Only This Much (Module - 1)

    Only This Much (Module - 1) (English, Paperback, R Ashwin, R Anand, Venkatraman, ANS Vijay, Divya Mittal)

    Only This Much (Module - 1)  (English, Paperback, R Ashwin, R Anand, Venkatraman, ANS Vijay, Divya Mittal)

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    • Language: English
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Publisher: KW Publisher
    • ISBN: 9789381904176, 9381904170
    • Edition: 2012
    • Pages: 444
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    Table of Contents
    E-Certificates by RoC
    List of E-Forms
    E-Form Compliance Chart

    Important Concepts
    Hague Convention
    Defective Forms
    Confirmation of Minutes
    Courts Power to Grant Relief
    Condonation of Delay & Additional Filing Fees
    Investor Complaint Form
    Master Circular on Prosecution of Directors & Company Secretary of the Company
    Pre-Certification by Practising Professionals
    Criteria for Declaring Public Financial Institution (PFI) U/S.4A
    RoCs & Regional Directors
    XBRL Filing

    General Meeting Resolution
    List of Special Resolutions
    Sample Special Resolution for buy-back of Securities of Listed Company
    Procedure for Issue of Debentures with Right of Conversion into Shares
    Situation Clause
    Model letter Giving the Intimation of Proposed Resolution Regarding
    Change of Place of Keeping Register of Members
    Director as Sole Selling / Buying Agent
    Resolutions Under Postal Ballot [Section 192A]
    Conversion of Private or Public Company into Other
    Name Clause
    Ordinary Resolutions
    List of Ordinary Resolutions
    Explanatory Statement
    Rules Regarding General Meetings
    General Meetings Through Video Conferencing

    Board Meeting Resolution
    Specimen Notice of a Board Meeting
    Items Which Shall be Done only at Board Meeting & not by Way of Circular Resolution
    Declaration of Solvency shall be done only at Board Meeting Declaration of Solvency [DOS]
    Under Buy Back
    Declaration of Solvency [DOS] under Winding Up - to ROC
    Borrowing Through Debentures & Others
    Sections 299, 300 & 301 - Mandatory Disclosure of Interests by Director
    Model Form No. 24AA for General Notice under Section 299(3)

    Application to Central Government
    Cost Audit
    Section 295 - Loan to Director & Guarantee, Security in Connection with Loan to Director

    Other Aspects and General Meeting
    Incorporating a Company
    Effect of Registration as Part IX:
    Increase in Share Capital
    Redeemable Preference Shares
    Wholly-Owned Subsidiary (WoS)
    Procedure for Acquisition of a Subsidiary
    Board Resolution for Adoption of Common Seal
    Board Resolution to Authorise Affixation of Common Seal
    Procedure for Having an Official Seal Outside India
    Prospectus = Invitation to Offer for Public
    Dating, Signing & Registration & Issue of Prospectus
    Procedure for Registration and Publication of A Prospectus
    Pre-Incorporation Contract
    Agreement by Company Adopting Pre-Incorporation Contract
    Agreement to Act as Broker
    Sample Underwriting Contract
    Re-Opening of Adopted Accounts:
    Contents of Annual Returns
    Provisions As To Annual General Meeting (AGM)
    Provisions As To EGM
    ABC Limited
    Procedure for Voting By Poll
    Procedure for Passing Resolutions Requiring Special Notice
    Activity Schedule for Annual General Meeting
    At the Meeting
    After the Meeting
    Investor Education & Protection Fund
    Appointment of Auditors
    Removal of Subsequent Auditor: (Before Expiry of His Term)
    Auditors Report
    Inspection Of Auditors Report
    Special Audit

    Other Aspects and Board Meeting
    Qualification to Act as a Director
    Resignation, Vacation & Removal
    Procedure for Removal of a Director by the Central Government:
    Procedure for Charging a Director/Officer With the Responsibility of Compliance
    Directors Appointed by Board
    Directors Appointed by Shareholders
    Automatic Re-Appointment U/S 256
    Proportional Representation
    Secretarial Practice for Appointment / Change in Directors
    List of Relatives (As Given Above) Are

    Group Rights, Signatory and Registers
    Signatures Under Companies Act
    Registers & Inspection Under Companies Act

    Company Law Board (CLB)
    Oppression & Mismanagement
    [Section 397 & 398]

    Transfer of Shares
    Procedure for Re-Conversion of Stock Into Fully Paid Shares
    Share Transfers

    Compliance Certificate
    Reduction of Share Capital
    Procedure for Reduction of Capital
    Variation of Shareholders Rights

    Buy Back Under Companies Act
    No Further Buy Back Within 365 Days From
    Equity Listing Agreement Summary
    Foreign Companies/Companies Incorporated Outside India

    Insider Trading
    SEBI (Prohibition Of Insider Trading) Regulations, 1992

    Highlights of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Act, 2008
    Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Act, 2008
    LLPS for Professionals of ICSI

    Highlights of Secretarial Standards
    Procedure for Issuing Secretarial Standards
    Various Secretarial Standards:
    Secretarial Standards (As Per Clause 118 of Companies Bill, 2011)

    Highlights of Companies Bill, 2011

    Highlights of Global Developments In Company Law
    Types of Company in United Kingdom (UK)
    Companies Act, 2006 - Under Phased Implementation In Uk
    Procedure for Incorporation
    Other Requirements
    Procedure for Formation of Limited Liability Company (LLC) In United States of America (USA)
    Other Requirements
    Basic Requirements to Incorporate a Singapore Company

    Power of ROC to Strike Defunct Companies Off the Register
    Objectives of Revision

    Laws Governing Drafting, Appearances & Pleadings
    Registration Act, 1908
    Compulsory Registration
    Indian Stamp Act, 1899

    General Principles of Drafting
    Certain Terms

    Deed Sample With Sale Deed Provisions
    Components of Sale Deed
    Operative Clauses
    Points Specific to Differentiation Between
    Agreement of Sale & Sale Deed

    Deeds of Mortgages, Charges, Hypothecations, Leases & Licenses

    Sample Deeds
    Components of Mortgage Deed
    Operative Clauses
    Memorandum for Deposit of Title Deeds
    Deed of Redemption or Reconveyance of Mortgaged Property by the
    Mortgagee in Favour of the Mortgagor
    Instrument of Charge
    In the Favour of Hypothecation Agreement to Secure Fixed Loan
    Components of Lease Deed
    Operative Clauses

    Hire Purchase & Trade Related AgReements
    Trade Related Agreements

    Foreign Collaboration & Outsourcing Agreement
    Sample Foreign Collaboration Agreement
    Sample Outsourcing Terms for Agreement

    Sample Arbitration Agreement
    Legal Provisions
    Sample Arbitral Award
    Arbitral Award

    Guarantees & Service Agreements
    Sample Suspension Order
    Sample Order Of Dismissal
    Apprentices Act, 1961

    Deeds Drawn In First Person
    Sample Affidavit to Passport Office
    Power of Attorney
    Model Power of Attorney
    Irrevocable Power of Attorney

    Partnership Deeds

    Instrument Of Trust & Gift Deeds
    Debenture Trust Deed
    Trust Deeds Constituting Provident Fund, Superannuation Fund, Pension Fund, Gratuity Fund Etc

    Assignment Under Intellectual
    Assignment of Patent
    Actionable Claim
    Sample Assignment of Business Debts

    Appearances & Pleadings
    Sample Writ Petition
    Verification Statement

    Composition of Offences
    Compounding Under Section 621a of Companies Act, 1956
    Compounding Under FEMA
    SEBI Act Consent/Compounding
    Compounding Under Criminal Procedure Code, 1973
    Interesting Data on SEBI Consent Orders

    Competition Act, 2002
    Anchors of Competition Act

    Practice Deed Contents Made From Exam Point of View
    Practice Case Laws made from Exam point of view
    Practice Objectives made from Exam point of view

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      • 2012
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      • R Ashwin, R Anand, Venkatraman, ANS Vijay, Divya Mittal
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