, Android-based tablets, iPods, iPads, e-readers and netbooks.

    Reduce Mobile Data Charges

    Save on your mobile internet bill. This Wi-Fi booster ensures that you get excellent Wi-Fi connectivity even if youu0027re in a room thatu0027s far away from your router. Now, you donu0027t need a 3G or 4G data plan to browse the Internet at home.

    Enhance Existing Equipment

    Youu0027ll get a strong Wi-Fi signal even in the u0027dead spotsu0027 of your house as this Wi-Fi booster enhances your Internet hardware.

    Easy Install

    You just need a web browser to install this Wi-Fi booster. A CD is not required.

    Push u0027Nu0027 Connect

    Use the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) feature to establish a secure wireless network quickly.

    Optimal Coverage

    The LEDs on this device help find the ideal spot in your house for this device so Wi-Fi coverage is optimal.

    Universal Compatibility

    This Wi-Fi booster enhances the signals of most b/g/n Wi-Fi routers that are manufactured by companies like D-Link, Linksys, Belkin, NETGEAR, ATu0026T or Verizon.

    Superior Security

    This device is compliant with most security standards, such as WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, WEP and mixed mode.

    Safe and Secure Payments. Easy returns. 100% Authentic products.
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