Only This Much (Module - 3)

    Only This Much (Module - 3) (English, Paperback, R Anand, ANS Vijay, M Sundar, Divya Mittal, Tharun Raj)

    Only This Much (Module - 3)  (English, Paperback, R Anand, ANS Vijay, M Sundar, Divya Mittal, Tharun Raj)

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    • Language: English
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Publisher: KW Publisher
    • ISBN: 9789381904169, 9381904162
    • Edition: 2012
    • Pages: 486

      Table of Contents
      Levels of Strategy
      Implementation of Knowledge Management Programme

      Environmental Scanning & Internal Appraisal Analysis
      Economic Environment
      Technological Environment
      Political-Legal Environment
      Socio-Cultural Environment
      Global Environment
      Internal Financial Analysis
      Internal Functional Analysis
      SWOT Analysis
      Gap Analysis
      Strategic Choice Decision
      Planning of Gap
      Impact Analysis
      Value Chain Analysis

      Planning & Formulation
      Goals and Objectives
      Offensive Strategies
      Focus Strategies
      Integration Strategies
      Diversification Types
      Defensive Strategies
      BCG Matrix or Growth-Share Matrix (GSM)
      Life Cycle Analysis
      Selection of Best Alternative Strategy
      Strategic Decision Making
      Focus Areas
      Answers for Fillup
      Answers for Differences

      Implementation & Control
      McKinseys 7-S Framework
      Types of Implementation
      Forms of Organisation Structure
      Procedural Implementation
      Behavioral Implementation
      Functional Implementation
      Strategic Programming
      Procedures or Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs)
      Strategic Control
      Strategic Change Management

      Performance Evaluation
      Financial measures to assess overall Performance of Organization
      Non - Financial Measures to Evaluate Success or Failure of a Strategy

      Risk Management
      Elements of Risk in Business or 10 Ps
      Measurement of Risk and Return
      Management of Business Risks or Enterprise Risk Management (ARM)
      Responsibilities on Risk Management

      Management Information Systems
      Comprehensive Structure of MIS
      Characteristics of ERP
      Internal Control System
      Meaning and Definition of Internal Control

      Internal Control System
      Classification of Internal Control
      Characteristics of Effective Internal Control
      Limitations of Internal Control System
      Techniques of Internal Control
      Audit of Internal Control System

      Objectives for Revision 102
      Case Studies

      Strategic Alliances
      Integrating Alliances into Corporate Strategy
      Cross Cultural Alliances
      Understanding Cross-Cultural Alliances
      Alliances Checklist

      Legal Aspects of FDI, ODI & Agreements
      Current Policy of Foreign Investment:
      Foreign Direct Investment
      FDI in Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise (MSME) as Defined Under MSME Development Act, 2006
      Entry Routes for Foreign Investments
      Project Offices
      General Conditions
      Closure of Offices
      Now This Agreement Witness As Follows

      Objectives for Revision

      International Trade & Treaties
      Basic Concepts & Agreements of WTO
      Three Main Purposes of WTO Agreement
      Philosophy of WTO Agreement
      Voting Under WTO

      GATT Rounds & WTO Ministerials
      2009 Geneva Ministerial
      GATT Goods

      TRIMS Trade Related Investment Measures

      GATS General Agreement on Trade in Services

      TRIPS Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights

      Duties, Investigation, Recommendation & Collection
      The Customs Tariff Act, 1975 & Rules
      The Customs Tariff Act, 1975 read with Customs Tariff
      (Identification & Assessment of SGD) Rules, 1997
      Dumping Per Se Not Actionable
      Legal Framework Of Dumping
      Comparison of Normal Value Vs Export Price
      Margin of Dumping Is Expressed As
      Remedy/ Relief to Domestic Industry
      Domestic Industry
      Procedure for Fixing Antidumping Duty (Add)

      Dispute Settlement Mechanism (DSM)
      How Long to Settle a Dispute?
      Objective Assessment of Case
      Panels Recommendation to DSB
      Appeal & Adoption
      Surveillance and Implementation of Reports
      Conditions for Suspension of Concessions or Other Obligations (Retaliation)

      Regional Trade Agreements (RTA)
      Regional Trade Agreements (RTA) or Regional Trading Blocks
      European Union (EU)
      NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)
      Other Initiatives
      Other Concepts

      Objectives for your Revision

      Advance Tax Law and Practice (ATLP)

      Introduction to Direct and Indirect Tax
      Power to Levy Tax
      How an Act Comes Into Existence?
      Administration of Tax By Executive Organ
      Income Tax Act Vs. Finance Act
      Distribution of Revenue

      Taxable Event Under Excise
      Rate of Duty Under Excise
      Valuation Under Excise

      Concept of CENVAT Credit

      Exemptions Under Excise

      Procedures Under Excise
      Taxable Event Under Customs

      Types of Duties
      Valuation Under Customs
      Procedures Under Customs
      Common Concepts Under Excise and Customs

      Taxation of Companies

      Tax Planning Under Direct Taxes
      Tax Management Under Direct Taxes

      Basics of International Taxation
      Transfer Pricing Regulations

      Advance Ruling

      Tax Planning Under International Taxation
      Taxation of Inbound Transactions
      Taxation of Outbound Transactions

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      Book Details
      • Publication Year
        • 2012
      • Author
        • R Anand, ANS Vijay, M Sundar, Divya Mittal, Tharun Raj
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