Omji Publishing's Chicklets

Omji Publishing's Chicklets  (English, Paperback, Omung Goyal, Kundan Vidyarthy, Anupam Dasgupta, Prateek Shukla)

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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Omji Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.
  • ISBN: 9789384028176, 9384028177
  • Edition: 2014
  • Pages: 600
The Angel Love and My Broken Promises

He never loved her but never hated her too. He never cared for her but never ignored too. He never liked the fact that she loved him but at the same time he never wanted to lose a friend like Nidhi.

Then what made them run away from each other?

When jay needed someone very badly, destiny got Nidhi back in his life. She did everything for him without any expectation. And this time Jay tells a lie to her, just to not to hurt her again. He tells "I love you Nidhi" for the first time. He makes a promise to himself to keep the girl happy forever. Will he be able to keep his own promise? Will he ever fall in love with Nidhi? What if Nidhi finds the truth of Jays lie? Will they be together forever? Or, destiny has something else in its black box? The triangle between Jay, Nidhi and destiny. The story of an angel. The angel love.

Oh Life! You've Got to be Kidding Me!

You took me for granted once, later I did the same and now it has become our never ending game.

Life snatched his happiness away when he desired it the most, but granted with it later when he was better off alone. The journey of a kid, who strangled between his estranged parents, to a man struggling to choose between his first love and his crazy infatuation, Eshan survived everything, well almost all of it. Getting away from his infant brother made him decide to leave everyone behind and then he never came back until.

For whom he jeopardises his profession to protect her future, or with whom he absconds to another country to fulfil her bucket list. Who will he choose? Will he meet his brother after half a decade? Will he be able to comprehend the true meaning of happiness?

A tale inscribed to teach you, motivate you, or even to rescue you from the twisted games of life.

Still Waiting

Sunny and Adi were best friends studying in 12th standard of St. Lawrence school, Kolkata. They both did not believe in love. Adis favourite pastime was eating cheese burger while Sunny was an underground hacker. Everything was going fine in their lives "and something happened which attracted nonsensical incidences". A beautiful girl proposed Sunny in front of everyone and disappeared.

Who was the beautiful girl?

Will Sunny be able to find her?

Will this change Sunnys opinion about love?

Read the book to uncover the romantic mystery full of entertaining adventures and some life long lessons.


Vihaan, 32, software professional, divorced. Life had not been the way it should have been. And Vihaan had stopped trying. Mitali, 32, strategy consultant, divorced. Not with standing a plush job and a jet setting career, an acute sense of loneliness stalked her relentlessly. Back in 2004, Vihaan had met Mitali during his MBA summer internship. The meeting was magical-they parted with fond memories of a splendid evening. Life went on and yet every now and then both Vihaan and Mitali wondered what life would have been like had they spent more time together. Eight years later, Vihaan and Mitali meet each other accidentally. Both have had their separate married lives during this time but are now divorced. They share their woes and joys and promise to keep in touch. Over the next few meetings they experience tender moments of love and intimacy and yet they part over a misunderstanding. Destiny though, has other plans. Vihaan and Mitali keep bumping into each other every now and then. But both treat this as a co-incidence and carry on with their lives. Not until they meet again at salsa classes and rediscover something special over a few curious moves! Vihaan has to make a winning move on the big day and not just to flaunt his salsa skills but to make his life a heady mix!
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Book Details
Publication Year
  • 2014
  • Omung Goyal, Kundan Vidyarthy, Prateek Shukla
Authored By
  • Anupam Dasgupta
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