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Close your eyes and buy it!

I bought aluminium 64gb model.

1. Screen - best amoeled with perect viewing angles. Sufficiently bright for outdoors.
2. speakers - best!! Crisp clear sound.
3. Imprint -you can se many fingers. You'll forget the lockscreen!!
4. Camera - Good ! Impressive. Keep Auto HDR+ on.
5. Battery - charges from 2% to 100% in less than 120mins! Stays complete day with 30% remaining at night.
6.Free cover is good and its not 100% transparent but you can see nexus logo clearly.
7. Huawei headphones are li...

Pranjal Dhawale

Certified Buyer, Pune

6 Nov, 2015

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The king of Androids.

If you're planning to spend 40k on a smartphone then this should make the top of your list. It checks all the right boxes.
Best phone hands down.

Straight out of the box, this thing screams premium. In hand feel is amazing! I've used HTC One M8 and I feel it offers the best in hand feel and sturdiness. This matches the M8.
The display is just gorgeous, Quad HD Amoled from Samsung punches the colour right in your face! Some might like it, some might not (sRGB mode for the latter)
Camera is to...

Shubham Dhurve

Certified Buyer, Mumbai

5 Nov, 2015

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Hospital Review xD

I received my device in a hospital because I was down with dengue, LOL.
Ive been testing it for a whole day, exactly 24 hours.

1. Doze:
Perfect. Left my phone at around 30% when I went to bed, woke up with 29%. Slept for about 7 hours.
2. Battery:
Okay. On LTE, from 100-30%, gave me around 4 hours of SOT. There were a few times when it was in standby, no Doze because I was moving :/
3. Display:
Equivalent to the Note 5. Great display.
Not sure why the new google play store hasn...

Padma Vishwanath

Certified Buyer, Bangalore

5 Nov, 2015

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Absolutely Perfect!

Got mine today afternoon (Nov 4 2015, silver 32 gb).

First impression: This is the best nexus device. performance, looks, camera etc.. everything as advertised. Definitely a premium device to hold. will turn heads at least for a month. (I will post about the battery and other detailed review in a week).

Update1 (6-Nov-15):
-Battery: Looks promising so far.
-Camera: Amazing in daylight and better than average in low light. 240fps video recording is the one thing to look for.. simple things...

Prashanth Kumar

Certified Buyer, Chennai

4 Nov, 2015

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Wow!!!! Its a monster.

This is the best value for money mobile phone out there. Seriously guys it was worth the wait. Booked it on 14th midnight and received it on 3rd as it was released on 2nd of november. Best phone ever. my initial expressions:
1. Display too good.( super amoled display of samsung ofc...)
2. Nexus imprint fast enough.
3. Front firing speakers loud and clear.
4. Camera just wow.. As it absorbs more light even in low lighting conditions.
5. Snapdragon 810 handles games like a charm.
6. Only thing ...

Sachin Kamte

Certified Buyer, Bangalore

4 Nov, 2015

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Beast has a name.. its Nexus 6P

First things first. I received my phone just within 2 days from Flipkart though I live in a very remote place. I have had issues with Flipkart in the past but not this time. Thanks Flipkart.

That being said, lets move on to the phone itself.

First I thought, Google has made a mistake by associating itself with Huawei. But, fortunately, I am wrong. Huawei has done a remarkable job with design. Nexus has totally revamped itself from the scratch. Full aluminum body gives it a premium ...

Maulik Bhatt

Certified Buyer, Junagadh

26 Nov, 2015

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Excellent Phone, Torturing Customer Support

This is a beast of a phone. Every specification about the phone is brilliant, but just had to let out a word of caution.

The Huawei customer support in India could easily be renamed customer harassment. I dropped my phone accidentally, almost 50 days ago, and the Huawei service people have taken an advance, and as on date, I have absolutely no idea where my phone is or by when I'll get it back.

The phone is perfect, but just go out and buy a new one if you need customer support. It's pract...

Manan Bhandari

Certified Buyer, Indore

17 Mar, 2016

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Masterpiece by Google!

I was very skeptical initially as to whether to purchase this phone after reading the reviews with respect to yellow tint / microphone issues etc. Still, I took the risk of ordering nexus 6P. After actually taking the device in my hand, I can say that it does feel premium and stands up to the hype around 6P! 5.7 inches screen does mean that single-handed usage will be a difficult task for people with average to small palms especially if you are the kind of person who travels in crowded public...

Paramesh Krishnamoorthy

Certified Buyer, Mumbai

25 Nov, 2015

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You can never go wrong with a Nexus. (Aluminium, 32GB)

First and foremost, kudos to Flipkart for their fantastic service in delivering the package. My order was shipped and delivered to me in a span of exactly 24 hours! I received my device on the 4th of November and all contents were packaged neatly in the box. Seriously, great going, Flipkart!

Coming to the phone itself, I was skeptical about pre-ordering the phone because I usually check out reviews of a phone and test it out before going ahead and purchasing. This was a blind buy for me but ...

Freddy Thimmaiah

Certified Buyer, Mysore

5 Nov, 2015

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The best Android phone you can buy for this price

Nexus phones are usually the best Android phones since they are snappy, don't carry the heavy customization (and the bugs, latency) that OEMs make, and get timely security and software upgrades. The only gripe about Nexus phones have been the lack of good looks (subjective, indeed) and poor camera quality. The Nexus 6p combines everything good about pure Android with top notch hardware. Effectively, here is a phone that's better than any other Android phone right now.

This was Huawei's ...

Anand Muralidharan

Certified Buyer, Bangalore

14 Nov, 2015

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