The Old Man and The Nymph

The Old Man and The Nymph  (English, Paperback, Vipin Behari Goyal)

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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Blackbuck Publication
  • ISBN: 9781631026089, 1631026089
  • Edition: 1st, 2014
  • Pages: 193
The book is based on Greek Mythology which describes four types of nymphs. These are the nymphs of water, clouds, plants and underworld. Incarnated as beautiful nubile girls who were full of passions each of them enticed old man to satisfy their sensual desires. They loved to laugh, dance and had fun in breaking the rules of the society of mortals. What happened when the three of them met with Colonel under the same roof ? One of them had escaped from Colonel in her past birth and had gone underworld. What would she do now? A strange story set in Indian context.
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Book Details
Publication Year
  • 2014 February
Book Type
  • Fiction Book
Authored By
  • Vipin Behari Goyal
  • 6 inch
  • 9 inch
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Greek Mythologhy blended into a modern day tale!

Another amazing theme of Vipin Behari Goyal's new novel, The old man and the Nymph. The best thing about his books are first, the titles of the novels are so unique and different, which has a positive point, because it catches the attention of any reader in an instant, secondly, the concepts or the theme on which his novels are based are mostly inspired from mythology or philosophy.

This novel is based on the idea of Greek mythology’s eternal character called Nymph, which are spirits of natu...

Aditi Saha

10 May, 2014

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Greek Mythology Eastern Philosophy

The title itself suggests that it’s unusual read.And I was not disappointed also. Three old men are encountered by four Nymphs.
Greek mythology is inspired by Indian Mythology.Scholars have drawn many parities,but that is not the context of the book.
What I think is the origin of the book lies in Indian Philosophy of Samkhya Darshan,which is the one that deals with origin of life,out of six systems of Indian Philosophy.The ultimate cause of universe is Prakrti which itself is causeless.It c...

Sonam sabbarwal

6 Apr, 2014

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