Options Futures and Other Derivatives (With CD) 7th Edition 7th Edition

    Options Futures and Other Derivatives (With CD) 7th Edition 7th Edition (English, Paperback, John C Hull, Sankarshan Basu)

    Options Futures and Other Derivatives (With CD) 7th Edition 7th Edition  (English, Paperback, John C Hull, Sankarshan Basu)

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    • Language: English
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Publisher: Pearson
    • ISBN: 9788131723586, 8131723585
    • Edition: 7thEdition, 2009
    • Pages: 864
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    Students of Finance and Business will greatly benefit from this comprehensive book by John C. Hull and Sankarshan Basu that presents a clear picture of the derivatives market.

    Summary Of The Book

    The seventh edition of Options, Futures And Other Derivatives (With CD) is packed with revised and updated information on the derivatives market. The book offers a crisp introduction to options markets and futures.

    Since the study of derivatives requires plenty of mathematics and because all the readers might not have a solid mathematical background, the authors have tried to strike a balance between essential and non-essential mathematics and present many numerical problems for better and thorough understanding.

    The book is tailored for beginners and no prior knowledge of options markets and futures is required.

    The seventh edition of the book is new and improved and contains a variety of newly introduced topics. For instance, it discusses a lot of issues pertaining to the Indian market. Other topics covered include credit derivatives, swaps, Greek letters, binomial trees, volatility smiles, and interest rate futures.

    The CD that comes with this edition is an added bonus and lets the users create useful applications in a few simple steps.

    The numerical examples and practice questions help in easily understanding the concepts that have been explained. The minimal text in the book offers extensive knowledge and information in the form of theory. The book also features real life accounts and sound logical reasoning.

    Options, Futures And Other Derivatives (With CD) was published in 2009 by Pearson.

    About The Authors

    An Associate Editor for various academic journals, John C. Hull is the Financial Chair in Derivatives and Risk Management at Joseph L. Rotman School of Management.

    Other books by John C. Hull include Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets, Risk Management and Financial Institutions, and Introduction to Futures and Options Markets.

    Sankarshan Basu is a Professor at the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore and teaches Finance and Control. Options, Futures and Derivatives is Sankarshan Basu’s only book to date. Basu has worked on several articles for various journals including Management Dynamics and Journal of Insurance and Risk Management.

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    Book Details
    • Publication Year
      • 2009
    • Table of Contents
        1. Introduction
        2. Mechanics of futures markets
        3. Hedging strategies using futures
        4. Interest rates
        5. Determination of forward and futures prices
        6. Interest rate futures
        7. Swaps
        8. Mechanics of options markets
        9. Properties of stock options
        10. Trading strategies involving options
        11. Binomial trees
        12. Wiener processes and Itô’s lemma
        13. The Black–Scholes–Merton model
        14. Derivatives markets in developing countries
        15. Options on stock indices and currencies
        16. Futures options
        17. The Greek letters
        18. Volatility smiles
        19. Basic numerical procedures
        20. Value at risk
        21. Estimating volatilities and correlations
        22. Credit risk
        23. Credit derivatives
        24. Exotic options
        25. Weather, energy, and insurance derivatives
        26. More on models and numerical procedures
        27. Martingales and measures
        28. Interest rate derivatives: the standard market models
        29. Convexity, timing, and quanto adjustments
        30. Interest rate derivatives: models of the short rate
        31. Interest rate derivatives: HJM and LMM
        32. Swaps revisited
        33. Real options
        34. Derivatives mishaps and what we can learn from them
    • Author
      • John C Hull, Sankarshan Basu
    University Books Details
    • Specialization
      • B.Sc(Mathematics), B.A(Economics), Others
    Ratings and Reviews
    35 Ratings &
    7 Reviews
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    The Definitive Guide to Derivatives.

    I used this book in my second semester for a paper on Derivatives in the MA Financial Economics program I am enrolled in.

    The prerequisites for reading this book are minimal and the approach of the author is definitive with clear and simple examples along with rigorous and comprehensive back-questions.

    The back-questions will go a long way in drilling the concepts deep into your brain as the subject can be quite challenging and confusing if only the text is read.

    Rishabh Shukla

    Certified Buyer

    29 May, 2012

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    Everythin about derivatives in this

    As someone says, this is 'Geeta' of Derivatives. Rightly so.
    The real world example of various incidents is a key point which makes the reading quite interesting.
    It enhances the knowledge so much that a reader can become successful trader as well. :-)

    Vinit Shah

    Certified Buyer

    22 May, 2013

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    Bible of Financial Engineering

    Very few text books combine clarity of presentation, coverage of material (cover material from as widely ranged as stochastic calculus, volatility, exotic derivatives, numerical methods, montecarlo simulation, econometrics, interest rate models, real options...), extensive exercises and assignment questions, the authority (Hull is one of the best mathematical finance researchers in the world as his widely cited papers and Hull White model of of IRD's show) and wide spread following by practic...

    Hari Warrier

    Certified Buyer

    6 Aug, 2012

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    A good book to understand Derivatives

    The book is very well presented. The basics of most of the money market instruments are explained and which is followed by detailing of the derivatives and their pricing. It gives some insights into risk modelling and reasonable understanding of Stochastic Finance models.

    Omkar Panicker

    Certified Buyer

    27 Jul, 2012

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    Kotler of Options and other Derivatives

    What Philips Kotler is to marketing, I regard This Book of John C Hull to be in the same bracket for options, futures and other derivatives. This book though suited for each and every type of learner is paced best for the intermediate learner in the same domain. There are only few differences between the 7th and 8th edition and the price is a bargain for 7th edition as i did a compare on all the other E-book sites. Have been reading Hull from its sixth edition stage and the seventh edition ha...

    Partha Mishra

    Certified Buyer

    4 Dec, 2012

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    Very good read

    Very good book to understand the basics. Please make sure you are good with basic statistics before reading this book.

    Flipkart Customer

    Certified Buyer

    10 Mar, 2015

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    Very good book to refer

    Very good book, also use the same author book for answers, then that it will make complete circle. Complex example can be understood by referring this book

    Chetan Ghatge

    Certified Buyer

    17 Nov, 2013

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