PARAMOUNT COMFYMAX Premium Adult Diapers - M

PARAMOUNT COMFYMAX Premium Adult Diapers - M  (120 Pieces)

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  • Size: M
Comfymax Regular Adult Diaper Medium is a one stop solution for all the elderly, aged individuals who find it hard to relieve themselves or have no control over urination or such find solace in such diaper pads. Two significant factors of these diapers are ADL(Acquisition Distribution Layer) and Wet indicator.These diaper come in different sizes in order to cater to different people's needs. as it's title suggest highly comfortable to use and can be worn for long hours and not necessary to be changed after a fixed period of time. It's high absorbency enables the pad to soak the water level with much efficiency at display. It is designed in such a way that it has superior quality of anti leakage. Key Features: ADL(Acquisition Distribution Layer) and Wet indicator are two imperative features of Adult diaper that allows an individual to feel dry and comfortable at all times and the change in colour shows the excess absorption of water respectively. Wet indicator shows yellow colour till the time it is unused and as soon as the pad absorbs water it switches it's colour to blue. This is how one can easily distinguish the benefit of a wet indicator. Inner absorbent pad: The inner absorbent pad allows the easy absorption even when the pad is to be thoroughly utilised to it's most. The amazing feature of providing inner absorbent pad is also to be taken care of. As this further enables the person using it maximum satisfaction without any kind of discomfort. Users feel dry and comfortable: It enables the individual to feel wet free even when it's fully absorbed in water. It further empowers you with dry and thorough comfort while using it. Superior absorbency polymer(SAP) turns fluid into gel: Superior absorbency polymer turns fluid into gel with providing no discomfort at all. These polymers can absorb as much as water by converting it into gel and holding it for long without causing any discomfort.
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In The Box
Total no of Pieces
  • 120
No of Diapers Per Pack
  • 10
Set of
  • 12
Model Name
  • Premium
  • M
  • Adult Diapers
Ideal For
  • Adults
  • 19700 g
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